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Photo essay: Mohammad Reza Shajarian and the Shahnaz Ensemble

by Ali Khaligh
Mohammad Reza Shajarian performing at the Center for the Arts, George Mason University in Virginia last week with the Shahnaz Ensemble: Mohammad Ali Derakhshani, Ramin Safaie, Mojgan Shajarian, Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi, Shahou Andalibisalem, Radman Tavakoli, Hamid Ghanbary, Saman Samimi, Hossein Rezaeenia, Hamed Afshari, Mahdi Amini, Mehrdad Nasehi, Sahar Ebrahim, Negar Kharkan, Jamshid Safarzadeh, Kaveh Motamediyandehkordi.

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i think you are wrong, im 26

by samanpacino on

i think you are wrong, im 26 and everyone i know around me listen to ostad.he is a living legend.



by yolanda on

I attended Shajarian's concert at Shrine auditorium last night. It was awesome. Shajarian sounded better than on you-tube videos! He was able to hit high notes effortlessly at age of 69 and his voice was so pure and powerful! It is a God-given voice! It was such a privilege & a blessing to listen to him singing! I also like the instrumental part of the program that each band member did a solo to showcase each traditional Persian instrument. My favorite Persian instruments:

1) Santoor: the sound is so crisp and the beautiful; the sound lingers in the air when the strings are struck by the mallets.

2) Ney (Persian flute): the sound can be happy and sad depending on which pitch range is played.

3) Qanun(Persian zither): I truly enjoyed watching the qanun solo! It reminded me of pretty harp music!

4) Daf (Persian hand-drum): Daf seems to set the beat and tone for the entire band! The daf player was absolutely dramatic and charismatic last night. It was such a joy watching him playing!

P.S. The parking was a nightmare! There was not enough parking spaces, so people did double parking, my car got trapped! It was no fun at all!


Maestro of ..

by Aarash4545 on

Most 50+ Iranians remember him as a 'Two-faced Maestro". He is a Master of turn coat.. all be it lots of people love his 'Arreh Gooze"!



Who exactly likes him

by i_support_khamenie on

my observations:

Most people I have met in Iran who are over 50 both men and women are not really into him......they like that older woman that looks like a Star Wars character: i forgot her name, but she's the one that is a member of MKO group and lost her daughter recently.

Most kids under 36 don't care for his type of music.

The only people I have met who like him are the 38-50 age group who are somewhat well educated...

People who are more into business and are not in academia are also not really into him

Artificial Intelligence

A true treasure

by Artificial Intelligence on

I love his voice.

Saman Ahmadi


by Saman Ahmadi on

i saw his concert last night. houston's mayor declared yesterday "Traditional Persian Music Day" in honor of shajarian's visit.

wonderful performance. 




by Demo on

There is a cool saying in farsi for "going with the wind" types maestros indeed

 «توانا شد آنکه نان را به نرخ روز خورد».


why do old iranian men feel like they have to dye their hair?

by Darveesh on




by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the photos! I am going to Sunday's concert; I am excited already!!


MAESTRO indeed

by ramintork on

Maestro and the man of people.

I loved it when he said I am "Khaso khashak".