The IR Will NOT Retaliate Against An Attack On Its Nuclear Facilities


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

There has been much talk about possible retaliation from Iran in case of an attack on its nuclear facilities.  There have been dire scenarios predictions, with missiles raining down on Israel and on U.S. bases in the region along with Hezbollah attacks on Israel from South Lebanon, etc.  In my opinion, all of that is nonsense.  The IR will not fire a single shot if the attacks are limited to its nuclear facilities, and here’s the reason why:

The IR’s paramount concern is survival.  It does not care about Iran, Iranian people or Iran’s national interests.  It knows that if there is an attack that is limited to its nuclear facilities, it can still survive by just taking it.  By contrast, the IR can rest assured that in case it retaliates by firing a bunch of antiquated missiles at Tel Aviv, and causes an escalation in the conflict, the West will open up the arsenal on them and will send them, in a matter of days, where the Taliban, Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein were sent before them.  So, from a survival standpoint, the only logical course of action for the IR will be to take it and STFU.  And when it comes to their own survival, the IR terrorists can act semi-logically. 

There is precedence for this as well.  The IR did absolutely nothing in response to Operation Praying Mantis back in 1988 when half of its navy, and a few of its oil platforms were destroyed by the United States in a matter of hours.  Because it knew then, like it knows now, that retaliating against the U.S. or its allies would have meant an end to its miserable existence.

Sure, there will be a lot of hart-o-poort and empty threats and blogs on by the usual suspects.  But there will be no action whatsoever.  Not where there is a clear signal by the powers conducting the attack that they are only interested in eliminating their nuclear threat.   


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I agree with Dr Mohandes, god it is getting funnier!!

by مآمور on

You need to come down to iran and say all the things you say. Otherwise, people have no time for you.  

yes!! u guys all need to come down to Iran!! at last!! after all these years!! yes come down and figure it out by yourself instead of relying on Jerusalem post!! instead giving away advices, u better listen to yourself!!

مش قاسم

Zendani! r u Mash Ghasem? he was ok and I liked him!! u dont seem to share the same sens of humor as he had!! I dont know!! i did not know him well!! 

I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes

To mr. "grass root" down at the bottom

by Dr. Mohandes on

If you want to constantly worry about other countries' ulterior motives and their bad or hidden agenda, then you are painting yourself into a corner of permanent isolation and exclusion from the international community. You need to read more carefully and not get blinded but perfect ideology and "instructions" on what iranians  need to have a better life and a society in the future.

every single comment of yours virtually boils down to that. you tnd to over criticize everyone yet give yourself way too much credit on your knowledge of the past and how things really are in iran. 

As a matter of fact i have been looking for a nice tower over there for the mrs. and the junior , how much are you asking for it? Can i trust that you will respect the laws of the country and are not a swindler by any chance? 

Your so-called proof as to why you perceive most iranians including those who happen to comment here, is pathetic at best. Oh ok. so all i need to look at here is how many time so and so has repeated a comment and base my judgement on that. very clever. in fact why don't we all do that? start digging for comments in various news outlets that we happen to like and then go : see... I told you that was an outright lie! I have seen it being repeated here so many times and that what makes me so sure!!

Of course countries do things while expecting something in return! where do you this is , the Jungle? And what is wrong with that? why can't iran be a steady and reliable partner to a country that has made advancement in many areas than Zambia or Cameroon? and on that same note, why can't other nations , advanced one that is, count on us as a solid and reliable partner? I think tdhe problem is your Conspirtorial mentality, packaged! as the "packaged deal" that they don't teach in schools. DOn't you feel smart for briniging that one up and into my attention!

Your another BIG FAT mistake is that you THOUGHT i was talking about total submission. Well i was not. You just decided to pull that right out of my words and declare that as a fact. I have no delusions and as i just said i was not talking about a total submision.  

Even countries that are totally independent, supposedly, have neeeds that necessarily and unavoidably ties their fate to that of other nations. Why? because they are all part of an international community and need one another in order to survive. if you can not accept that then guess where the problem lies.

I never claimed to have any of those credentials you mentioned. Although i should go back to school and work on those degrees. should i not? But then again... seeing how u turned out to be , and graduating with honors on top of that, i don't think i would waste time on this. i let you lead the way.:)))

Ok so i do not get the connection ... yeah. so do tell me where is the connection? where is the movement to begin with? oh i get it..i must be blind and not take proper heed of mash ghasem's precious observations right? all i have to do is look a little closer and it is there, correct? Is this "next few months " the same as those "next few months" we used to here back in 2009? we are still waiting. hello...oh social movement ... where are you??? 

I can have my cake and eat it too. I just did it right after lunch. it was chocolate. want some too? Unlike you i look for real solutions, things that have the potential to amount to something. You can sit there in Toronto and enjoy sipping coffee and margarita... and keep on waiting. After all, you aint got nothing to lose. 

