What About Equality For Female Iranian Athletes?


What About Equality For Female Iranian Athletes?
by Anonymous Observer

A whole bunch of blogs have sprouted here and elsewhere praising the relative successes of the Iranian Olympic team.  This is one of those blogs.  The central theme of these write ups seems to be “Iranian people can’t be brought down,” and other Soviet era-ish mindless propaganda.  The inherent insincerity in these emotion invoking stuff is that it neglects to point out that the only entity that is keeping the Iranian people, and specifically, the Iranian women down is the Islamic Republic. 

Let’s for a minute forget about the fact that Iranian women cannot participate in various competitions such as swimming, diving, etc. because of the Islamic Republic’s stupid and compulsory dress code.  Forget about the fact that these women have to compete in other sports, such as volleyball (in previous competitions) in dull Islamic garb.  Just remember this:  these same women athletes whom you’re cheering on will not be able to attend a single sporting event as a spectator once they arrive in the Islamic paradise of Iran.  That’s how great your Islamic Republic is.  Do you know what Jesse Ownes said when he returned from the 1936 Olympics with four gold medals when Hitler refused to shake hands with him (and other foreign athletes)?  He said (paraphrasing) “forget about Hitler.  I had to sit in the back of the bus when I returned to my own country.”  Iranian women athletes should say the same thing: forget about sanctions and the [ever present] Zionist conspiracies.  I can’s even go to a stadium and watch a football game when I return to my own country.  I’m also counted half of a man legally, I have to dress just as the government tells me, my husband can marry another woman without my consent, etc. etc…. Now go celebrate that!  


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Off Topic

by Mehrban on

Any other nation going to the games with a flag with a different language than their own.  Are we a cowered nation?  Are we possessed? Are we numb? Are we dead?

For the ones with "politics out of sports"  I say  Hmmmm

Lachak, Maghnaeh, hejaab,  how much more political can it get!!!   Hypocrisy par excellence! 

Thanks AO for the blog. 


Was about time

by Rea on

.... somebody spoke of the Iranian women. 

Well put, @AO.


The V Factor

by Demo on

There are no 'doshmans' in sports competitions, whether be Americans, Chinese or Iranians winners. They are all 'We.' The 'sport spirit' is void of any race/nationality & is rather a GOD given gift!

PS: Thanks for your msg & looking forward for your said blog.

Anonymous Observer

Indeed Fesenjoon, congrats to Team USA!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

We're No.1 in the medal count now.  Ahead of China by 11 medals.  Hopefully the lead will remain to the end and we kick China's rear end.

Cheshm doshmanan-e amrika koor!!! 


speaking of female atheletes

by Fesenjoon2 on

Congrads to TEAM USA for becoming world champions in Soccer for the 4th time.

Go USA! 

Anonymous Observer

And Iran having female athletes is really irrelevant

by Anonymous Observer on

It's winodw dressing.  Kind of like Republicans having a token African American here and there.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I'll have a good one on God coming up soon.  Keep your eyes open for that one.

Anonymous Observer

Thank you all for your comments

by Anonymous Observer on

what I consider most disturbing is when I see West residing Iranian women who fall for this emotional stuff instead of putting their thinking caps on and advocating on behalf of their sisters in Iran.

Esfand Aashena

Iran has 8 female Olympians and one competes tomorrow.

by Esfand Aashena on

I was rooting for Neda Shahsavari, Iran's first woman paddler (ping pong).  Unfortunately she lost in the first round 4-3.  I bet she beats JJJ 4-0!  You can see the list of Iranian female olympians here, click to right under their pictures to see all 8.

Sousan Hajipougholi's Taekwondo match is tomorrow against the #8 seed.  Hope she wins!

Everything is sacred


Salam AO

by kazthescribbler on

Thanks for your excellent blog. You've hit the nail on the head, absolutely. 


AO, Thanks

by Azarbanoo on

for your great blog on the reprssion of Irani women for more than 33 years in 21th century by barbaric people named akhoonds & thugs.


For You, COP Dear!

by Demo on

Here is a musical response to your remark, COP dear:


Be sure watching it to the end dear when you hear my sincere reply of saying, "The question is who cares with your comment!"

Get a life & thanks anyway.



AO jaan, you're spot on

by Cost-of-Progress on

But it does not matter, take this character Demo for instance. Reminds me of the evangelical nutcases in the US, only this chap is irooni (or at least can read and write the language).

Do you believe that anything in Iran will change even after the thieveing so called government is flushed down the toilet with mentality such as that of these maggots?


God's direct reps on this planet

by Demo on

all came & departed long ago, FYI.

But the Lucifer, the #1 humans' enemy, stayed as he had been fooling around on this planet from the beginning. Mullas, Priests, Rabiis, & etc are either their own representatives or are the Lucifer's deciples to take away everything on earth!

Be sure double checking with your master Lucifer before nailing somebody any further!


Dr. Mohandes

Faramarz jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Yes indeed.

I sometimes wonder whether he does this on his keyboard:


and then expends the grand effort to sort things out. But as you said it is all part of the 1400000000000000 year old tradition.

okay now, let me get under this table, and take shelter before i get showered by spits and invectives and "condemning" words.


Doctor Jaan

by Faramarz on


Don't worry about trying to de-code what De-mokh is saying!

It is all rooted in a 14 centuries-old manual that hasn't been updated!

Dr. Mohandes

I am sorry

by Dr. Mohandes on

But could someone translate Mr. Demonstrator's so eloquonet comment for me please? in a clear islamically koshered english? 


As usual a very timely and right to the point essay. I loved it and i loved how that nail was hit right upside its head!

These so-called "true" believers can go elat it non stop and give us a never ending drivel of how many nice things have been said and what great advice have been given and so on and so forth until they turn "brown" in the face.... really... i don't think blue is a suitable color, while right here where we stand, EEEN EEERAAN, noboday gives a rat's ass about their BS and will stick their heads in a well full of those stinky and fluid stuff(that they love so much) when the opportunity presents itself.

Keep prattling bro. Keep "demo"ing your beliefs. Yeah , I bet it is a MUST to travel, but i just wonder why God's direct reps on this planet help themselves rather generoulsy to what belongs to the people of iran and shamelessly zer zer afterwards?

Now do they deserve the God damn rope to make their necks make a little clicky sound or are we still going to preach about ohhh how happy we will all be if we have these mofos in our midst, minding their beezwax?

I'd go with the rope option......................... 


Rape in Iran at an all times high: IR's "security" for women in

by Zendanian on


What obtuse, obfuscators of Isalm don't and can't understand is that Gender-Apartheid in Isalmic Republic of Hell, means not only half the population of the country is considered half a human being, it also lacks the most basic notions of security and respect.

Reports of attacks on women in Iran, portray a picture of close to jungle type situation. In some cities, and some streets, it's not even safe for women to walk alone in the street in middle of the day.

This is the kind of "saftey and security" Gender-Aparthied of Islamic Republic of Hell has brought for Iranian women in the past 33 years.



Safety & Security vs Freedom!

by Demo on

No rise up of Iranian women to gain their freedom is expected as the majority of them prefer safety & security over the freedom. Don't they? Believe it or not, travelling around the globe is a 'must' duty by the teachings of the Quran. Even though such ordain has been repeatedly stated in the book, akhoonds ignore it altogether! What per cent of our people have such an opportunity to do it on their own? And even though Saudi women have the financial means to travel outside their country, for the first time ever they are participating in the Olympic games:


Well, what else do we expect for the other women do in the Arabian desert? Well they can at least celebrate for such breakthrough & be hopeful of the future!