Andre Agassi

Says he used crystal meth during playing days

Yahoo Sports Blog: Tennis legend Andre Agassi reveals in his forthcoming autobiography "Open" that he used crystal meth during his playing career, Paul Bogaards, a spokesman for the book's publisher, confirmed to the New York Daily News on Tuesday. According to the Daily News, the eight-time Grand Slam champion admits using the illicit drug in 1997, the year he married Brooke Shields and went into a career slump that didn't end until 1999. After pulling out of that slump, Agassi went on to win five Grand Slams and became only the fifth player to complete the career Slam. He has been heavily involved in charity work since retirement, opening his own charter school and championing educational reform throughout the country. Releasing this admission a week ahead of the book's release is an obvious ploy to generate interest and sell copies, and it's working. Almost all autobiographies are self-serving odes to one's own pursuit of greatness. They're rarely interesting. Agassi's could be different >>>


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American Dream

He is Iranian of the Day

by American Dream on

He is Iranian of the Day!

Andre Agassi was born in Las Vegas.  He is a retired tennis player.  He has said that his father is Armenian and lived in Iran.

Agassi has used drugs.  So what?  So many other people in the United States have used drugs.

People who are attacking Agassi for using drugs are opposed to freedom.  If you don't like the fact that Agassi used drugs why do you live in the West?  Go live in Iran.  Ayat'Allah Khamenei would welcome your views on the use of drugs.

Congrats to Agassi for becoming Iranian of the day. 


che khabar e

WANTED to be a role model?

by che khabar e on

says who?  Because he's a champion?  That's a stretch my friend... :-)  He played for the enjoyment of the game and the money and the fame.  Has nothing to do with wanting to be or not wanting to be a role model. 

He played tennis for pete's sake.  It's not like he's claiming he can cure the common cold.  He played good and sometimes great tennis.  Not the best, not the worst.  He did drugs.  I don't care as much about that as the fact that he lied about it. And really not so much about HIS lying as the ATA covering it up.  He's not the first nor the last to do drugs.  big deal.  He made a mistake but no one suffered as a result of his drug taking.  It didn't and doesn't affect anything or anyone, certainly no one here.

Drugs , Sex and Rock'n Roll IS NOT what FREEDOM is about !

Yes, it is.  Freedom is exactly what it's about.  Free to make your own choices... and mistakes.  The day someone tries to tell ME what freedom is about... well, I just won't go there. 

What... he has to live up to your standards?  He's pathetic because he smokes weed?  Please.  I couldn't give a rats ass what someone does as long as he does his job.  And he did his job... he played tennis.

And you're saying that you would dismiss his charity actions and good will just because he did drugs?  come on!  That verges on being just a little too sanctimonious to me.

but whatever! 

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

LOL! nice one.

well, phelps was obviously keen on ganja. and he broke more records than any other swimmer ever before. am sure he stayed off it while competing tho!

i wish people would chill about drugs. every culture has its own preferred drugs, and the natural ones are totally cool. no worse than alcohol or cigs. but the more synthetic, the greater the harm (e.g. heroine).

as for the american military, sounds like they experiment with everything they can get their hands on!

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

do drugs make great atheletes?

Depends on the drug! Powerful stimulants do enhance mental and physical accuity. The US military experimented with them back in the 1950s and 1960s but determined the benefits (which were fairly substantial) did not outweigh the drawbacks... such as withdrawal, addiction, extreme "hangover" effects when the drugs begin to wear off, and so forth. But even now the US uses stimulants for specific missions... mostly with pilots, I think. And I believe the "go" pills in use now are fairly mild compared to the amphetamines used in the past.

And then there's the steroids, which are known to substantially increase physical performance.

On the other hand, it's a prett safe bet hallucinogens and opiates would have the exact opposite effect. We don't hear of many athletes being zoned out on heroin and performing superhuman acts of prowess, right?

Niloufar Parsi

do drugs make athletes great?

by Niloufar Parsi on

both agassi and phelbs took (take?) recreational drugs and they are great athletes!

and how many of the anti-drug commentators here drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes? they r drugs too.

Darius Kadivar

Ali P. Jaan of Course HE wanted to become a Role Model

by Darius Kadivar on

That's What Being a Champion is !

Why Compete then ? Just for the Style ?

France's Yannick Noah has been saying the same BS that he was smoking Pot. Now his own Son a Basket Ball Champion has been arrested in NY for smuggling drugs. 

These Guys to be honest Piss Me Off !

No Wonder then that in less fortunate third world countries and dictatorships they use these incidents to criticize Depravity in Western Democracies.