Y ou wrong buddy. You can not remain absolutely independent , YOU NEED OTHERS. re-learn things brother. sweep the old concepts off your mind. YOU DO NOT BECOME A PAWN NECESSARILY. Ok? 

I am so glad that there is at least one, YOU, person who is so damn, well in touch, while being miles away from iran (oh ok i know you are gonna tell me  i have no idea what you have done and are doing and all that good stuff..yeah yeah ok) . You need to come down to iran and say all the things you say. Otherwise, people have no time for you. 

 HAve a nice one, mash ghasem....


$1000 cash reward for u

by مآمور on

by turning me in, u would get $1000!! me and my 9 other user ids!!

this blog gets funnier by minutes

I wear an Omega watch


Free morgh & khoroos for Iranians after the regime change!


For every mullah and IRR thug reported to the US/Israel invading forces, Iranian citizens would receive $100. You can make a fortune from this.

Shlomo would offer free morgh and khoroos if you are willing to....


Of course other countries are going to help Iranian people with

by Zendanian on

no ulterior motives, or hidden agendas , and no consequences for our future. They'll do all of this just from "the goodness of their heart."

If you believe this, I also have a very tall tower in London, and a couple of brigdes in NY for sale to you!

I'm sooo sorry about me being "all over the place," bothers you sooo much. Next time I'll be sure to ask for your permission, so as not to bother your ever sensitive sensibilities.

As far as documentation of deep rooted antipathy of pro war crowd in here, all you need to read is the repeated, systematic, (almost genetic, you might say) statements from all these writers on  this site, and how they over and over blame all Iranian people, for Khominei's lies and deception, as if all Iranian people were supportive of him from the get go.

Of course you have a very nuanced, complex understanding of International Relations (where foreign countires help each other like little Boy Scouts out of the goodness of their hearts, and expect nothing in return). But in addition to your extensive experties in this field, there is also a fact of life that they probably won't teach you in any Interantional Relations course in college, it's called "Package Deal."

Package Deal simply means: Once you submit yourself to the will, and agendas of outsiders to determine your destiny and sovereignty, you're stuck with them for a long while to come. Now, if that's your idea of National Independence (acheiving it through force of outsiders) that's just fine and dandy, but don't confuse your delusions with material realities of the world.

Last but not the least: with all due respect to your credentials as a: Military Strategist, and an International Relations' expert, and your " long-term engagment with Contemporary Iranian Social Movements of Iran, as you admit yourself, you simply don't "get the connection" between a people's movement and the current situation unfolding in Iran; next few months shall teach all of you a lesson in that field.

Meanwhile just remember you can't have your cake and eat it too.

You're either independent and rely on your own resources, and remain so,

Or you rely on other countries resources and become their pawn.

P.S. What is shocking in here, is  just how clueless, naive, and out of touch all of you are, when it comes to an attack on Iran. 

AN ATTACK ON IRAN IS IR'S LAST BEST CHANCE, AND A GIFT ON SILVER PLATTER TO IT, and yet all of you pro-War "strategists" fail to register this simple fact. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

You are all over the map and your conclusion can only be based on your bi-modal, black and white way of viewing issues. 

Let me just say this right off the bat that you are totally and utterly and absolutely wrong in your judgment, when you use the term "anti-pathy" towards iranian in this context. Not just you, i have said and will say the same thing about those who share your idea. Why? where is your proof? How can you so assuredly make that claim? i want to see iri go and i want it done as soon as possible and i know and i see that the possibilties of such endeavor by our people, given the way things are, are dim. because i live in iran and i see things that you guys in canada and the states do not. It is a fact.

FYI, and jut to let you know wherei stand, i am an strong believer in people's movements and  in assuming a role in determining their own fate but granted that we iranians are traditionally late-bloomers and have at times proven to have a hard time formiing a consensus and making something happen, with regards to even the most minial and insignifcant matters,  would say that is going to take some time.  And Please. i don't need to be reminded of what took place in the past and how people formed popular movements that unfortunately were nipped in the bud. As sad as that may sound, it bears no relevance to what we are going through today.

Secondly, I am also a firm believer that no nation on this planet have really needed outside help in order to achieve its independence. BUT, the belief in getting thathelp in certain cases and based on a predetermined framework, from countries who are willing and able to provide that help, when the time is right and all avenues and options have been exhausted does not make a traitor or someone who has "anti-pathy" toward his own country fellows.

Also, i do not get the connection between the kind of surprise that you have in mind, namely the massive uprising of the iranians in the near future,  and the October surprise, which is a totally unique american event. 

If you really think something is gonna happen within the next few months, you have got something else coming. 


