Living Windows

Photo essay

by Parviz Forghani
Through the years, a brick wall, a window with a pot of geranium, a window with a bamboo blind, or a window surrounded by green claws of ivies take me to a world of slow motion, a world of tranquility and a world of dreams. I have asked myself what's the hidden quality in these windows? Am I living in the past? Do I have become an antique living fossil? Recently during a spring morning walk, when I paused to get myself lost in the ecstasy of just another window, I found the answer to my question. These symbols of childhood were indeed presentation of living in a world without responsibility. That was the lost quality. I have taken these photos through the years, from Tehran to Yazd to Shiraz to Colorado Springs to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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nice theme

by tin cans (not verified) on

These are fantastic.


Windows for Seeing

by JD (not verified) on

Lovely, stirring. I am reminded of Forough Farrokhzad's poem, The Window.


Just beautiful

by Tahirih on

 I love #2 , could you please tell me which one is Shiraz?

Thanks for sharing,



Living Windows

by NeghNeghoo (not verified) on

Dear Nazi,
Thanks for your support and encouraging thoughts. I have not read the book.

Dear Floridavoice,
Thanks for your positive comment.

Dear Azam,
By responsibility I meant the whole inclusive interpretation. That's the beuty of childhood, when you do not worry about the world and let the world worry about you. Though subliminal, but decision making is a painful transformation. Thanks for your kind comments.

Dear Jahanshah,
I am happy you liked them. Its nice to be presented through you wonderful media.

Jahanshah Javid

Top four

by Jahanshah Javid on

I especially love the first four. The noonvaee is something special. And the ladder in the fourth.


I loved the pictures because

by Azam (not verified) on

I loved the pictures because they represented different subjects but I wish you had stated exactly were they were taken. Freedom is a state of mind and responsibility should not be limited to assigned tasks and daily routine. Even if you are fortunate financially and you do not have to work (which may be a huge reasonability) you should still feel a sense of responsibility to work for cause of humanity, environment and justice. As a matter of fact, if you are free from having to go to work for pay, you should work harder with your freedom to make a difference in the world every second.

Azam Nemati


love the windows

by floridavoice (not verified) on

thanks for sharing your inner soul's findings with the rest of us!

Nazy Kaviani

Keep Passing The Open Windows

by Nazy Kaviani on

These photographs are beautiful. Did you ever read the book or see the film "Hotel New Hampshire?" It is a book written by my favorite author of all times, John Irving. There is a catch phrase throughout the story: "Keep passing the open windows." It is the story family's way of telling each other to persevere, to hang in there and to keep on trying. These pictures reminded me of that story and that message of hope. Thank you, as usual, for the pictures and for the heart that beats behind the lens.

P.S. Ba ejazeh, I will borrow some of these!