And to be honest they are not entirely wrong. People in the West don't appreciate Democracy and take Freedom for Granted. 

They are Just Spoiled Brats !

Talented Maybe but Spoiled CERTAINLY !

Drugs , Sex and Rock'n Roll IS NOT what FREEDOM is about !

Go Read Mansour Bahramis Book and You will understand what I mean. HE for a Change WAS A TRUE CHAMPION !

I'm not saying that because he is Iranian but because he is honest !

He was not the best Tennis Player in the World but did his best. Not just on the Court but in his Personal Life and its truly admirable to see the way he survived despite all the shortcomings. At his Age he is much younger and healthier than these Playboy Nobodies !

Bahrami came from the poorest of the poorest families who never forgot where he came from but was adamant to become a Champion. In his own way he made it ...

But all these Playboy Tennis Blokes smoking Grass and pretending they are some kind of cool James Dean on a tennis court are Truly pathetic !

Sorry Maybe I am just too Old School But somedays I Truly miss the Middle Ages and Their Knights ! 




Dear Ali P

by Faramarz_Fateh on

You are amongst the handful of sane posters on

Thanks for your comments! 


Ali P.

DK jaan

by Ali P. on

Did he ask to be a role model?

All he does- and appears to claim- is that he plays a good tennis!

That's all!

Our kids should only copy his 'serve' and his other skills on the field. What he does outside the field, should be his business.

Why do we always try to make role models out of athlethes, politicians, singers, ...etc.?

Just because someone is a good soccer player, a good leader, or a good artist, does not automatically make him, or her, a role model.


Ghayr az iineh?


Ali P.

Darius Kadivar

His being Iranian or Not is Irrelevant. His Taking Drugs Ain't

by Darius Kadivar on

especially if he made a career as a sportsman and Role Model to young aspiring sportsmen.

I couldn't care less what he does in his private life but Sports are no more what they used to be. The Olympics games and the Olympic Spirit has been Corrupted by such behaviors.

I think Agassi even won a few Gold Medals when Tennis became officially recognized as an Olympic Discipline.

Was he taking Drugs Then ? ...

Agassi is not the Only sportsman to claim he has taken drugs but then SHUT the F...CK Up about your Charity Work and all that BS to buy yourselves a Reputation.

If You are Ashamed of your past then go and solve the issue with your psychiatrist but don't go around claiming to be a  Sport Legend if you Cheated All the Way ! ...


"Agassi T'es Vraiment Agaçant !"



Is he Iranian

by okhtapous on

A large part of being Iranian is what is in your heart. If the guy does not feel Iranian then he is not. Does he celebrate NowRuz? Does he know any of our most basic traditions? Probably not. He is an American just like many other people of various origins. It is his business. I am proud to be an Iranian and never deny it. But that is because I really am one :-) He is an American whose ancestors where immigrants so what?

Shirin Vazin

Dear Ali P.

by Shirin Vazin on

Thank you so much! You are absolutely right.

There is a saying:

"Gorbeh'iee roo boon e maa jasteh bood,

gardesh be maa neshasteh bood."

And this is apparently a criteria for choosing Iranian of the Day!!


Armenian American

by choghok on

I saw a TV show about Armenian American history and famous Armenian Americans did show up and talked about different things from armenian culture. so Andre came up and talked about his favourite food which was "Tahdig" :). I would call him an American with Armenian-Iranian roots.

Ali P.

Zoor keh neest!

by Ali P. on


What if your grandparents had come from Russia or Iraq, and had settled in Iran. Your last name were, say Gorji or Najafi. You had never been to Russia, or Iraq, and had no love for Iraq or Russia.


Why would we keep insisting,"Nakhayr, You are not Iranian! You are Russian, (or Iraqi)!"


Baabaa! He is an American! He does not want to be Iranian! In fact, no one is forced to love Iran; if you don't, you don't!

Koshteedesh! :-)


Actually, he is an Assyrian to be exact. So what?!

by B77 on

Someone said he is an Armenian. Actually, he is an Assyrian to be exact.

The reality is he is Eurasian, Earthian and a human. The concept of
country does not mean much to me anymore. It sounds as funny as people who pour their heart out for Persepolis or Estghlal. Ask a Persepolisi, what significant change does it make in their life if Persepolis wins, ask
Esteghlali person the same. The have no answer.

On the other hand the culture is significant. Anybody who believes in
Sadi's ideology is my country man.  I myself have grown from nationalism of my childhood to culturalism and principlism.

