Why is SamsamIIII Blocked?

Why is SamsamIIII Blocked?
by Anonymous Observer

Here we go again.  Come ON JJ.  Samsam was an intelligent contributor with fresh ideas.  Just one of his blogs generated more than 30,000 hits on this site.  Why is he blocked?  Does this have anything to do with his recent blog ?  I saw it last night, and wanted to leave a comment on it today, but it was gone.  So, I went to see if it was on his blog list, but he is blocked.  Is the blog the reason?    I think he wrote it as a joke.  There are far worse things on this site.  This is just unfair.

Come on man, reinstate him please!


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Anahid Hojjati

.that is fine if JJ comments. Besides what I said is not so

by Anahid Hojjati on

outrageous. TS, you act like I have insulted someone or something big time. However, if I remember correctly, didn't IC used to have monitors or moderators (i might be using some wrong terminology). as I understand, these monitors' task was to look into comments. I think it is a spoken about fact that IC had moderators. So what is so outrageous if I write that I get the impression that we still have moderators? who do you think moderators would be? some of the most active members of the site. I don't think what I wrote is something to get so upset about. If you choose to act enraged about it or if indeed you are upset about it, that is your problem. nothing i wrote is outragoeus to warrant your kind of replies.


I am laughing Anahid, it is too silly

by Truthseeker9 on

What you are doing is gossiping and if that is enjoyable to you and keeps you busy go ahead. Ironic is that you think others have an attitude while you have the cheek to accuse people of all sorts of things on this site. But it keeps you all bonded so have fun.

I notice you changed your comment so my reply doesn't really make sense. But I know JJ has prevously commented in blogs where people have made accusations and gossiped about Multiple IDs and Anonymity.


I do hope he does clarify this latest accusaton, that people commenting here on IC are part of Admin

Anahid Hojjati

whatever bro. I don't really care one way or another

by Anahid Hojjati on




by Truthseeker9 on

Interesting that you replied Anahid!

I'd love JJ to answer that one personally to quash any nasty rumours that may be going around this place, which only serves to make it as uncomfortable as possible for anonymous Users.

I know gossip is an enjoyable passtime for Iranians of a certain generation but this one really tops it! So I take it that any decisons that are positive in your mind are made by JJ and any that are not by the Tooth Fairy?

Anahid Hojjati

interesting comment truthseeker.

by Anahid Hojjati on

we think that because jj is publisher, he is admin too but sometimes i get the impression that at least some admin duties are done by none other than some of our very active coimmentators. those with multiple ids and tons of attitude.


He is back as Anonymous Bugger

by Truthseeker9 on

See his post here which says see you all . Though it would be funny if he came back as SamSamIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.  

Can I just ask, from Azarin and Divaneh's comment there are hints that it is not JJ doing Admin and blocking. Is my impression correct?


این دیگر چه مسخره ای است؟


It seems that the blocking of the good bloggers have become a daily activity of the IC's admin. Just as if a kid has been put in charge. I thought the only thing that was prohibited was to use profanity when exchanging comments. It seems that I was wrong and it just depends on the mood of the admin. I hope Samsam would be asked to join us again as this site will not be the same without our Ommatie-basher Kiaani friend.

Samsam Jaan, were you really blocked for posting a blog? That is so daft. I hope you stay with us.

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

"We don't need no education.."

"Bring SamSam(s) home...."

Ebi aka Haaji


Another banned of the day

by Rea on

Cheers to the IC Chief Pilgrim. May AhurMazda bless you with a Porsche. ;o)


Anonymous Bugger

May AhurMazda bless u all with a Mazda

by Anonymous Bugger on


It's funny that even Jujiro Matsuda the founder of Mazda car company in 1975 named his company after Ahurmazda(shortened later to Mazda to reflect the mix) as their web site intro elaborates ;


"The company's name, "Mazda," derives from Ahura Mazda, a god of the earliest civilizations in West Asia. We have interpreted Ahura Mazda, the god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony, as the symbol of the origin of both Eastern and Western civilizations, and also as a symbol of automobile culture. It incorporates a desire to achieve world peace and the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. It also derives from the name of our founder, Jujiro Matsuda "

& Yet, far away from Japan in Ommatized Iran, the birth place of mazda there are a majority herd so clueless to that identity & so deep in omari-shotori culture who consider any talk of kiaani language & culture as racism & a source of threat to their bedoine icons.

My kiaani bro AO , I just dropped by to say much obliged for the kind note & dont sell me short pal, it was 790k views & not 30k :)). No drama here, not into drama...You know, for every Abu that disappoints me of being an Iranian there are super Sir-Dudes like yourself, VPK, Oon Yaroo, OI or a few more good folks on this site who make me hopefull .. For every ideologue one framed mind that makes me puke there are principled communists like Roozbeh Gilani who have one feet on the ground with common sense that make me reconsider...for every clueless kokab there are gems like dear Mehrban, Azarin, & vildmose that make me proud of Iranian women, ... For every complicated kniving waneh beez there is simple honest Anahid who is much funnier than me::))..

