Hajiagha goes to khastegaree (Episode 10)


by Anonymouse

Episode 10: Roya


Hajiagha: Allo? Hamid joon? hov-r-u?

Hamid: I’m ok Haji what’s up with you?

Hajiagha: I'm bored and need a wife my friend!

Hamid: Bubba still no wife? Come on, let’s go to Omid’s concert this Saturday and we’ll hook you up with someone.


Omid’s concert


Hamid: Haji see those 2, the blonde and redhead?

Hajiagha: Which blonde?

Hamid: The highlighted one bubba. Don’t nit pick now.

Hajiagha: Ok what about her?

Hamid: Let’s go talk to them. I’ll start and take the redhead, you take the blonde. Ok?

Hajiagha: The redhead is better. I want that one.

Hamid: Haji this is not a baghalee, you don’t know how to handle the redhead one. She is the sheytoon one. The blonde one is the normal one, she is better for you.

Hajiagha: Ok sag khord.

Hamid: Hello ladies. How you all doing tonight?

Shohreh: Fine.

Hamid: I am Hamid and this is my friend Hajiagha. Didn’t I see you in club Jazz last Friday?

Shohreh: Are you Hamid? You were with someone I know, Mahtab.

Hamid: Yes I am the one. I was going to talk to you but didn’t want to stir up the pot. So let’s go and talk and I’ll explain. Haji will keep your friend company.

Shohreh: Roya joon I’ll be right back. Do you want a glass of Chardonnay?

Roya: Eh. No. Coke is fine. Eh.

Hajiagha: So Roya khanoom hov-r-u?

Roya: Okay I guess.

Hajiagha: So you like Omid?

Roya: Yes.

Hajiagha: do you vant dance?

Roya: Eh. Not right now.

Hajiagha: Okay. I’ll shake as we stand. Hehehe. Shake it. Deremm dawm dawm daram dawm. Do you want children?

Roya: WHAT?

Hajiagha: No children? Ok, what do you do?

Roya: I am a student and work in a Travel Agency.

Hajiagha: Oh? What is your educated?

Roya: Eh. Nursing with emphasis on complex deliveries.

Hajiagha: You mean mama-ee?

Roya: Yes something like that.

Hajiagha: So can you get me discounts on airfares?

Roya: Maybe. Ooh I love this song!

Hajiagha: Do you vant dance?

Roya: Okay let’s go.

Hajiagha: Shake it. Shake it. Head bop. Veshgan! Deereem dumb, dumb, daram dumb.

Roya: Hmmm, you like this song?

Hajiagha: It is ok. I like what you like.

Roya: hehehehehe

Hajiahga: You are a good dancer. Looks like the guys came with the drinks.

Roya: Thanks Shohreh joon.

Hajiagha: Hamid joon damet garm.

Hamid: Haji you looked like an Indian Chief dancing around fire!

Hajiagha: Roya khanoom liked that song so we danced.

Shohreh: Hamid I love this song, you wanta dance?

Hamid: Haji joon hold my drink. Don’t spill it, I paid $12 for it.

Roya: Haji looks like WE ended up holding the drinks!

Hajiagha: hehehehe. Let’s go there and sit and chat.

Roya: Okay. So what do YOU do?

Hajiagha: I am an Architect. Well to be honest with you I was an Architect in Iran and am now doing business in the Mall and I am a painter. So I’ve become a business man.

Roya: How interesting. I draw too but in water color.

Hajiagha: Oh I know watercolor. I should show you my place.

Roya: wow, wait a minute. I am not that kind of a girl.

Hajiagha: what kind? We’re just talking. If you didn’t want to talk why did you come here?

Roya: I was with my friend. You two came and talked to us and now I’m stuck here.

Hajiagha: wow, wait a minute yourself. I am an artist and people like to talk to me.

Roya: I see some people giggling at you when we cross them by. What is up with that?

Hajiagha: Nothing, they don’t like some of my cartoons.

Roya: Can you draw my caricature?

Hajiagha: Yes if you don’t kick me in the shins!

Roya: Ok take it easy. Let’s start over. So are you a decent man or you just want to play around? Like your friend who is a Don Juan?

