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Photo essay: Freedom rally by Iranians in Washington, DC

by Ali Khaligh

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I don't get it....

by Tehran on

This SABZ movement is actully trying to get ride of Khamenehi and give power to Moosavi who was jireh-khar of this regim for a 32 years and to give power to Karoobi who is another shameless akhoond e bi hame chiz?? How come everything was fine till last year.. everone did their bechap- bechap but all of a sudden Moosavi doesn't win government and OMG,,,he starts a revolution??  Poor my country men whom for the lack of a real leader have to follow such 2 face rats.  Someday you will know what I am talking about. I left this comment on the first picture but meant to leave it here on the main page, so I am copying it again.


#10 is a classic

by seannewyork on

he will wake up and see people have moved way past reform.

A n o n y m o u s

Dear Darius and Roozbeh,

by A n o n y m o u s on


Kurds in Iran are not separatists. They have proven it with their blood when Qasemlou and Sharafkandi were murdered during negotiations with IR. The only thing they want is a guarantee that their rights will not be taken away when it suits the central government.

In fact, federalism is the only way to go in a multiethnic country like Iran. I know you may say, if we give Kurds, Azaris, Baloochs etc. so much freedom they will want a separate from the country. But, I would say you just have to trust Kurds, Azaris, Baloochs etc. They have so much in common with Persians that they will want to be a part of a strong Iran and not mediocre independent Kurdish or Azari country. 

As for flag of Iranian Kurds; look at the different provinces and states around the world and from progressive countries. They all have their provincial and state flag risen alongside of the country's flag. Having a flag is not signs of separatism. 

If we need a strong Iran, we need everyone's help regardless of their religion and racial background and we will get that help if we stop labeling each other.



heralds of the Green Movement

by sumwoman on

Let me take account of just how much these so called heralds of the Green Movement have achieved in the last day or so.

Like many people, unfamiliar with the Green Movement, I came to this website looking for clues.
I entertain a vague notion that bloodshed is bad and war profits no one but warmongers.

Because of the lack of erudite responses from the heralds, and the ease with which these same heralds of the Green Movement can have responses forever removed from the comments section, it would be justified to conclude, the Green Movement is a mindless choir of sycophants, and as such no place for the thoughtful and the intelligent looking for enlightening debate.

Because of continuous snide remarks about appearances, it would be justified to conclude the Green Movement is fascist, and as such no place for the homely and natural. Caution all those who do not possess the surgically enhanced face of a super model or the botox rump of a pole dancer or a pricey silicone stack. The heralds of the Green Movement will hound you like pack of Harpies on speed.

The Green Movement may well be a den of hypocrites, who scream for transparency and yet hide behind avatars of buildings and flowers. They scream for democracy and yet call to have opposing points of views blocked, barred and deleted.

So in one day, I found out, the people in the Green Movement are fascist, thoughtless, heartless and hypocritical bunch of ****** who seem to think they have something different and even better to offer than the regime already in place in Iran.

: )

Heralds of the Green Movement, you are awarded the Proxy Basij Prize of Excellence. You succeeded to do, what a hundred propaganda pieces penned by the best of the best of IRI agents have failed to do. Basij agents would do well to study your tactics. They work so well.

ciao for now!

Oh please, go ahead and demand that this comment be deleted, as well. It would only be in keeping with your character.

Darius Kadivar

Shemirani Jaan vous avez raison mais en même temps

by Darius Kadivar on

Le comportement de certains laisse à désirer: 

Asghar Farhadi Triumphs As An Artist But Fails As A Citizen

Surtout quand leur "Solidarité" est à sens unique.



Shemirani Jaan, you are correct however the behavior of some of these 

last minute "opponents" can be disappointing:


Asghar Farhadi Triumphs As An Artist But Fails As A Citizen


Particularly when their advocated "Solidarity" is not as mutually "inclusive" as it may seem ...



