All-Iranians: A Conscientious Voice Silenced

All-Iranians: A Conscientious Voice Silenced
by anglophile

Why should one of the most courteous contributors to this site be banned? Some of us may not have agreed with his line of thinking but "All-Iranians" never belittled, caused affront or even ridiculed any one. He painstakingly researched his subjects and was meticulous with details. One of the most prolific and humanistic bloggerss of this site, is now blocked for the reasons that remain unknown to us.

I have always maintained that on a site like IranianDotCom, which I hold very dear incidentally, one must not argue with the rules.  These rules are made by the site's owner/manager and, in my opinion, he has every right to allow or disallow his customers to enjoy his product and his services. But is it such an unfair request to ask for clarity and consistency in the application of these rules? Or must the customers accept that these rules can vary at any time depending on the mood of the moderator. Again if this happens to be the case, is it so unreasonable to ask for a clear statement on this policy?

Is it unfair to ask to be warned of an upcoming ban should the offender repeat his or her 'mistake' one more time? Or is the site management interested in playing a charade?

Without All-Iranians this site is indeed a poorer place.

Please Remove the Ban on "All-Iranians."


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Thank You for not paying any attention to our request !

by Shemirani on

Missing All-Iranians blogs, now that i have some time to read something i can't find anything to read that i like, So Boring :(

Khaste nabashid Invisible admin !!



Well, still no answer from our dear Admin?

by anglophile on

Even if my good friend "All-Iranian" has used a profane word (which I can't believe it) according to the rules one must be frequent offender to be blocked. All-Iranian? Frequent offender? Impossibel!

But remember:

Even God would allow some room for error :)


please UNban All-Iranians

by Shemirani on

please UNban All-Iranians and  Simorgh555, Amir1973 !!!!

 What ever they have done, being Permantly ban is too much !!! have a fair sanction in regards of  the damage please !!




First Amendment


by First Amendment on



وضعیت این سایت شده مثل اون زمون، که هنوز چریکه از کمیته بیرون نیومده
بود، مجاهده رو میچپوندن توی هلفدونی ساواک.........امشب اگه ابری نباشه یه
نیگا کنم شاید بتونم یه صورت روی ماه ببینم......اینجوری


 ALL Iranian is banned?

by vildemose on

 ALL Iranian is banned? What could he have possibly said to have been offensive or deragatory? I'm shocked. He sometimes goes out of his way to be thoughtful and courteous. What possibly could have happend??

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Please unblock all banned members including:




Monkey and the Organ Grinder,

And others.

May lord Moses bless JJ and Admin!

Shlomo the lover of Israel.


We miss All-Iranians

by divaneh on

It is beyond belief that a gentle person such as AI can be banned after 3 or more years and many valuable contributions in such an insensitive manner.

I also support the call for the return of the All-Iranians to the IC family. This site is much poorer without AI.

Does anybody still know why AI was blocked?


"Doing time"

by Truthseeker9 on

Why not Admin block people for, say, 6 weeks as reflection period and then allow them back with their original ID if they promise to abide by the rules? Then it won't be a ban. It would be good to see people back again. 


We should never forget the fallen bloggers!

by Faramarz on



We should put their names and avatars on milk cartons!


Thank you AN jaan

by anglophile on

I didn't know that Simorgh and Amir had been banned too. It might be an idea to dedicate a regularly updated blog to our banned friends (and foes) and keep an account of the absence and hopefully their revival.  

Anonymous Observer

Also - don't forget Amir1973 and Simorgh555

by Anonymous Observer on

great contributors who were banned.  Simorgh was the target of a habitual abuser who kept creating blogs about him and harassing him.  The Admin should have stopped that nonsense.  But that unfortunately did not happen and he was provoked enough and banned.  Simorgh was (and is wherever he is) a true Iranian patriot.  Same thing with Amir.


Absolutely right FN jaan

by anglophile on

We shouldn't forget the reason this blog was posted. I think there are other users who were banned unjustly and I hope this blog serves as a reminder for the plight of our fallen friends.


I miss Mousa

by anglophile on

Don't forget Mousa69 - or Sigmund to me.

His gentle and humorous presence I miss, though I suspect that he may exist in a different guise . Good luck my Freudian friend. 

Friendly Notes

What is wrong with you guys

by Friendly Notes on

Was not the original subject of this blog about All-Iranians? CIM and some other guys taking some other roads. Please focus on the main subject. As Anglophile requested:

Please Remove the Ban on "All-Iranians."


It must be nice

by Cost-of-Progress on

to have the freedom to sit behind the western-developed computer and spew out garbage day in and day out....islamist pukes must pay their mozdors well so they won't have to hold down a real job.


Anonymous Observer

Agree to my conditions for interview

by Anonymous Observer on

and we will have a one on one and I.  I even gave you the GPS coordinates:


You also haven't told us how you're planning to file complaints against racists and bigots which I pointed out to you:



Ask Mr. Javid & Amin to agree to the interview and join us

by CIM on

 "by Anonymous Observer on half of those names are himself under various usernames."  

  • Then ask Mr. Javid & Amin to agree to the interview and join us for the interview - And pay special attention to the methods we have documented as to how threats are made on this site by insiders.   


