Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 4)


Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 4)
by Anonymouse

(((three parentheses means that person is thinking to self)))

Hajiagha and Roya are sitting on a couch

R: I’m thinking of signing up for some classes at the community college

H: Sounds good, what do you want to study?

(((Is this a good time to bring up having kids?)))

R: I don’t know yet.  Maybe something in computer or medical or dental assistant or something

H: Computer and medical are two different fields

(((I’ll bring it up anyway)))

R: I know but have to do something if I want a better life

H: Well you can do it

(((Do it!)))

R: Thanks

H: So what do you think of having children?

R: What?

H: You know having kids one day?  Do you think about that?

R: Not really. With all the problems and everything, having a kid is not on my to-do-list now

H: Well you have to have children one day, right?

R: No I don’t have to

H: Can you at least have the baby before you start college?

R: I’m talking college you’re talking kids?

(((what the hell)))

H: But what about me?

R: What about you? We’re not even married

H: Yes about that …

R: Haji forget it

H: In Iran they didn’t loan me money for marriage like they promised …

R: Why do you want a kid?  We can barely take care of ourselves. By the way, Canada doesn’t loan money for marriage either

H: I want a kid so he can ask for a tri-cycle or chocolate. Maybe he can play with Googoosh’s grandson who is in Canada, like her son Kambiz played secharkheh-bazi (rode tri-cycles) with Ghatebeh’s son

R: Who is Ghatebeh?

H: Ghatebeh digeh. What do you mean who is Ghatabeh?

R: See what I mean, you’re almost old enough to be a grand pa

H: Now that’s low! Taazeh its my chel-cheli time! (some say Iranian men in 40s are in their prime, singing ;-)

R: Well chel-cheli or not my baby factory is closed

H: So what do we do?

R: I don’t know about you but I plan to go to school and get a better job

H: I wanted school but they want grade 12 education

R: Yeah that’s a shocker! College asking for high school education first!

H: But this is sucks to Canada. Everyone says Canada good but they don’t let foreigners go to college

R: First of all you are a Canadian citizen, besides they let foreigners go to college but you’re in a league of your own

H: Anyway, since college is not working out and my clock is ticking I need to have a kid

R: Haji, women have a biological clock, not you! You can chel-cheli until you get to your fes-fesis and then find someone to have a baby with

H: So you’re not going to have a baby?

R: I don’t know, don’t think so, it doesn’t look good for having babies

H: This is all Canada’s fault. If they gave free everything we could have babies

R: Ok go and complain to Canada then and leave me alone!


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If you only knew him. You just need to look beyond the surface.

by Anonymouse on

If you only knew him.  You just need to look beyond the surface.  Some say there is not much different inside! But I think otherwise.

Everything is sacred.


it doesn't really sucks to Canada

by IRANdokht on

What would Haji say if he knew that the Canadian government pays kids an allowance as soon as they're born!

The guy is just too bitter and negative. I know I told you before too, your stories make him actually sound sane.



Hajiagha has his own website in these 2 links.

by Anonymouse on

Here and here:



He had more cartoons but updates them from time to time.

As for him not being a good father, I think everyone changes when they become a father and Hajiagha for sure wont be a bad father.  Becasue as you can see, like many other men whom he represent, it is not easy to become a father and when you do you'll be ok.

Everything is sacred.


This is funny!

by sima on

I just saw the other episodes too. I remember Hajiagha! What ever happened to him?

The picture is fantastic! Made just for Hajiagha.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Anonymouse, thanks for another Hajiagha story

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Anonymouse, I would feel sorry for a kid who grew up having Hajiagha with his mentality as father or maybe having a kid will make Hajiagha a better person? My favorite lines in your story are:"Haji, women have a biological clock, not you! You can chel-cheli until you get to your fes-fesis and then find someone to have a baby with.."