Why is SamsamIIII Blocked?

Why is SamsamIIII Blocked?
by Anonymous Observer

Here we go again.  Come ON JJ.  Samsam was an intelligent contributor with fresh ideas.  Just one of his blogs generated more than 30,000 hits on this site.  Why is he blocked?  Does this have anything to do with his recent blog ?  I saw it last night, and wanted to leave a comment on it today, but it was gone.  So, I went to see if it was on his blog list, but he is blocked.  Is the blog the reason?    I think he wrote it as a joke.  There are far worse things on this site.  This is just unfair.

Come on man, reinstate him please!


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I want SamSam

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is also interesting that only one person here does not want him back! I suggest people read the posts by both people and decide who contributes more.


Is this really

by vildemose on

Is this really necessary???

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Esfand Aashena

I think sometimes contributors finally outlive their welcome.

by Esfand Aashena on

I didn't see his two blogs that were deleted last night but based on prior contributor deletions, it has nothing to do with the blog itself but the contributor.  In the past I have seen some users put up a blog and within seconds the user and its blog get deleted!

There were some contributors that got into so many pissing contests that JJJ starts deleting that person if s/he shows up as the same "character" and wants back in.

Some cases that come to mind are Hajiagha and that NUR (Bayani) guy or this comradeconcubine or his many other userIDs that get blocked on a monthly basis.

SamSam's latest version was IIII (should've been IV ;-) so he was blocked what 4 times already?  At some point you outlive your welcome.  I'm not saying this is the case but it could be. 

Everything is sacred


in George Orwell's masterpiece, 1984....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Cult of personality of the "big brother" was the expected behaviour. individuality, critical thinking and "being different" was considered to be a crime...

Our fellow blogger SamSam is certainly different and not afraid to make it known to the rest of us where he stands. I read all his blogs which are colourful, yet never insulting or targetted to any particular user. I Just dont understand why he was blocked.

I sincerely hope for JJ to bring SamSam back. I am sure JJ is no "big brother" and he does support individuality and plurality of ideas on his site.

SamSam, if you are reading this, we would like you back buddy. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Human rights campaign for release of Samsam's account

by Mehrban on

Samsam is without a doubt the most Iconic blogger of this site.  He is himself, not bound by any theory, affiliation, group or ideology, he is a knight that rides on the strength of a proud legacy of a culture that lived 3000 years ago and is his.  

I am glad that Roozbeh Gilani is back, please bring Samsam back (but only if he restores his old avatar as depicted by AO here :). 

Azarin Sadegh

Maybe it is JJ's shadow

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thank you, dear AO, for clarifying the issue for me! Still it doesn't look like JJ AT ALL! He is one of the coolest people I know and I doubt he would block someone on IC just for writing a parody...especially when there are so many other blogs doing the same!! So this "thing" might be done by someone else (JJ's shadow) who has been ruining his image... while JJ was happily buying his ticket to go south...:-)


Let me voice my support for Samsam to be allowed back

by Bavafa on

I admit I rarely read his blog but I find him polite and cordial and if he is blocked, I would hope he is asked to come back.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anonymous Observer

Azarin jaan - what I saw last night

by Anonymous Observer on

was that he had done a parody of JJ's blog.  But the one that you're talking about was also deleted.  I don't know why he would get blocked for doing a parody of JJ's blog when other parodies are allwoed on the site.  Seems a bit strange.

Azarin Sadegh

This is insane!

by Azarin Sadegh on

SamSam is one of the best IC contributors... If he has been blocked for making fun of the rude title of another blog, it would be just insane! Since that other original blog (which had a way more disgusting title than Samsam's) is still on! That one was even featured on the first page...This is just ridiculous.