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by Ali Najafi

A friend sent me this video of Shiva Nazar-Ahari. It has English sub-titles. Please take a look at it.

I was really struck by Shiva’s words, her character, and the strength of her convictions to protect the human rights of our Iranian sisters and brothers. When you look at the blood-thirsty brutality of the IRI government, it is amazing how the examples of Shiva and the many others stand so bright. Not to sound cliché, but the darker the actions of the mullahs, the brighter Shiva’s actions shine. She has made such a commitment to stay in Iran and be a voice to those treated unjustly.Please continue to raise awareness for the Shivas of Iran. Let us also pray for the strength of each of these individuals. In our prayers and meditations, let’s remember their loneliness and isolation in their prison cells and beseech God (or whatever higher power you believe in) that our love, support, and gratitude will be felt behind those prison bars. During their tortures, let’s beseech God that they can feel our hands in their hands.


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What you can do

by Ali Najafi on

I received an email, this evening, from United4Iran about an e-letter campaign to support Shiva and the Baha'i leaders. For those interested, please go to the following link:




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Another video clip

by Ali Najafi on

Thank you, Shepesh, for your note. Also, Mammad, the bio is great. Here is another powerful video interview with Shiva. 




Bio of Shiva

by Mammad on

For those who may be interested, here is the most complete bio of Shiva and her courageous struggle:



Good point.




by Shepesh on



" the Islamist Rapists always target Iran’s best. "


Who do you think sanctions target? The Shivas of Iran of course. As if they dont have enough hardship under this regime, closet war activists have to add to the misery of Iranians.


A rare picture of Shiva

by Fred on

An article including a picture of Shiva carrying construction material on her head to fix the building housing the Society for protection of Street Children, the Islamist Rapists always target Iran’s best.