Anyhoooo I have no interest of being reinstated in Sabzi-land & I honestly dont blame JJ for doing his scheme. just dumbfounded as why that harmless blog.. In cyber media the contributors just as patents, name sakes, goodwill ..etc  are the intangible assets  in absence of tangible assets. A bussiness man/woman who ignore that basic fact in financial valuation  is doomed to tank sooner that later. & as I said earlier , up here i was already gone.

Once again many cheers to all my Sir-Dudes & Lady-Dudets who humbled me with their kindness & grace.

Cheers AO jaan, & see u all around !!!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

will be reinstated .

IC is playing this new game of catch me catch me I think .

with recent delisting and relisting of its own FREE contributors.



Don't know the guy, don't even remember a single blog by him

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

But he obviously did not get thrown out because of his articles, you are free to say anything.  Those wanting him back.  What part of...  "Comments containing profanity or personal attacks will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked. Simple isn't it." do you have a problem with?

I ask everyone to please encourage good behavior.

I read a great comment online today, it had no profanity nor a personal attack on anyone and it made its point very well.

It was, "Tragedy is not the brutality of the Tyrants in Iran, that is expected.
Tragedy is the silence of those that call themselves good and the
righteous, not expected nor accepted.  America and the U.K. are just
dirty when it comes to human rights and freedom."  See it's easy to be good, no matter what you want to express.

Oon Yaroo

AO, SamSamIIII is blocked not becasue he used ...

by Oon Yaroo on

SamSamIIII is blocked, in my opinion, not because he used profanity, not because he ran circles around the elements of Hezbollah around here, not because he put the sub-standards on their places, not because he cut and pasted the Editor's blog....

But rather, because he "defied" and didn't "submit" to the AUTHORITIES unlike others, because he is not an apple polisher, he is not a brown noser, he is not an @$$ kisser (i.e., k***** mall!)

There are many other posters around here who have done a lot worse than SamSamIIII but they always compensate their mischievous behavior, and therefore are forgiven, by not "defying" but rather submitting to the AUTHORITIES... and the rest....is just secondary!

BTW, SamSamIIII asked me to convey this message to the Editor:

"buddy as Kramer said to Seinfeld before flying to California;, up here, i,m already gone".......!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

An interesting set

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of people joining to want SamSam. Also interesting set opposing him. Obviously I am one who is in support of him. I want him back but I would advise him to tone down the words. Rules are just that and must be followed. We have asked admin to be consistent so it is a bit odd to ask them not to enforce it.

Nevertheless SamSam is one of the best on IC and I want him back.

I have a suggestion for dealing with it. Maybe we need a web site where there are no rules. Then he and others could put the real inflammatory blogs there. And put in a link to them on IC. That way no rules are violated and we get to enjoy the colorful language of SamSam and others. No holds barred site where anything goes.


Found these recently deleted blogs by him

by Truthseeker9 on

Think it was not a case of losing ones cool but not knowing limits with vulgarity. You can't find cashed versions to see the contents but they seem rather, well, you know  ... only posting this because AO asked why he was blocked. This may be the reason, but I'm not sure.


:) For Faleh | Iranian.com www.iranian.com/main/blog/samsamiiii/faleh


::)) Ki**eh sageh omar to k**n har chi | Iranian.com iranian.com/main/blog/samsamiiii/ki-eh-sageh-omar-k-n-har-chi


Jewish lobby in America vs Omaru lobby in Iran | Iranian.com iranian.com/.../samsamiiii/jewish-lobby-america-vs-omaru-lobby-iran

by SamSamIIII 24-Sep-2011. When in the hell Palestine became the battle cry of hell for the badbakht Iranians?..how the freakin fUUK the fate of a whole ...




by R2-D2 on

This chap, Samsam IIII, is an interesting fellow, and although I don't necessarily agree with much of what he says, nevertheless, he brings to IC somewhat of a unique contribution -

I do know that he has a tendency for getting out of hand (I guess Samsam, Samsam II, Samsam III, etc. of being blocked is the proof), however, on balance, it behooves you to give him another a chance with a clear cut warning regarding his behavior -

I guess, others have expressed the same sentiment below -









Anahid Hojjati

SamSam is funny guy

by Anahid Hojjati on

one comment from him that i remember is when he noted how he is funnier than me. he called me jerry falwel to his grucho marx or something like this. i am all for unblocking him too. 


 AO: Thanks for Calling

by vildemose on

 AO: Thanks for Calling MMB out. when stuck, trained propagandists evade the actual question asked of them. He simply  repeated back some of the words in the question to establish that he is  "answering" it. I'm certain if Samsam was somewhat remotely pro-IRI we would not have seen him banned.

The most offensive, abhorent and abusive comments are the ones who justifiy the fascists regime ruling elite in Iran no matter how repulsive their crimes and depravity. That should really be the criteria.

