Before spring passes by

Photo essay: A stroll on a hill above Chihuahua

by Organic NUTritionist
Ever since I have lived in Chihuahua, I am always amazed by the flowers that cactus produce each spring. I always think I am going to take some pictures before spring passes by, and I never get a chance. Well, I finally took some pictures while we took the dog for a walk. The weather was super windy (it's the windy season) but it was still nice enough for a stroll.

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So d key is 2wait for the boiling water 2reach room temperature!

by Anonymouse on

Thanks for the recipe.  I shall try it very soon! 

Everything is sacred.

Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

i dont know, a friend made them!  but i found a recipe here:



Organic jaan interesting cactus photos Any vodka jello recipes?!

by Anonymouse on

Can we get that vodka jello recipe?! Do you just mix the vodka with the jello powder? doesn't it have to be like boiling water mixed with the powder? Also, what about Tequila jello shots, do they work too?

Summer is coming and these jello shots sound good!

Everything is sacred.