Cyrus the Great Needs you

by Abarmard

The documentary “In Search of Cyrus the Great” is moving slowly. The creator, Mr. Cyrus Kar, needs your help. The remaining amount needed to release this great film is $334,938.

Many Iranians are donating to NPR or other great organizations and this should be added to the list. Such film enhances the understanding about our culture to non Iranians and the next generation Iranians.

The best strategy is to donate some amount for a regular period and if we all do a little, we can expect a great result.

Please, if you can, let’s all unite to help this production. Donate today and let’s all make Cyrus return to his rightful place in history.

Here is the site and


Directly to donation page:


Thank you.


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Dear Samsam,

by Hajminator on

I really believe on the potential of Iranians inside the country. I hate Mullahs as most of you do on this site. Not because they represent the image of degenerated Arabs, or that they speak Arab better than Farsi, but because they represent the real evilness for me.

The scientific achievements of Iranians, though not comparable to what we use to see on developed countries, are good to be praised because they have been reached, not thanks to Mullahs, but with nothing else than shogheh irani.



Thanks Abarmard

by KB on

Good call.

Ignore the delusional morons., this is definitely worth shouting about.


Hajminator & IRV scientific achievments !

by samsam1111 on

""have succeeded to reach scientific achievments. Iran can independetly produce high-tech products like centrifuges, hellicopters, submarines, airplanes""

Dear Hajminator:

Chinese Occupied Tibet , can claime to be part of a country that sends men to space but at the end , they are still buncha 2nd class citizens of foreign occupied Tibet . My dear friend With all due respect , You dumped in a fuzzy logic . The reality is that V-ran is a nation under occupation of a Taazi based Ommatist Army , culture, language, heritage,  ideology, icons & law & I would prefer to live in a cave with my identity,heritage intact than be malijak (that some are) to Ommatist cause , occupation & having a man on Mars .  

And as claimes listed above;

Helicpopters: Infrastructor was built there by Ex-regime in Isfahan in a huge scale to built on. It was the only facility(except Israel) in ME which Assembeled & repaired Bell helicopters such as Kobra in Iran for US allies in ME. Mullahs simply copied some out dated Bell huey copters in small scales , like a copy paste version & claimed as own. Most won,t last a full combat mission in a real war.

Submarine: :)) You are too educated of a person to believe that Gaffe, The only submarine they built was a copy cat of DX3 Bouder swedish single seat 1 manscientific (turned military purpose) submarine in 2003, with parts shipped from sweden and presented as IRV,s twice the size of my bath tub. There are no more than 11 of them as claimed by regime, they plan to use these for sabotage perposes.

Planes; lol..azarakhsh? Copy paste parts of 1960,s F5 freedom fighter and F4 fanthoms on the body of Russian Sukhoy 29 to give it a modern look. Their so called mass production so far has been 2 in show off trials. For all I care it could be F14 tomcats glued with attachments...

& Centrifuge...need I say more..China, pakistan, north korea, 1950,s Technology



RokGoo & Gold Fish;

Noble prize in the field of Telling it like it is , goes to You two , . The prize for Hypocracy & Bogus , goaaaaas to....... !!!cheers !!




I'm afraid my meager

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

I'm afraid my meager donation won't be enough to get this great documentary released anytime soon.

Why don't we have a fundraiser for him? Who is good at organizing a fundraiser?


زنبور درشت


زنبور درشت بی‌ مروت را گوی

گر شهد نمی‌‌دهی‌ دگر نیش مزن



Please try to stay focused

by Abarmard on

Let's remain focused, this is about "In Search of Cyrus the Great".


Abarmard, nice try

by gold fish (not verified) on



Rok goo

by Hajminator on

It's a false allegation to say that Abamard is pro-IRI. What i read from him is to not mix the faith of Iran with Mullahs. Iran beside Mullahs has been successful in different fields. First, the country is a regional power, that is almost thanks to its geo-political situation. In the time of the former Shah Iran was also a sub-power in the region. Second, children of iranzamin have succeeded to reach scientific achievments. Iran can independetly produce high-tech products like centrifuges, hellicopters, submarines, airplanes...

What I understood that Abamard says is to not put in the same basket these achievements and the hate we have for Mullahs.

I definitively think that it is the right thing to do if we want one day that our country finds the place it deserves in this orld.


Anonymous Analyst (not verified)

by IRANdokht on

Abarmard and I have been consistantly more than clear about where we stand and what we care about.

where do you stand besides on the side, downplaying other people's ideas and causes, making jokes about the ones who care and calling yourself an "analyst" anonymously?

Is there any cause that you ever contribute to? if you don't contribute financially have you ever spent your time to promote a cause that would benefit anyone other than yourself?



mr Abarmard

by Rok goo (not verified) on

Those who read this site are familiar with your full-time writings in the favour of the current mollahs'regime.
Now what is this banal number? Are the readers gullible school kids? Can you fool them so easily? Tell them at least what the hell report between the legacy of Cyrus the Great and that of Khomeini is! hopefully, your site publish this obvious curiosity.


done it 2

by Hajminator on


Thank you for allowing me to participate in this great realization.

Thanks for all guys who work on this project.

Koorosh bekhab que ma bidarim ... 

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Close Up On Cyrus KAR by DK ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

MY interview with CK Last Year



DK, really interesting, thanks

by Abarmard on

Can't wait.

Majid, as you know, the great thing about this production, once done, is that all contributers produced it. That would be something to be proud of. Thank you


Khatami needs you too!

by Anonymous Analyst (not verified) on

With Abarmard and Irandokht congratulating each other reminds me of Khatami saying "We are all Zoroasterian"...LOL!

Well done NIAC for misleading ploy.



by Majid on

Just did it, Thanks Abarmard

Darius Kadivar

I'm All for it ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks for the Update Abarmard Jan,

I have another scoop for you too ;0)


Also linked here on the news page of the Iranian



Thank you Irandokht

by Abarmard on

You are after all dokhtar e Iranzamin :)



by IRANdokht on

Thank you for the reminder Abarmard. I didn't know it'd be tax deductible too!!!