IR apologists & War apologists on IC; two sides of the same coin

by Zendanian on

What these two seemingly distinct factions have in common is their deep rooted antipathy towards Iranian people, and independent initiative coming from Iranian people.

They both  consider Iranian people incapapble of freeing themselves and unable to form and have a government of their own free choice.

IR apologists see VF and AN as the "ultimate" expression of our nation.

Pro War and pro-interventionist faction also see Iranian people incapable of overthrowing IR by our own hands and constantly promotes ans seeks foreign intervention as the only way out.

In  near future both these "schools of thought" will be very, very surprised.

This "October Surprise" will a surprise to remember.  


مآمور دوره دیده!




Take some extra Fruit-of-the-Loom with you, just in case!


I 'll be in Iran in Sep

by مآمور on

and I will take pics and shoot videos for IC and my dear oppossesesition friends(as per DR Mohandes)!! just dont leave your arm chair!! even for quick trip to WC!! hold it!! till the bombardment is over and Iran is liberated!! 

I hope, I wont get flagged to Iran!! I will know how to deal with bombs and rockets falling on my heads while in Iran!!

getting bombs is better than getting flagged!!

I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes

US Policy on Iran

by Dr. Mohandes on

They need to make up their mind and stop playing games with the honorable iranian people . U know? Dudes. we got bread lines and Chichen line to go and stand in. SO which way is it gonna be? start stocking up or cool it for now? We need to know baba akhe...estop peleyyeeng veet our pocketbooks and brains.

And Please guys. Just go easy on our fellow here. seems to be overheating to the point of no return. Where did the mustash concept factor into this?!!! Life is mighty good for those get a paycheck every now and then, so why screw it up? don't screw the pooch!!

I went for a walk at the darband / sarband area dude, and conducted a little survey, they all nodded positively, as in bring them in boys. we are ready. i mean, you could tell from their faces and looks. 


Faramarz joooon

by مآمور on

please find couple of names for me too!!

I m in the contest!! I will change my name if Iran gets attacked by Sep!

I make even better, any time, by sep or past sep. if Iran gets attacked, I will take one of your suggestions!!

I wear an Omega watch

First Amendment

No comment, no caption...

by First Amendment on

Immortal Guard

Hitler's Square Moustache!

by Immortal Guard on

So what did Hitler's Square Moustache symblize?

Ya please attack and get it over with!

Everybody must be tired of this "emrooz farda kardan"!


Oon Yaroo Jaan

by Faramarz on



Let's have a competition over your new name!

I have a few ideas, as usual!

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz Jaan,

by Oon Yaroo on

There will be an attack in September. I'll change my name if I am wrong!


An attack is not in the cards

by Faramarz on




A military attack on Iran or the Regime is not in the cards because the current sanction policy is working.

However, there are two scenarios where an attack on the Regime will be inevitable.

First, if the Regime goes anywhere near a nuclear bomb (define it anyway you want) and second, if there are any threats in the Persian Gulf or the Strait of Hormuz to the flow of oil. In either case there will be a massive response and it will most like result in the collapse of the Regime.

As for the Regime's response, Karim Sadjadpour said it best. The Regime's response will be "enough to save face, but not enough to lose head!" which basically means nothing!


AO: This is what US and Israel must do to the mullahs et al!




Sholom is for boots on the ground!


An attack on Iran is IR's last best chance

by Zendanian on

Islamic Republic of Hell is a regime that has lived, thrived and maintained its grip on powerr through CREATION OF CRISIS. From taking over the US embassy, to continuation of Iran-Iraq War, to all acts od assasination and bombing outside of Iran (Argentina,...) all point out to one central fact. This regime in incapable of living a normal, crisis-free life.

In addition to all these historical facts, we also have the Quds Force faction whithin the ruling class of IR, which is hell bent on maintenance of a prolonged crisis mode for its survival, has heavily invested in the whole 'nuclear program,' and is aiming for a military attack to impose a defacto Martial Law through out the country, and possibly follow that with an internal coup, pushing out the Clergy out of the way, and establishing Sepah: Guardians' Corps. as the rulers of IR.

As we all know no single regime has collapsed due to arieal bombardment, and all military planners in the US and else where know that in order to militarily overthrow IR they require "boots on the ground," and extensive engagment and resources.

All this in a time of severe economic crisis and uncertainty in the West, makes such a full throttel attack highly unlikely.

In any instance, no attack on Iran shall be underestimated.

Any such attack would be a gift on a silver platter, given to IR.

Artificial Intelligence

One more point

by Artificial Intelligence on

The IRI can not do a damn thing. They have no offensive military capability. Their only capability is what they call "asymmetric warfare" which you and I call killing civilians aka Terrorism.

The IRI is full of hot air.......