Muslim Suffering

by Amanda

I think that the Iranian government is being watched like a hawk and the nuclear program is definitely world knowledge. Also, the Iranian country is a target, not like Al Qaeda, who can hide, without a target attack point. I am truly praying for you guys, Muslims are people with human needs. 

I know your human, so I must warn you about a few confused souls. There are some people who have been told or lied to about being in Tribes of Israel. I am convinced they believe it, in my investigation on this subject. But, some, I believe, are manipulating purposeful liars, even Jesus says that they will be made to be part of the "Synagogue of Satan," really! I read it in the Book of Revelation, AKA End Times prophecy. I think that there is so much suffering of the Iranians, maybe secret suffering that people just don't comprehend? The government might not want to build bombs at a known location in broad daylight, do you get concerned over attacks? I truly pray that no innocents are hurt in stupid man's mess.