Anybody who is honest, does not lie, or when he lies has conscious problem, believe in making the world a better place to live for everyone, decides based on science and not superstitious and religion, respect other people's rights, understand that he or she like other people in this world is fallible and prone to make mistake and is a responsible member of society is my friend and my fellow traveler in this world. The
region of the world that he or she was born or his or her roots are from is not significant.



by Iraniandudeee on

HE'S NOT IRANIAN! He doesn't even consider himself as an Iranian..... Let him be an Armenian.... we have many better Iranians to represent us than this loser.

Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

Che, good point. 

My youngest son was born in Mexico and has lived there since he was born--his father is American.  He usually tells everyone he is American, and if they start asking a lot of questions he says his Mom was born in Iran (is Irani)  ;).

No need to judge people and expect them to say things we want them to say.  Everyone has their own zone of comfort that they can live with for whatever reason.

Agassi seems to be doing his best, and there is no doubt he was a great tennis player.

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

I'm not the least bit confused. :-)  Rather, "bemused" at all this angst against him.  I would think that he and his dad know what their etnicity is more so than anyone else.  Apparently he (or they) distinquish between being Iranian and Armenian.  Whatever.  I've seen him a few times and he has always carried himself well and as a gentlemen.   The drug use is disappointing for sure but I do admire him for "confessing"... better late than never.  Yes?



by yolanda on

Here is his bio from Wikipedia,


Agassi was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to Emmanuel "Mike" Agassi and Elizabeth "Betty" Agassi (née Dudley).[12] His father is an Iranian of Armenian and Assyrian[13][14][15][16] ethnicity who represented Iran in boxing at the 1948 and 1952 Olympic Games before emigrating to the United States.[17] Andre Agassi's mother, Betty, is a breast cancer survivor.


Thank you, Onlyiran, for your post! Wow, you heard his words!




Ms. Parsi

by capt_ayhab on

Affectionately speaking, and I hope you forgive me for this little joke...........

You could be so sheytoon, and you know it. Because I know why you said that  (* _ ^ )


Little Tweet

His father never denied being Iranian

by Little Tweet on

But he thinks he's just too good.  Che I am surprised @ your confusion.


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

damn! i should have been a celebrity :)


I personally met him once

by Onlyiran on

in Florida many years ago.  I waited for more than two hours to shake hands with him, and told him that I was Iranian and proud of him.  His response:

"Well, I'm Armenian".  What a jerk.  Ever since then, I switch channels everytime I see him on TV. 

PS/ wasn't his father on Iran's Olympic boxing team at some point?

Darius Kadivar

US Open 2009 - Andre Agassi's Speech at the Opening Ceremony

by Darius Kadivar on

US Open 2009 - Andre Agassi's Speech at the Opening Ceremony


Is it tax deductible ?



He is here, isn't he? And yes he has DENIED anything Iranian.

by Anonymouse on

This is not about him being a good athelete.  This is about his denial and yes I find that annoying. I am not upset, annoyed for him having denied anything to do with his Iranianness.  He is at least 1/2 Iranian whether he claims it or not. 

Everything is sacred.


not surprised

by capt_ayhab on

I am never surprised to hear the drug, alcohol abuse or even sexual promiscuity of any celebrity, be it a movie star, an athlete or otherwise, so this item about Agassi is not an exception.

One thing though? why did he pick the most dangerous and cheapest form of elicit drug to indulge himself?

As  Mr. Kadivar put it, khak to saret ba in salighat !


che khabar e


by che khabar e on

Maybe it's best to drop this.  You don't seem to get MY point.  I'm simply trying to determine how and why you (and others) are making these rather broad assumptions.  I'm saying I've never heard him deny he's Armenian or Iranian or whatever.  I've heard him SPECIFICALLY say he was of Armenian descent but that he is American.  Are you upset because he's saying Armenian and not Iranian?  Or American and not Iranian?  Do you feel he's dissing Iran because he says he's Armenian?  I'm just trying to be fair here.  If you don't like him, fine.  But let it be for a valid reason.  That's all I'm saying.


Che which part of he wants NOTHING to do w/ Iran you don't get?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Niki Tehranchi

Very disappointed in him

by Niki Tehranchi on

I don't hold celebrities as role models AT ALL! But I did admire him a lot for his charitable work for under-privileged kids (the tennis school he founded).  This was a very disappointing news item...


How intersting!

by Anita on

Thank you, Organic NUTr. :-)

Niloufar Parsi

why do people care

by Niloufar Parsi on

if he took drugs? has the right, like everyone else.

Sampras was my favourite. great gentleman and a better player!