Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 6)


Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 6)
by Anonymouse

(((three parentheses means that person is thinking to self)))

Hajiagha and Roya are sitting on a couch

H: I’ve written you a poem in English

R: English? An English poem?

H: Yes and I’m working on a painting to go with it

R: Ok let’s hear it

Dear Roya my dream
Since I met you I use more head
I use left truck instead of my back
because I want better back
to make love at night
You understand me
You know I hate Canada
Freedom is for gays
Iran does not have gays
You are free
like a bird out of jail
like a jail bird
I am free
but I’m not gay
You are not feminist
you don’t use sex toys
maybe you do but I don’t care
as long as you’re not a feminist

R: Oh that’s nice, I guess

H: But there is more

R: More?

H: Yes I also wrote about you bosoms

R: My Bosoms??? 

H: Not your bosoms, you as bosom

R: You mean blossoms?

H: Is it blossoms?

R: Haji why don’t you write me a poem in Persian instead?

H: Okay maybe I give you the poem and painting together

R: Enshallah

H: Yes I’m a good artist

R: Speaking of being an artist, Haji why don’t you sell your art?

H: These stupid galleries, racism, my art …

R: Haji slow down, I mean you have all these paintings scattered around and you want to sell them for thousands of dollars which no one buys.  Haven’t so far

H: Someone told me that if you put a high price on it, people may want to buy it

R: Who was that person? Did he not like Canada either?

H: I don’t think so

R: Why don’t you start thinking about other options?

H: Like what?

R: Like for example, draw a lot of these paintings and sell it as hotel art to hotels and motels.  Slap a painting together in half hour and sell it for $50 or $100

H: Slap together? I’m an artist

R: Haji you need a better future.  If your work catches on you can have your own gallery. You can use a steadier job

H: Ahhh, all women are like that. They want to work the man like slave

R: What about your poem to me?  I work 10 – 15 hours a day.  I work more than you do.  You work one day and stay home 2 days

H: So what do you want me to do?

R: Explore your options.  Don’t fantasize all the time.  Come down and walk on earth?

H: But Canada …

R: F*** Canada!  Do your thing man.  Stop Canada this Canada that

H: But I’ve worked all my life and didn’t get anywhere from working.  I am an artist now

R: Artists make money of their art

H: But …

R: But nadare, I know that you’ll probably not change and will work as you please. So just you know why I can’t commit …

H: I thought if a man committed that is enough and the woman always submit?

R: You mean commit?  It better not be submit

H: Commit, submit, what’s the difference?

R: Well women choose to commit and never submit

H: I-did-not-know-that
(((maybe she is right. If it was just me I wouldn’t care)))

R: Alright then, what’s for dinner?

H: How about another poem?! hehehe


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