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


Now I feel really bad!

by Onlyiran on

The guy got blocked because he wrote a blog in my support?  While a perosnal attack blog was being featured by JJ?  My God, what upside down logic we have here!

he has my vote for reinstatement. 


Well, it's time to make a template for this! :-)

by Disenchanted on


      Dear JJ, why XXX  is blocked?

      XXX was a great contributor. I miss XXX's intelligent posts!

       XXX was one of the most erudite members of the IC community. Was it something  XXX said?

        Please JJ, reinstate XXX. We miss XXX so badly! :-)

         I cannot fall asleep. I feel depressed and melancholy has taken me over! Plzzz JJ jaan be kind and unblock XXX! :-)

       I say on his behalf that XXX ghalat kard. Dige nemikone!

        Seriously, is there any code of conduct somewhere I can look up before my name shows up on the dotted line! :-)  Of course, I am such a polite dude, its highly unlikely I end up blocked (fingers crossed!) and secondly, no one is going to advocate me being unblocked anyway :-( No eulogies for Disenchanted! :-(


@AO: So he needs you to interpret his "Nahjol Balaghe"

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

It is so nice of you to so shi'ite-wise spin his words to sound nice.

His praise for Arabs was nothing but a patronising piece like when we praise a dog for lifting a paw.

IRI's "Death to America" chants are niether symbolic nor real. They are like a bad AD repeated in every ad block of a B-movie. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Maybokhor

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I see where you are coming from and do have sympathy for you. Two things:

  • I oppose racism of any kind. Against anyone.
  • SamSam is very angry at how our nation is being treated. I don't share his feelings toward Arabs but I won't go so far as call him a racist.

He just does not want to put Lebanon above Iran. Maybe he should used a different language. But the message does is not necessarily racist. I give him benefit of doubt.

Anonymous Observer

Actually Maybokhor, yes, I deny it

by Anonymous Observer on

He is a racist. Anybody denying that? 

Does anyone who talks about his heritage a racist?  That just shows your small mindedness.  Samsam said, on many occasions, that we are the problem, not Arabs or anyone else.  He even praised Arabs on many occasions.  His references to Omar was symbolic.  Do you understand that?  That's where intelligence comes in.  I'm sure that you will be the first one to argue that IR's "Death to America" chants are symbolic.  Or do they really mean it?  Do they want Death for all Americans?   


@VPK: I am againt banning of anybody

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

I am againt banning no matter who it is. 

But I can't stand and see these  "bademjoon dor-e ghab chin" band praise this bad mouth individual as if he was the last scholar of the cyberspace.

He is a racist. Anybody denying that? 


Maybokhor jaan, Samsam is not bound by etiquette either :)

by Mehrban on

but if you pay attention, he has his own code of chivalry.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Flagging Again EA? I want SamSam back

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Now you flag my post again? I will keep posting until you give up: 

It is also interesting that only two persons here do not want him back! I suggest people read the posts by both people and decide who contributes more. 

If you flag this one I will write a whole blog. Try flagging that.


Iranian.com at the Graveyard Shift!

by Faramarz on


It seems to me that a lot is happening after midnight on Iranian.com that the average visitor like me that sticks to the normal business hours is missing. Many of us actually sleep at nights and I guess we are missing all the late night happenings. So here is a suggestion.

I think that we should have night watch people here on the site like they have in the military that can stay up let’s say between 11 PM and 3 AM and copy and paste everything that is taking place including the blogs, the comments, edits, deletes and the ejections. Then the next morning they can report back in great length so that we all know who said what to whom late at night that caused all the commotions.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


While I do not approve of the language of SamSam I still want him back. By the way I got into many arguments with him myself. In particular when he claimed we are no longer Iranian and speak Arabic. You should read some of our exchanges. But if we keep banning people no one will be left to read. I don't want things so "dumb" down as to have no color. If you want real racism there are far worse on this site. Try reading JK for the real "good" stuff :-)

I see a person is following my posts and indiscriminately flagging them. This is harrassment and I have already filed a complaint to JJ. A formal complaint will follow.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

SamSam Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Why don't you register in Facebook then friend me. I like to read what you had to say. 

Mehraban jan; I thought I was the most iconic now you hurt my feelings :-)


Here is part of his colorful contributions

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Risking my own blocking from the site, I bring here some of his polite, cordial, iconic, colorful, yet never insulting so called contribution, This is a response of his to one of my blogs (//iranian.com/main/blog/meybokhor-manbarbesuzan/mardom-e-photoshop-shodeh)

If this is an example of a proud leaguacy of a culture that lived 3000 years ago, then he hasn't evolved enough yet.

حالا بيا فتو شاپ بگير از اين فرهنگ ک*ری عمری شتری جمهوری تخميتون که گداخونه را انداخته و ايرانرو کرده کراچی و وزيرستان.

من دهم کو*م به غازا گريه بر لبنان کنم
لعنتی هر روزه بر اين اريا ايران کنم
لقمه را دزدم ز ايران سفره و دادم عرب
تا شود جدٌم عمر, مسرور ز من تخم عرب