Ahmadi’s biggest foreign policy achievement


Ahmadi’s biggest foreign policy achievement
by Anonymouse

Islamic Republic and Ahmadi in particular think they can model their foreign policy based on their domestic policies. 

A little while ago I wrote a blog about Islamic Republic’s Highly Advanced Negotiation Techniques during the Iraq-Iran war where in 1988 they signed the same UN resolution that was available to them in 1986 and then later in 1987.  In between they lost the Fao and Majnoon Islands and Saddam fired his infamous missile attacks on Iranian cities which wreaked havoc throughout Iran.

Now this week in 2010 Iran and North Korea are singled out as two countries where US is taking exceptions in their new nuclear treaty with Russia.  Keep in mind that in 2009 US for the first time joined 5 + 1 group in direct negotiations with Iran. 

The common Islamic Republic’s wisdom is to talk tough and act like a school yard bully showing off their home made sticks and sling shots!  Why? Because they claim if they play “soft” and give US an inch they’ll take a mile!  How logical.  How has that worked out so far?  Any progress in better international relations?

In the past 2 weeks, Japan, South Korea and China the 3 largest Iranian oil importers have either drastically reduced or abandoned their purchases all together.  Japan seems to no longer buying oil from Iran and they used to have 30% of Iran’s oil market.  One by one they are losing what is left of the big countries they can deal with.

Every now and then they talk of “good news” in the nuclear area.  Good news!  People of the world, listen!  Yes listen!  Good news!  No make it goodest news!

In the international arena no one chops onion leaves for Iran! No one cares how tough Iran talks.  It comes across as just being annoying dictators wanting to treat the world like they treat their own citizens, brutal crackdown with impunity.  Unlike Iran where they can silence people with brutal force, they can’t do squat with the world.

The way I read the new nuclear treaty’s exception on Iran is that if there is a nuclear attack somewhere in America, they’ll try to link it to Iran and manufacture evidence if need be and blame Iran and launch nuclear attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities and more if it gets escalated.  Just like they did with Iraq and 9/11.

While Iran is thinking asymmetric warfare (read asinine :-) and trying to draw US into a war where they can plant their IEDs and have a long dragged on war, Obama has already told them he has no intention of going to war with them when he has two other wars that he is trying to wind down. Iran prides in having a "cold war with US" where in reality they are like that old Iranian story where this dude wanted to marry the most beautiful girl in town by claiming he loves and wants her so 50% of the problem is solved!

So in essence Obama is telling the Islamic Republic that keep talking crap.  Keep it up!  Consider Ahmadi’s biggest foreign policy achievement the Iran exception in the new treaty.


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Obama's best response: I don't take AN seriously

by iran_zameen on

I loved this quote.
Obviously Obama knows how to humiliate AN.- mahal sagam baraye AN ghael nashood

AN is probably fuming- that he is not even taken seriously. Expect him to say something super nutty next week in response to this quote.


So what? W said Iraq has WMD. "Amnesia" was in Clinton time.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Anonymouse amnesia!

by Midwesty on

Khatami was still in office that W put Iran on the axis of evil.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Well done: IRI can't be trusted with rifles, let alone Atom Bomb

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


Midwesty this is ALL about Ahmadi.

by Anonymouse on

Also to Fear, no?! During Khatami if he didn't accomplish anything his diplomacy made Madeleine Albright apologize to Iran for siding with Iraq during the war, so much so that Tariq Aziz of Iraq blamed Albright for having "amnesia" refering to arms for hostages and Oliver North and Rafsanjani.  At the time Khamenei overruled talking to US and the discussions died down.

For 8 years W didn't talk to Iran but passed 3 sets of sanctions.  What is Ahmadi's foreign policy achievement?  As I said, Japan, South Korea, China and Russia are one by one leaving Iran's attas to its lagha! They can find cheaper and better oil with "less chemicals" that is hard on refineries!

Obama during his Norooz speech said Iran has the right to peaceful nuke energy.  For 5 years Ahmadi has talked smack and even when they agreed to something they renegged.  So of course this is all about Ahmadi.  If they had not renegged on the uranium swap and talks were moving forward, do you think for one second that Iran would've been singled out in this treaty? Which by the way Russia signed too.

So he is digging a hole for Iran and I don't approve but it is what it is.  He is accusing Obama of being a naive politician.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Obama is step by step ratcheting up the pressure without Ahmadi even noticing it! Looks like he just woke up and started talking smack again. 

