Iran, the next Syria?

Iran, the next Syria?
by Aliafandi

 I think it will be worst, as Islamic regime is currently fueling the flames in Syria (and Iraq) and When the time comes they will do the same or worst damage in Iran.


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Syria PM defects and exits Syria to join the opposition forces..

by Aliafandi on

The news is both promising and dangereous for Syria.

Promising that more insiders are now joining the opposition.

Dangereous because Assad regime now will be taking further security steps against any and all Government officials.

I also think, if the opposition forces in Iran joined hands, regime change or removal of Islamic system will be much easier than experience in Syria.


 Khamenie is 100 times

by vildemose on

 Khamenie is 100 times more bloodthirst than Assad. That is for certain.



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