A Family Affair

Photo essay: Yasmine Pahlavi's mission for Foundation for Children of Iran

by Darius Kadivar
Princess Yasmine Pahlavi was recognized as Distinguished Alumna at George Washington University for her work on FCI (The Foundation for the Children of Iran) where she delivered a speach on the early days of her foundaiton. (Watch Speech :Here) The mission of the Foundation for Children of Iran is to arrange for the provision of health care services to Iranian children or children of Iranian origin. (Recommended article Here). To learn more about FCI visit their Website here. All photos at the George Washington University are © Reza Pahlavi Archives and © The Foundation for the Children of Iran.

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RP has a beautiful family.

by vildemose on

RP has a beautiful family. Hope the IRI goons don't poision him.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

for all ...............

here is your LAST chance


or a free IRAN.



A real reason for hope.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Thankyou, DK for all the pictures you put up.  Yasmine, You are the peoples Queen, not just a princess.  The Children of Iran thanks to you and your families efforts have a real reason for hope as does our entire Country.


a true iranian charity, headed by a true iranian princess.

by mousa67 on

what a contrast to that shia islamsit terrorist outlet "alavi', masquerading as a "charitable organisation", which was thankfully shut down by the FBI, before we have another 9/11, this time shia style.

love the pictures, beautiful people, inside & outside.


The Fools' Affair!

by Demo on



Except for a few of his own type, this fool can't fool nobody with this laughable sort of foolish affair! No one!

PS: US is the repository of these types of 'politically oriented' charity organizations with their 'on the paper only' hula-hoops! Full of them!


Another one bites the dust...

by Sassan1 on

People claiming they "support freedom" but being against any actions that would help to bring this regime down. Quite comical.


Children of Iran are starved due to sanctions

by ahosseini on

I hope she stood firmly against sanctions starving Iranian children just like what happened when there were sanctions against Saddam.  As much as we don't like Iranian Mullas we do not want our children starved. We must find a way of fighting Iranian mad mullas without starving our children. 

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


The ad hominem attacks on here are ridiculous

by Sassan1 on

IT seems as of late Islamicists and their cohorts have infiltrated iranian.com.

First Amendment

Of freeloaders...

by First Amendment on

There's no need for this kind of publicity stunt....who is he trying to fool?......all he has to do, is to distance himself from the wrongs and crimes of his filthy family and disclose the amount and the source of his wealth....disclosure of his tax return will be a good start...........


السلطانزادگان العربیه


الایمان و النور و الفرح جونیور عجب الکبیر شده اند


What a beautiful family!

by Sassan1 on

What a beautiful family! The Shah's son and his wife and daughters. What a beautiful family that we can be proud of!

Esfand Aashena

Who is smoking Marlboro Lights in pic 10 in front of the kid??

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دختر خانمها چه بزرگ شدند.


هر چه برای کودکان بی‌ سرپرست کنی‌،باز کم کرده ای.بچه‌ها به کمک و به یاری ما نیاز دارند،اندکی‌ خیر رساندن به اینان.. از ثروتِ کسی‌ کم نمیکند و هزار سال عاقبت به خیری به ارمغان می‌‌آورد.

با سپاس از فعالیتِ این انجمن و با تشکر از جنابِ داریوش خان برای خبر رسانی.

تا باشد،همیشه خبرِ خوب باشد.زنده باد ایران و ایرانیان.



by Kabriat on

Seems like a good organization.  I wonder how they get around sanctions regulations given their claim they are are offering medical services to children in Iran.  Hell, I wonder how the Iranian government itself permits this.  One more thing.  Yasmine, stop calling yourself a princess.  The monarchy is as dead as the Shah.  Also toss Nazlie Efetekhari.  Her money doesn't equal the baggage she brings to an organization (look at PAAIA which has stagnated because of her).