Sandwich on the top of a tree house

Photo essay: Waltham Place, Berkshire, West of London

by Alireza Ajam
Few days ago, I and some of my friends had a chance to visit a farm called Waltham Place in the UK. The farm is a privately owned estate open to the public. Its 170 acres and situated approximately 35 miles to the west of London in Berkshire. The farm belongs to a wealthy family who live on the farm only during the summer. The rest of the year they usually stay in South Africa. Basically the farm is closed to the public during their stay in Waltham Palace. The farm is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. I enjoyed my sandwich on the top of a tree house which was beside a lake while watching beautiful ducks and charming geese playing around.

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Duty of care - Lesson for our ministry of heritage ...

by reader1 on

British are so protective of their heritage that even the richest of the rich, once their property listed,  cannot afford to live there due to the severely imposed duty of care.

That Hojat-al-Islam in our ministry of heritage better take a note – this is how it should be.


The rich live the good life

by Hamed on