Dear Faramarz, Thank you for the question.

by CIM on

No, we are not a reincarnation of anyone.  From day 1 when this was incorrectly suggested (e.g., User-IDs in attempt to harass us as they have many others claimed that CIM was someone named "Wahid" and 'agents of Iran,' and so forth.).  We explicitly told the owners and operators of (including Misters Javid & Amin) both on this site and by private e-mail that we requested that they sit down with us for an interview (whether in-person or through a medium like Skype) and discuss their business practices.  There is nothing more transparent than an interview that people can see that brings into focus long-running complaints about's business practices, which CIM offered to do: We made that offer to Obviously we would look like fools if it turned out that we misled people about being "Wahid," "agents of the government of Iran," and so on.  So, then we posted a questionnaire for people here to give us feedback about the site -- which a great many people did -- and rather than agree to the interview, at least one of the individuals that has assisted in providing business services to contacted us (under the pretext of participating in our questionnaire) and spammed the email account we set up to receive feedback from people with harassing content having nothing to do with the questions we asked the public to give input on (for example: we received a string of emails basically claiming that 'you have lied that your educational background is Harvard University.')   So, we know that insiders at this site are among the people that employ these tactics.  And I personally offered to bring a copy of my credentials to the interview with Misters Javid and Amin, including my doctoral degree from that University.  And when we say that one of the practices the site employs is to: (1) falsely label those whose opinions it does not welcome as being 'agents of the government of Iran' and then (2) allow the promotion of reprisal and threats violence against people it falsely has placed in the category of 'agent,' those practices are born out by facts:

  • ”by Arash Kamangir on Thu May 24, 2012 10:01 AM PDT Haven’t we got some brave iranians to beat the hell out of him so scum sepahis like him don’t think USA is IR.”  


Anonymous Observer

Faramarz jaan, that's because

by Anonymous Observer on

half of those names are himself under various usernames. :-))


Did not know 'All Iranian' was banned...

by Bavafa on

Rather shameful to see people banned and therefore silenced on this site.

I sincerely hope s/he is asked to come back.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Framarz: just those last four names should tell everyone

by Zendanian on

where all this "objectivity" and "professionalism" is coming from! Hint, hint!!



by Shemirani on

(there  is NO violation of private life )




Where is my friend ?*

by Shemirani on

All-Iranians is a polite respectful chap never annoying anyone, his blogs are a collection of links (all already existing) making easier for us to read about public figure's background.  what he is doing is perfectly  legal and moral (there is  violation of private life )  

i don't see why you decided to ban him  ?!!!!

Please unban All-Iranians

* i'm sure you know what i mean !






بی سیم




For someone who has been on this site for only 3 months, you sure have a good handle on the people who have been banished for years. Are you a reincarnation of one of the "Oldies?"


What we stated to one person that asked after scrutiny of site

by CIM on

[In response to a question about why some content is hidden from the front page list of available content for people to view.] 


"by CIM: The reason our blogs are generally censored from the front page blog roll of is that substitute material is available for the owners and operators of to place there that meets their objectives:  What's business practices transparently show is it has a strong preference for promoting hate speech on the front page that it surrounds by a few innocuous stories (travel/photography/poetry) in an attempt to try to give the public the appearance that what they do is not in line with other hate groups, such as the KKK or hate groups like "KilltheJews".  Obviously if the KKK, for example, dressed-up their websites with a few poems it wouldn't make their overall conduct any less objectionable: The same can be said about   As judged by its patterns of publication and censorship,'s and its owners' preference for hate speech against members of the Iranian community (notably Muslims) and against certain racial and ethnic groups such as Arabs is at the forefront of material it knowingly promotes: Clearly these two categories of traditionally protected persons are some of the whipping-boys of the content featured on  CIM's blogs do not fall into either of those categories (given our position on publishers of content that put up barriers to true public access and censor responses while promoting hate speech).  The material we submit generally notes's demonstrable biases -- so they keep it off of the front page blog roll.  (The blogroll is a list that shows what is available to read for people that check the main page of the website.)  What the website is saying implicitly when it keeps material off of the front page blog roll is, ' doesn't want the public to notice your material is there, or read it, or think about it, or comment on it, so we will bury your writings on the back page where fewer people will find it.'  The website practices  a form of censorship designed to keep the balance of the content in favor of the routinely (almost hourly) hate speech the site promotes and has promoted for years."   


We are going through the list

by CIM on

We are going through the lists of banned accounts, which people are calling to our attention off-site.  A few examples of banned accounts:





One Iranian Silenced, All-Iranians Silenced!

by Faramarz on



آل ایرانیان از زندان، آزاد باید گردد

آن بلاگر خوش گفتار، آزاد باید گردد 

Friendly Notes

Very well said

by Friendly Notes on

Thank you Anglophile for this great blog. You are perfectly right:

1. A blogger better be warned of an upcoming ban should the offender repeat his or her 'mistake' one more time.

2. Please Remove the Ban on "All-Iranians."

Mohammad Ala

Freedom of speech is similar to swiming in a public pool.

by Mohammad Ala on

IC Admin should provide believable explanation(s).  When I have complained why a certain member has been blocked, either I did not get an answer or a vague reply was provided such as “ used profanity.”  Many members have used profanity and they are still around.  Personal attacks have continued which has been hallmark of bogus IC members.

I have tried not to reply to bogus members who use personal attacks or dig information on “real,” members while hiding their own.  These cowards have audacity to speak about freedom of speech.

Members who are banned should be permitted to return IF they do not continue their mischievous behavior.

Several members in the past two days have been attacked for expressing their personal views.  The following issues must be understood about freedom to express yourself (1) you should not be permitted to hide your personal information while asking personal questions from others because this proves a member to be a coward and lowlife person, (2) you must respect other people’s views and do not label them without being held accountable.  IC must consider itself lucky for not being sued for the acts of coward bogus members.  And (3) bogus members must assume their free speech is similar to swimming in a public pool.  They can swim all they want but they are not permitted to relieve themselves in the pool.