Italy in Windows

Photo essay

by Aria Fani

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In all its meanings.

by Sinibaldi on

She comes in the night with a yellow dress that follows the sound of an intense intention; and I like to  discover the sun. Francesco Sinibaldi sends a particular regard to friends of Iran.    //   

Ahmed from Bahrain

Dear Arya

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

just gorgeous photos. Every single take is an art piece.

My favourite?

All of them but if you were to twist my arm, then take 18; the way the flowers' colours are replicated in the stone and brick wall. The white splash of paint at bottom left of the shot gives it an abstract feeling.

Just divine. Thank you.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Thanks Aria

by ramintork on

The pictures and the windows look great.

I did a similar collection but of Tunisian village doors, they paint these doors sky blue.



A very interesting perspective,

by yolanda on

A very interesting perspective, but some of the beat-up windows with dirty walls are upstaged by the beautiful decorative plants.


Very nice!

by alborz on

I have always wondered why US homes don't have similar greenary. 

Thanks a bunch,


bajenaghe naghi

aria jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

these were all great pictures and i enjoyed looking at them.  

isn't it amazing how a few green leaves and colorful flowers can turn what seems to be a hole in the wall into a home?  



by Aref-Adib on

I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on