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Hamed Nikpay shines at "Solh Fest" concert

by Jahanshah Javid
You should have been there Friday night for the "Solh" peace festival. Palace of Fine Arts -- one of the biggest indoor halls in San Francisco -- was packed with people who will remember it as the night Hamed Nikpay became a star [earlier video -- profile -- homepage]. Most of you have not heard of him. But you will and you will be captivated. Guaranteeeed! We were also treated to a jazzy performance by Kiosk, including two new songs, leaving no doubt why they are the hottest and darned coolest Iranian rock band on the planet. Composer/pianist Arjang Rad made us think with his powerful mythical compositions and Sheila Vossough's debut as a stand-up comedian was very funny, very promising [video]. Smart, beautiful, whitty Maryam Sayyad was perfect as the evening's celebrity Emcee. And after the concert there was a big party in the lobby with people dancing and mingling with their favorite musicians and artists -- as well as Behrooz Vossooghi, who was such a patient gentleman all night accepting every fan's request for a photo with a living legend. Thanks a million to Lalé Welsh- Shahparaki and Amir Salamat of Beyond Persia for putting together another great event that offered the best of the best. They received much praise and recognition from City of San Francisco Board of Supervisiors' Member Ross Mirkarimi and Immigrant Rights Commissioner Dr. Elahe Enssani. And we could have another Iranian American elected to office: Community Programs Liaison to the San Francisco Mayor's Office Ahsha Safai formally announced his bid for District 11 Supervisor.

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Hamed Concert

by Samira (not verified) on

This was one of the best concerts that I have been to.


When is the DVD out?

by Hamed-Kiosk Biggot (not verified) on

Soon it will be 2 months since the concert. It's unfortunate that the momentum generated by the Solh concert for Hamed & Kiosk is quickly fading away and there is no music/DVD to reignite the fire! Any update on when the DVD will get released?

Alahazrat Hajagha

wonderful show

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

the show was wonderful and Beyond Persia is unique Iranian organization in Bay area. I simply can't wait for the next event.


I apologize if my shoe

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

I apologize if my shoe question diverted any attention away from the artists show cased here. I hope they aren't as arrogant as Ladan and will not take themselves to be the saviour of Iran's culture. I asked a question and bala boland and I were dealing with it quitely. Sorry if Ladan jumped in and made me want to defend my bimbo self.


These comments were

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

These comments were bothering me all night. Because I believe a subculture of arrogance is developing in some cities among younger Iranians. And being a young Iranian, this malignant growth bothers me.
The picture is here and I have the right to say whatever I want. If the concert was that interesting, why are the photographer's eyes staring at those legs to begin with? Sure, we all look at everything that's around us. But why take a picture?I think because he was trying to capture the mood of the hall. The random pleasures of the moment. From the music, to the clothes, to the ambiance and so on...
The pictures are then posted on a public web site commenting is enabled. Therefore, I have every right to ask about what I see in the picture. Without "dwarfing" any event.
Ladan khanum, in YOUR culture, where's freedom of speech?
I can stand cheats. I can stand liers. I can stand bimbos. I can stand psychos. I can stand stupidity. I can stand vulgarity. God knows, I've belonged to all of those groups and more. But I cannot stand arrogance. Aslan VAH VAH!!!
Ladan khanum, thanks for confirming that you and I have different cultures.


Wow!! I step away for only

by Baala Boland (not verified) on

I step away for only 15 hours and
return to find 'some' people don't like
our comments about Dorothy's slightly paler version of her "Ruby Reds" which she wore on the way to OZ!
And why not may I ask?
Right in the middle of all the concert photos and music and all.... (which must have been great for those who were there) and good for us to become acquainted with Hamed, Maryam, Sheila... you find a picture of a pair of "Fabulous Pinks"!
So why isn't it ok to make a comment about them?'s right there in the middle of the photos!
It's not as if the article was about death and destruction and the horror of it all,
and then all of a sudden someone pipes up to say "Hey... nice 'PINK SHOES' on the girl being beaten"!! ( I do think that would be horrific, abominable, gruesome ....)
But this is a concert for goodness sake, 'we' can perhaps be be normal people now and then!!!
Normal in the sense that we can stop worrying about all things for brief moments - Just as I have been breathing a little easier since the NIE report, since for the time being (God knows what may be coming down the road and what the consequences might be)... but for NOW since the report, I've felt I will not see beautiful Iran destroyed by bombs and my fellow countrymen( women, children and all)lying ... in the streets.


