"A person who does not love (t)his country, who does not love (t)his nation, is not human."

by AM1

This slogan from Mr Haji Bakhshi should be warning to all anti-Iranian parasites. He says, "A person who does not love his country (Iran), who does not love his nation is not human". Isn't that true. Mr W and Mr doodool Cheeni should hang this statement in their offices, and know that Iran has a lot of defenders.



Point well taken!

by IRANdokht on

the anonymous user "." says:

"Enemies of Iran need defenders like Haji"




It's tragic and height of

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

It's tragic and height of moral bankruptcy when a criminal and a murderer becomes hero of so many...

Speaks volume of the immorality of the whole society!

Does Haji Bakhshi think he can fool God? Does he think that God cares whether he has killed for patriotism" or in the name of "allah"? Does he think God prefers one nationality over another??? Murder is murder and he will be judged by his creator!!! May God have no mercy on him!


re: A suggestion

by . (not verified) on

We know Haji very well. He is a great Iranian and defender of values and culture of Iran. God bless him and more power to him. Enemies of Iran need defenders like Haji.


A suggestion

by IRANdokht on

For the ones who don't know him well yet:

Read this article and decide for yourself whether he's a patriotic hero or a criminal and a murderous thug





Tanks to Haji Bakhshi, a great Iranian

by almo5000 on

As long as Iran has brave sons like Haji Bakhshi, iranians are safe.





To: Iranian Mother (Re: Say what ???)

by Abbas Motamed (not verified) on

Why aren't you respectful of others' opinions. Haji bakhshi may not be a good person as far as you are concerned, but most Iranians like him. I am one of them. You are also blindly supporting what you don't know enough about. You forgot that it was an iranian student (his name is Mohammadi) who after "fleeing evin prison" was picked up by Dick Cheny on Air Force II and brought to US from Dubai!!!!. So not all iranian students are good to defend either. It was yet another Iranian student who is now in US (I forget his name) and preaches the same message that MKO is on Voice of America (of all places). So what gives?


Say what???

by Iranian Mother (not verified) on

Are you a moron? Are you crazy? Are you so completely ignorant that you don't know who Haji Bakhshi is? Have you not read any Iranian newspapers and books over the past 10 years?

Haji Bakhshi and his coronies are murderers. They are responsible for the 18 Tir killing of Ezzat Ebrahim Nejad, pulling out the eyes of a Tehran University medical student, and for throwing some students out the windows of the dormitories in Tehran University, while chanting: "Ya Zahra, az ma ghabool kon!"

Read that interview/article again and read how he says that he has killed for his beliefs. Read how he says they call him to every event and he rushes over! Do you know what his favorite tool of the trade is? A very thick chain with which he hits hard and breaks bones.

You should do some research on this subject my ignorant friend! Read, learn, and then talk. You must first learn how the likes of Haji Bakhshi have shaped the recent history of Iranian civil society, silencing any dissent, killing our students, arresting our intellectuals and academics, and hurting our women.

You are proud of this excuse of a human being? I think you should go to Tehran and become one of his army of mercenaries and goons. There is o hope for you

Bahram the Iranian

did he?

by Bahram the Iranian on

sure, well said, thanks god there are enough iranians inside Iran and ready to do sacrifies for her.


God Bless Haji Bakhshi

by K1 (not verified) on

There are still wonderful iranians who defend our beloved nation to their death. God blless them.