Barbeque Secrets


by Anonymouse

With Memorial Day and the official (American) opening of summer, legions of manly men move to their backyards and decks with barbeque forks in hand, cooking meats and vegetables outdoors, the way god intended it and cave men and families lived it!

Everyone has secret recipes and secret techniques. I am sure you have your favorite cooks who do good barbeques and the ones whom you are encouraging to give it up! I’ve been told my barbeques are o.k., so here are my secrets revealed!

Number one secret is to choose the right grill. For me it is easier to use a gas grill. More convenient, easier to manage and most importantly no charcoal liquid marinade! It is harder to use charcoal grills and if you’re going to use them make sure you know what you are doing and when to add the meat because it requires more attention and expertise and patience.

I have a $99 Wal-Mart gas grill which has been faithfully doing the job for the past couple of years. The more you cook with your grill the more confident you become. I don’t try to cook on other people’s grills because I don’t know enough about them. I just know the correct combination for my grill. Just remember to give enough space if your house has a vinyl siding so as not to burn the house down or cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the siding.

Number two secret is to use a variety of marinades (specially for chicken) so as to keep your hungry crowd guessing. I am like Hugo Agga Go, the mad scientist, mixing recipes and spices and coming up with my own maajoons (concoctions). Just remember to keep the enemy mixes separate, so it doesn’t explode on your grill or your mouth!

This weekend I mixed mesquite barbeque sauce with lime juice, pomegranate paste, some pomegranate vinaigrette, a little yogurt, olive oil and a variety of Indian, Iranian and American spices (no rosemary, sometimes the enemy mix). You can also use some international pre-made marinades in bottles and add your own spices. There are hundreds of marinades in your grocery stores from different countries.

Stab your meat several times with a bigger fork so it can absorb the marinade. No need to necessarily keep your meat in the marinade overnight. 1 or 2 hours of soaking is enough, although overnight is better.

My number three secret is that after I put the meat on the grill and brush or sprinkle some of the mix on the meat; drop some of the left over mix on the grill’s hot metal itself to create more smoke and flavor for the meat. It also creates oohs and ahhs from your guests waiting to be served a smoked home made meal fresh off the grill. Slice a little of your meat to check if it is thoroughly cooked, or you can use a meat thermometer for show : -) Remember in addition to knowing how to cook, you also need to create a show, an illusion!

Lastly don’t forget cleaning and maintaining your grill. Take the time and scrub the grill with metal mesh and preheat your grill before using it.

Happy Barbequing!


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by Anonymouse on

Thank you for the offer to send a jar via mail but I think I can find it here if I look closer in the Indian stores.  I ran out of my Tandoori spice so I have to go there again anyway.  I found this tandoori paste in their website. By the way, Tandoori spice by itself is magical.  Few sprinkles and the meat is all orange with a special smell and taste.

As long as you let us know what to look for it should make it easier!  When you go to these stores they have so much stuff you don't know what to get.  It is like an Indian going to an Iranian store with all the stuff we have, it is hard to find anything.

As for dieting, summer is the right time to do it.  You can replace rice with salads as much as possible and still have your BBQ'd goodies.  Just spruce up your salad and add more salady stuff like spring mixes.  I am not on a diet but when I go to chelo kababi these days I don't even order a whole chelo kabab anymore.  I try jojeh kabob with salad or chicken with salad. I eat chelo kabobs when I am cave man hungry!

Oh one more thing that is great on grill is Tuna Steaks.  They are great and not that expensive, about $6 or $7 a pound.  Take few chunks of pink thick tuna pieces and they'll even cook themselves for you.  You can add simply lime juice or other marinades or spices as you wish.  They get ready in about 10 minutes and ooh they are so yummy!


Great piece!

by Shabnam_Ghayour on

Some fantastic tips there... I will definitely be trying your pomegranate marinade... I know you love your pomegranate syrup!!  I just read your comment on my piece, and i dont know why JJ chose the tagline "Why does BBQ food have to be so heavy?" people are gonna think im trying to enforce my diet on them!!!  I love juicy fatty steaks, ribs and so much more... But alas BBQ or no BBQ, all that type of food has taken its toll on me!!!  SO happy you found Pataks paste!  I wonder if im allowed to send you a jar in the mail??  Shall we try?  I actually made my Salmon using a Tandoori paste (less fat than the yummy Rogan Josh) this weekend and thought of you!