Fun break

Photo essay: Disney World

by benbagheri
I'd like to share these photos from our recent Disney World vacation in Orlando, Florida! Hope readers will enjoy the fun break!

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Basilica di San Marco

by Aref-Adib on

wd018 &  wd019 (Basilica di San Marco in Venice) is great!



by fenjoon (not verified) on

Thanks for the break.
I needed that.
I kinda felt i was right there with you guys!


Love it!

by hello (not verified) on

I lived in Florida a few years ago, and used to go to these attractions a lot. I loved your photos! And yes, Florida has beautiful cloud formations, they are so painterly.

Soheil Samouhi


by Soheil Samouhi on

Ben, recently weather is much better here that Orlando.

I hope you had fun..........


Great photos, looks like I

by b_dj (not verified) on

Great photos, looks like I was there already. You saved me a trip. Thanks!