By the way I don't go to crappy concerts and I am not a B....
but that judgment is up to you!

-- I must say I haven't been to NYC(5th) for about 5 years and I do wish I could have told Nazanin where to go, she got my drift anyway!!


Mersi khanume lale you are a

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

Mersi khanume lale you are a class act.


For the record, 1. I LOVE

by lale welsh (not verified) on

For the record, 1. I LOVE shoes, and have no problem with Bala boland and N.zanine canadai's comments. In fact I'd like to shop with them, and we'll bring Maryam along too. 2. Ladan K Jan, thanks for the support, but we don't want people to be silenced on our behalf. 3. Beyond Me, advertising is what we have done for 20 years, and we're good at it. Now we promote Iranian Artists, lots of them, and we make no apologies for that. We are a non-profit, and if you've been to one of our art exhibits, smaller concerts or film screenings, you'll find that we do most everything at our own expense, without the help of any wealthy people or corporations, free to the public and the artists who participate, and we pay for the venues and promote their craft for them and almost always take a financial hit doing so.

You are most welcome to attend, and see that you are mistaken about us.
Don't be hatin' :D


To Aasheghe' Honar...

by Art Lover (not verified) on

Damet garm dooste azziz... :)
I don't have a way to type in Persian, Sorry...
I was just joking about stealing my name Eshghe' Honar jaan, Ghabeli nadare... :-) I believe in hamzaad story too. As a matter of fact, I was listening to "Mohsen Namjoo's" Toranj album and has the same poem (you wrote) in one of his songs! (How very hamzaad of us...) :)
As far as getting Hamed's CDs, I recommend to leave a comment on his Youtube video clips & if you have an youtube account, he may contact you with e-mail & inform you further... Chakereem... Reza (San Diego, CA)


You people feed on thirsty people

by Notsothirsty (not verified) on

Dear organizers, you people feed on thirsty Persian people. People who seek events so that they feel like part of a group or they can find their identity. You dont organize all these events for "PEACE" oh come on give me a break.
I feel sorry for the young and old people who have to pay to satisfy their urge of belonging.
They want to show that they to have a place to go this time of the year.sad sad
not so thirsty


Baba cheghadr tabligh mikonid

by beyondme (not verified) on

This Beyond Persia is Beyond Me. You just advertise for yourself. and ofcourse helps you out by advertising these events because it is also behind the scene. (good source of media)
Why dont you get other perspectives. The whole program started late. dinner was served at 12 midnight, and so on.
And artists? What artists? This was all an advertising show.


Ladan K - I'm a bimbo! so what?

by n.zanincanadai on

boro baba


Ladan K - I'm a bimbo! so what?

by n.zanincanadai on

The importance of what? It was a concert! Just like any other concert. The content was different but it was a concert. Get over yourself. You people are exactly the reason I avoid these gatherings. So full of youself. You don't even know the first thing about what I support with my money and what I ignore.

I love shoes. I see a nice pair and I ask. I am very sorry if I am holding your culture back. You in turn, are holding MY culture back! 

You non bimbos should learn not to be judgemental and LEARN to live in a spirit of friendship and co existence. And start accepting that your way is not the only way to support something.

You don't know me, the concerts I go to, the shoes I wear or anything else about me. So, khahesh mikonam, az tarafe man, khodeto ye witch slape hesabi bokon. Maybe you'll wake up from YOUR narcisstic daze.

 Ogham gereft


bala boland...karma is a

by n.zanincanadai on

bala boland...karma is a strange thing.


to Ladan K

by negar on

if JJ can make a comment on the shoes/feet by  photographing them(which is perfectly alright) then why can't the readers comment on the shoes?

in fact people who weren't there (news flash: not everyone lives in bay area or california for that matter) don't have anything to comment on except for the photo essay. it's either the shoes or i don't know, the good looks of arash sobhani! what else can we say? "wish i was there"?

it's a great thing that you went to this event but that doesn't make you better than everyone else. and it certainly doesn't give you the right to dictate what kind of people should comment on what and in what fashion.