Recommended Readings: 

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK 

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK 


Answer to DK

by Shemirani on

Il est bien difficile de se mettre en diapason avec un mouvement pas encore laic et dont les representants viennent du coeur même du systeme. Cependant c'est une union naissante pour nous et il ne serait pas judicieux de l'étouffer dans l'oeuf  tout cela n'est qu'une étape d'un plus long cheminement (en 2009 where is my vote, en 2011 Khameneyi Bemiri, Ben ali o bebini) On voit bien à quelle vitesse les revendictions se sont modifiées et c'est juste un début....mais ma précédante remarque était juste destinée à ceux qui osent discréditer nos efforts  et de  parler ici de la cause palestienne pour continuer à nous dépouiller sans impunité. ça suffit comme ça !

alors oui chacun ses goûts et ses couleurs mais tous ensemble  :)

Translation in english dast o pah shekaste :D

I understand its difficult for many of us to get in tune with a green mouvement not secular yet and using leaders deeply involved in 79's mess. But at the same time it's a infant union and we shouldn't nip it in the bud but using it cause its just a step for a bigger aim.we can already notice by slogans we heard from inside a great evolution ! We (iranians inside or outside) all want the same thing a free and secular Iran. My previous remark was for people who dare to diminush  iranians aspirations for liberty by talking of palestian case in here they have agenda but koor khoondeand :)


Darius Kadivar

I'm all for "Unity" but it should rhyme with "Genuinity" ...

by Darius Kadivar on

And quite frankly I don't see it here ... at least not in this photo essay regardless of the apparently good intentions of the participants some of whom I know by reputation and to some degree even share their views.

It just illustrates the schizophrenic nature of our community which has been a permanant trait of the past 3 decades since the inception of the Islamic Republic ...

Iranians Gone Nuts ? ;0)


Oh Well ... à chacun ses gouts ...


Tu veux ou tu veux pas - with subtitles   LOL



Bah Bah

by Shemirani on

Great pictures of Iranian unity !!!! very proud of my compatriots !

But also great comment of fati commandos ....Cheshm nadaran hambastegi maro bebinand (hata dar 5 axs lol) chon midoonand ba azadie Iran pool naft mofti mofti dar jib felestin nakhahad raft dige ! hers shomaha sazande hast baraye ma we get more motivated and more united !



I guess Iranian magazine does hold something sacred

by sumwoman on

My previous post got deleted.

I guess Iranian magazine does hold something sacred.

We can't mention the reality of Israel, but we can talk about overthrowing the Iranian government. We can openly talk about starting a war with our own brothers and sisters. Shame on you!

What is that old saying. If you want to know, who the people are afraid of, find out who they won't talk about.

Joe L.

i wish israelis were like iranians

by Joe L. on

and truly searched for democracy and peace. the sad thing about israel is that most of the population agrees with the evil doers of their system. but hey, they are our allies and iran is not, so let's focus on iran. you get the drift. i wish for a day to kick israeli politicians out of washington. american problems are far more complicated than iran.


Great Pictures, but One concern

by IranFirst on

Thanks to these Iranains for showing their support for Freedom in Iran.

I have one concern. The regime may use these pictures to cause trouble for these people (if they go to Iran) or for their families in Iran , why not have pictures from further distance (no close ups)? or if close ups are needed, show people who have coverd their faces. I remenber IRI agents were taking pictures of demonstrating people in 2009 (in Europe) and people confronted them.

I am interested in what the other readers think.



by jmyt17 on


Good Job, It will happen soon in Iran too.

Just need a bit of time.

IRI we will come after you.


Great, thank you for sharing.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This was obviously open to all opposition forces, precisely the way it should be.

I also saw no calls for separatism. I did see a sign for federal republic of Iran from the kurdish participants. A fair request given the recent history... 

But I do agree and I have always argued  that our national flag should be the dominant one, the unifying one.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Photo #010 is precisely why "Green Movement" will go nowhere!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

And if it goes somewhere it will come back here! Round and around one big circle, O!

Darius Kadivar

Egyptian's Proudly Brandished Their National Flag we have Green

by Darius Kadivar on

as a substitute, a Kurdish Seperatist Flag and One Shy Sun & Lion hardly visible.

Khejalat Ham Nameekesheed ? 

Kooh Shanasnameyeh Man ?

Googoosh& Mehrdad Shenasname Man


Recommended Watching:

How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !




by yolanda on

Great effort! I hope Iranians inside Iran can see the photos!