Ancient Aryaian / Persian Women Warriors.


by Aniconic

In articles about "Women Rights" issues, I am proud to be strong supporter of Iranian/Persian Women Rights.

My focus is on ending violence against women in the family and in conflict/post conflict situations, two of the most dangerous environments for millions of women throughout the world, especially in Iran.

The creation of a world in which women and girls are afforded their basic human rights is our ultimate goal.

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Ancient Aryaian / Persian Women Warriors.

1st VIDEO;


Throw out women glory history, Every PERSIAN / ARYAIAN Parsi women warriors have fought and led troops into battle.

Parsi / Aryaian Warrior Queens, Princesses and other Aryaian women warriors runs from the legendary Persia land marks.

Sadly, we know too little about most of these brave warrior ladies who stood up to the powerful male leaders of their day because history is written by the victors.

Mostly have been real warriors from the Steppes written and told about.

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3000 yrs Persian /Aryaian Culture 500-BC & 6th Century BC.

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Over 3000 yrs ago in Persian heritage Men & Women were not different and they were equal.

Princesses, and Queens were seen as role models and every women in Persia were always side by side men, equally without any discrimination, They were working together in persia for peace, freedom and glory.

Many warrior ladies being captain of armies held the highest position in militaries, side by side with men, in the toughest wars, they fought with enemies.

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Reason; why am I choose a word THROWN-OUT & I should not use word Throughout?

By the way I have to add this, we are talking about the humanitarian women rights of women in Persia how it is now and how it was then, and how it has been THROWN-OUT and forgotten by our Aryaian / Persian culture.

Parsi women should not be mistreated, treated as slaves and savagely abused and brutally murdered.

In our Persian culture and heritage women did everything side by side to men most toughest job, It was taken as much necessary at own time, and you never saw anything written by scientist or any God books in our Persian history about treating women as if they were nobody’s or just a piece of property.

They are always mentions in our history and written by scientist or God books about as being EQUAL, and even in highest positions and engineering.

Like chief or commander, strong leadership, tough fighters, horse riders, and archers, and.

Most of the all architect, sculpture and arts and craft, musician and song writer and singer, grammar and languages, list are going on.

History was written about the Persian kingdom about Parsi women; their glory, beauty, stylish, fashions, intelligent, so talented, well educated, smart, and their beautiful femininity,

They were one of the most beautiful collections of women on earth, when you see. Its like heaven opened its mouth and dropped them onto earth.

And Persian Men never use nasty jargons words in front of women. After the victory fight there was never anything written about Persian men were barbaric, never mentioning that they have sexually assaulted or abused women, or taken them as slaves, and sold them.

Aryaian/Persian did not use victory as an excuse to commit any these inhumane acts.

Unbelievably after all, even in some Hollywood movies maker there is mention of the truth about the Persian heritage.

As always Parsi/Aryaian Men give to everyone of their enemies’ humanitarian treatment, especially amnesty to women and children and their rights and freedoms, Unbelievably to every homosexual in every culture too and themes right.

It amazing how in history in Persian culture women were working side by side with men, and are equally paid coins as same weight of every men based on their particular skill, as negotiated by them as them wishes.

Where as in our time, we have forgotten who Persian women really are we think all women have to beg for mercy, to be used as slaves, and do everything men ask, men that savagely abuse and beat these women.

This is NOT us, this is NOT our Persian culture, it belongs to the stinking Arab culture, where women have to be covered up form there head to there toes, like a beast, and to keep them in the Dark Age.

In our culture women do not belong in the kitchen or to be as baby-sitters, grooming men, or children. Women and men were always spoken as equal, known as a PARTNERSHIP to complete one another other.

History and time line has proven that what men can do, women can do much better. Believe that.

For a moment close your eyes and visualize this image, you will see a society where there is never suffering, or even wars. And there might have been peace all over the world, much better then now.

This is THROWN OUT and FORGOTTEN, in other words; it is an Islamic religion Taboo.

What happened to us? This is not our culture; we are not like that as today! This is not us!

Can you answer this?




Thank you so much you know that there is a difference between those two words.

The definitions of it,

Throw out;

To discard something that is not wanted.

– disconcert somebody, dismiss somebody, to expel somebody from membership of an organization.

e.g ; She THREW OUT (past tense) the leftovers from Thursday’s dinner.

e.g. Here people have THROWN OUT (once again, past tense) and forgotten the glorious role of women in Persian History land mark as warriors, that is what we’re talking about here.


Meaning in all sections, or parts of something.

e.g. ; He mentioned the word obviously numerous times THROUGHOUT the letter.

You should look at your dictionary well and not translate it to your language it will make you more confused.




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