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Phtoto essay: Sharing my Nowruz ritual haft-seen

by Nazy Kaviani
As a decade ends on the Iranian calendar and a new one starts, and as another year begins with hopes and fears among Iranians worldwide, I would like to share my Nowruz ritual of setting up the haft-seen table and my reflections with you. I wish you all a very happy New Year, full of health, love, prosperity, and joy. Nowruz Pirooz!

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Nowruz Greetings, Sima!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Happy Nowruz! I am sure your haft-seen is gorgeous Sima Jan.

You can follow the countdown in a number of places.

This is Radio Farda's live countdown:

This is VOA's live countdown:

You can also go here and pick any television station from the list, from Los Angeles, all the way to Islamic Republic of Iran:


Eidet mobarak azizam!


Eydet mobarak Nazy jan!

by sima on

My haftsin doesn't hold a candle to yours -- very impressive!

Does anyone know if here's a site that does a count-down to sal tahvil? Like old times when the toop would be dar and the Shah spoke...?!