Sunday snowy Sunday

Photo essay

by Parviz Forghani
When weekend approaches, I always look forward to Sunday morning to scape from every day busy life (Dasht haayee che faraakh/ Kooh- haayee che boland). This past Sunday was not an exception. But it started snowy and cold and dissappointing. Till it was noon. Then the Sun came out generously and as soon as I had my lunch I was behind the wheels and driving 50 Miles to West Cliff. A tiny West Colorado City at the end of Colorado 96. And there was these magnificient snowy Rocky landscapes. Sparkling fresh white snow, dazzling sun, deep blue sky and fantastic clowd formings.

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by ramintork on

I think these pictures are wonderful. They show your skills as a photographer and a Window to your soul for the love of nature. Did you use a polarizing filter or was the sky really this blue?

Mona 19

The country is...

by Mona 19 on

... the world of the soul and the city is the world of bodies.

Mr.Forghani, Beautiful Pictures.Thank You. We all should do this more often and spend some time outdoors :)

Best wishes,Mona



Very Nice

by Hamid Nayyeri (not verified) on

You said You drove 50 miles to Westcliffe, Do You live in the area? I own some property in San Isabel which is not too far from Westcliffe, I enjoyed your pictures alot since I have visited the area many times. Thank You for sharing the pictures.

Kaveh Nouraee

Very nice...

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Your photos are very well done.

The details are so precise I actually became cold looking at all the snow!!

Ben Madadi

Nice work ;)

by Ben Madadi on

Really nice...


nice pic

by sucks jj (not verified) on




by cat (not verified) on

Breathtaking. I loved the colors, design, and the way you captured the beauty of nature. Bravo!