A good politician doesn't play into the hands of the enemy, especially if talking smack is not working.  So again I give all the "credit" to Ahmadi for allowing such an easy inclusion in such a historic and important world document.  I am sorry for Iran but it is what it is.

Everything is sacred.


" It comes across as just being annoying dictators...."

by Rea on


IT meaning AN.

No Fear

Anti Iranian cheerleaders at it again.

by No Fear on


Do you seriously believe in the car rap that you posted?

Allow me to point to your obvious ignorance.

Iran has repeatedly shown good gestures towards US. We helped US with the Iraq invasion when we allowed them to use our air space and we even declared that we will provide assistance to any american pilot shot down by Iraq. We later helped americans by our influence over the shi'ite militias, particularly the Sadr movement, to tone down the violence and participate in the elections.

In Afghanistan, we provided priceless intelligence to US and aligned our allies in Afghanistan to work closely with US forces to topple the Taliban. It was Iranian backed militia that was in the front line of war with the taliban . We even participated in the Afghanistan construstions to pay for infrastructures that US had bombed!

All of our previous presidents had tried to negotiate with the US administration. One of them in particular, went in to lengths to humiliate Iran by forgoing and forfeitting our legal nuclear rights just to please Americans so we can talk and negotiate on ALL issues. I clearly remember how humiliated i felt when the US administration totally ignored one of Iran's civilised but incompetent and naive presidents. That effectively killed the incompetent reform movement in Iran and gave rise to those who had enough.

The above examples are indicative of Iran's HUGE strategical assistance to the US over the last 10 years. What did Iran get in return?

What we got back was as much as you know about politics. Unless you think Obama's Norooz messege counts for something.

You are a lemon if you think we have to bend over even harder. I am not advocating war with US. But enough with talking sense and being civilised with the yankees. We have to use the same diplomacy as them since this is the only language they understand.




What's your problem Anonymouse?

by Midwesty on

I often read your writings and enjoy them but can't you see? This is not about what AN says. It is about the west reverting back to its bullying gear. If the west wants to manufacture something and blame Iran for it, they will, as they have done it hundreds of times, with or without AN's cooperation or even existence.

Your reaction looks like a typical Iranian parents when their toddler falls on the ground, for a moment and from sheer sympathy they look around to find someone to blame but they see nobody except the poor kid who is already in pain, then they smack the kid blaming him for the stumble.

And no! AN is not being analogous to a kid.



Happy New Year Mr. President !!!

by MM on


Sargord more shooting from the hips from you?

by Anonymouse on

Few years ago in Ahmadi's first term when he had some legitimacy many of the MPs questioned his foreign diplomacy when 3 sets of sanctions were passed.

This is the same thing, by the grace of his "wisdom" Iran is now singled out.  It is a fact and I didn't do it, I'm just giving the credit where the credit is due.

Didn't you vote for Mousavi?  So apparently there was something wrong with choosing Ahmadi with you.  Whatever it was, it doesn't make you a patriotic Iranian if you just go around and kiss his behind now.  It just says that your vote was meaningless for you. 

You are by no mean a patriotic Iranian when you close your eyes to realities and blame others for being anti-Iran.  If anything you are anti-Iran because you keep cheering the same failed policies which for all intent and purposes has lost all legitimacy and has no more place than to weaken Iran domestically and internationally.

Everything is sacred.


IRR leadership wants war

by MRX1 on

if not confrontation, and why not? what else will rally troops behind them per say? what else will give them more excuse to round up and kill tens of thousends of more people in the name of national security, unity, foregin plot, blah,blah, the usuall shit we have been hearing for thirty years now (By the way they added a new one now, a phony notion of indepence omati style)...

Failed in every aspect of life from economey, to culture to domestic and foreign policy, list of failour goes on an on but you got to keep people busy with some thing, a nice confrontation is an ideal way to go for them.

Sargord Pirouz

I don't know why people who

by Sargord Pirouz on

I don't know why people who are anti-Iran even go through the motions of trying to provide analysis on topics that are so obviously over their head.

Wouldn't it just be easier to say "I hate Iran" and be done with it? 

But no, we have to read about how terrible Iran is, how poorly it's performing, etc. etc. etc.

By your reckoning, Iran should have behaved like Kyrgystan. Look how well that worked out for them! That's the price you pay for lacking independence- a lesson Iran learned well back in 1953.  


Great Blog

by Cost-of-Progress on

and great analysis. Yes the regime is itching for a war despite of what their goons are saying on this site claiming the opposite.

We do not need a war in the region - we need stability and prosperity for iran and her people which this regime is incapable of providing.