An excited cracker-head sets off a firecracker!

An excited cracker-head sets off a firecracker!
by Anonymouse

Yesterday they arrested the "suspect" in the Ahmadi assassination saga but it is not clear how he may confess. We'll have to wait and see in his TV confession.  Below are some of the leading scripts.  Can you think of some more?!

- The suspect confesses that he is a cracker-head like our beloved President and wanted to show his excitement

- The suspect confesses that CIA gave him $8M to throw a grenade at Ahmadi but when they code named Ahmadi cracker-head, he flatly refused on principle and instead set off a firecracker

- The suspect confesses that Mossad used him as a decoy for the real assasin who was caught with him

- The suspect confesses that he was being trained in firecracker technology

- The suspect confesses that the training he received shows he was no match for the highly advanced IRGC

Photo caption:  This is a monument in Hamedan (the city of attempted Ahmadi's assassination saga) and below is verbatim text of the plaque in English that describes it:

The stone lion (Shir_e_Sangi) was first carved out by the order of Alexander to commemorate the death of his close companion Hephaesion in 324 B.C.  This monument was located beside the one of the gates of the city for which it was called Bab_ol_Asad  According to a general belief it is a talisman to protect the city against evil, cold and diasters.  It was demolished in  319 A.H. by the order of Mardavij as the Deylamids took over the city.  Shir_e_sangi (stone lion) statue was rejistered as one of the national monuments of Iran in 1310 A HS.. It was put on a stony stand in the autumn of 1387 A H.S. during its reconstructive operation by Hamedan Cultural Heritage,Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.


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The suspect confesses he couldn't get into foreign spy agencies!

by Anonymouse on

So he decided to do this in order to improve his resume! 

Everything is sacred


In fact, it wasn't Him

by Rea on

It was Ninja Turtle, Worms and Mouse taking their revenge for having been unjustly shipped off to outer space. 

Hélas, RCBE (remote control brain experiment) failed.  ;o))


Boycott man is amgw4 with a blockage problem!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC oriented website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.

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Latrine mosque blast Zyn Abedin patient!

by Anonymouse on

Faramaz jaan that's the google translation! Here are some pictures of the latrine services you mentioned.  This is during the Norooz mass exodus from Tehran and the conditions of the Rest Areas.  You need training to be able to get in and out without too much damage!

Everything is sacred


انفجار مستراح عمومی مسجد امام ذین العابدین بیمار


The Explosion at the Public Restrooms of the Mosque of Emam-Zein-al- Aabedin, the Sick!

Anonymouse Jaan,

The cracker sound came from an explosion in the nearby mosque!

Generally speaking, because of the accumulation of SH2 gases (9th grade chemistry) from free food served in religious sites in Iran, the public restrooms are susceptible to explosions in the early afternoon hours (after lunch).

I believe that is reason for this incident in the local branch of Emam Zein-al-Aabedin mosque in Hamedan.