This concert was to die for,

by Ladan K (not verified) on

This concert was to die for, and anyone who was there knows it. There has been nothing like it before and we hope to see stuff like this from these people again. The bimbos who think its funny to dwarf the event by making it about Maryam Sayad's shoes (they were great by the way) are the very people who hold our culture back because they just can't appreciate the importance of it all. You guys just wear your shoes to the same old crappy concerts put in by self promoting narcisists who won't do jack to help the community.
Thanks to Jahanshah, Hamed, Kiosk and the producers of these cool events.


Yup.... that's the one! the

by balaa boland (not verified) on

that's the one!
the only problem is they havr one shoe in the store and you have to mail order the other one!
great store!!!!!


bala boland you have the

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

bala boland you have the name of the store? sf dige right?


Pink shoes

by baala boland (not verified) on

Corner of 5th and 58th.
Great store.
to n.zanin


Oomadeh boodam beh Hamed

by Moallem dikteh (not verified) on

Oomadeh boodam beh Hamed tabrik begam, havasam az didan-e comment part shod!
Affarin Hamed Nikpay, Bravo!


بابا دلش میخاد

moallem dikteh (not verified)

بابا دلش میخاد غلط را غلت بنویسه .چکارش داری/ یکعمری با دسته بی دسته نوشتیم هالا/ حالا دلش میخاد اینتور /اینطور بنویسه. سعی کنیم با هم مهربون باشیم اول از خودمون شروع کنیم


دیکته صفر

بی هنر (not verified)

غلط غلط غلت غلط

آکابر هم بد نیست


ارت لاور( نات ورئفا د) ببخشید غلت کردم ا

عاشق هنر (not verified)

ببخشید غلت کردم بچه بودم , شما ببخشید . قول میدم دیگه از این کارآ نکنم .
ولی از قدیم گفتن هر ادمی یه همزاد دآره . خدا رو چه دیدی , من که اینو به فآل نیک میگیرم
گذشته از اینهآ این اقای نیک پی صدای بسیار زیبآیی دارن و امیدوارم که بتونم سی دی ایشان
را تهیه کنم ( اگر موحود باشد )

اسآیش دو گیتی تفسیر این دو حرف است

با دوستان مروت با دشمنان مدرا
در کوی نیک نامی مآ رآ گذر ندآدند
گر تو نمی پسندی تغییر کن قضآ را

به خدا همتون رو دوست دآرم


The third picture is

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

The third picture is excellent. Anyway to find out where they were bought? Thanks.


Thank you!

by Lale Welsh (not verified) on

Thanks for all the support and the great emails encouraging our efforts. We've ben inundated with questions about the taping. This event has been taped, and we are in the process of working out production details, so please stay tuned. Our website will be updated with more pictures and the letter Sheila promised you from the Mayor's office this week!

A big thanks to those of you who support our events, and help make the artists we showcase into the stars they deserve to be!


Thanks Mr. J

by Art Lover (not verified) on

Thanks 4 the info Mr. J...

artlover, You stole my name ! LOL :)


Video of Solh Event

by KS (not verified) on

I'm not sure about the reasons but unfortunately there was no formal video taping of the event! However, I noticed a handful of folks take some video with their camcorders. Hopefully they would read this post and share their content!

I managed to shoot some songs with my Canon camera! Obviously its resolution is not great but it has captured the performance, the excitement, and the spirit! I'm optimistic that you will see them on YouTube soon ;-)

KS - (SF, CA)


Excellent voice

by artlover (not verified) on

Here is a youtube search under his name
First time listener, excellent voice.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Hi Reza,
Check with the organizers at I believe it was professionally taped. But I'm not 100% sure.


Any video for sale?!

by Art Lover (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Javid,
For those of us who didn't have the prevliage of being in San Francisco to see such fantastic musicians & concert, Did you have any professional or non-professional filming of this concert? I hope, so the rest of us around the world could buy this video and share it with our friends & family & support and motivate these very talented musicians & artists...
If you haven't done that so far, maybe it's a great time for investing in a professional production/recording (images & sound)of such events... This could be beneficial (in many aspect) for all Iranians around the world & yourself as well !
Best wishes,
Reza (San Diego, CA)