Hajiagha: No I am not a Don Juan. I am a manly man. So do you want to give me your phone number or email before our friends gets back? Phone may be better. I am still learning English, you know with being Architect in Iran and Businessman here. If I use email, I’ll talk about Canada non-stop and you don’t want that. Sucks Canada!

Roya: What is this about Canada? My number is 867-5309.

Hajiagha: Good very good. Here come our friends.


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Thank you

by Anonymouse on

Feshangi, the re-runs will have to be when someone comments or stumbles upon one of the episodes.

Irandokht, as for ‘khastegaree’ itself, well the first couple of episodes were full-blown khastegarees. The idea of this khastegaree series came about when we were talking about something with Nazanin Canadai and thought what it would be like if Hajiagha went to a khastegaree. I had also tried in the past to ask Hajiagha if he can imagine himself going to a khastegaree with all his "baggage".

So the first episodes were that way, but I wanted it to make it more real. It doesn’t matter if we call these ‘dates’, Hajiagha calls them Khastegaree being old fashioned and no matter what we tell him, he does his own things! Besides, all of these dates if meant to be the road to marriage are kind of pre-khastegaree.

If you all see Hajiagha tell him to send some more cartoons. Tell him he’ll forget if he doesn’t draw and practice.  He has an audience and there are plenty of current news he can use. One lucky woman will marry him some day ;-)


Anonymoush, Ok man lady

by n.zanincanadai on


Ok man lady like nistam, shoma yad begirin ke bashin. Afarin. I will continue to refer to the people in my life they way I choose. You can think whatever you like of me or anyone else or no one at all, as long as your giggle is tickled.

Don't ruin the khastegari.


the best episode was about Maryam

by IRANdokht on

I think the Maryam episode was the best. Hajiagha spoke the way he always does and Maryam ham jooneh saalem be dar bord. I loved the indian video there too.

One thing that I wanted to mention before the start of the next season though: the word khastegari is usually applied when someone asks for a girl's hand for marriage. It seems like Hajiagha is only picking up girls and always with an attitude too. Khastegari is a little more advanced than just asking someone for their phone #

by the way it had been a long time since I heard Jenny. Thanks!!




I'll anxiously wait till the

by Feshangi on

I'll anxiously wait till the next season. Any reruns?



it tickles?

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

so.... I guess using the word lover tickles your fancy.
just not very lady-like, that's all.
I don't think anyone cares who you sleep with as long as you don't keep referring to them as the person you sleep with (lover) every time.


Lover is whatever you want

by n.zanincanadai on

Lover is whatever you want it to be. Pick whatever option gives your giggle a tickle.


what do you mean n zanincanadai?

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

what do you mean by "lover"? are you saying you're a lesbian and so is your cousin? or if your lover is a man, is he not good enough to be more than just a sexual partner? or is "lover" a new cool way of saying boyfriend?
some of us don't speak english well enough to guess



My lover and I contemplated

by n.zanincanadai on

My lover and I contemplated going to that event but ultimately decided it wasn't worth it for us. Because we spend a lot of time in san francisco but are not there at the moment. And we figured it wasn't worth the cost of flight plus 300 $ for the event. Especially since we have to go back in a few months anyway. But beleive you me, if I had known JJ was for sale, I would have crawled there myself. I would have given big bucks and revealed my identity for it. And it would be a heck of a date. I would've taken him to a water park or an amusement park and we would've had a good time. Then, food, drinks...and there would be pictures too. But what can I say...too bad for me. I did see my cousin in the pictures with her lover and I damn near had a heart attack. Maybe we will get a report on that date of his.

But this place gets more uptight by the second.



by Anonymouse on

The blogs are getting "serious" now.  It is like when some new people visit for the first few times they look around and find one of these serious articles and say to themselves, oh my god look what this person is feeding the Iranian public in iranian.com!  OMG!! Let me comment anonymously.

So s/he then takes it upon him/herself to educate the public and goes on and on about the stuff we already know and have read about it in a thousand times in this website, let alone other places and our own friends and families. 

Some other writers keep writing the same serious stuff but try to be "controversial".  Just look at articles like Persepolis is bad or who brought down Pahlavis, etc.

The moderation policy does't help either.  We talked about comments going down since the so called moderation went into effect.  It used to be that many comments would spin new contributions, but now it is getting boring.  They muzzled Hajiagha which brought down the interest by about at least 70% in favor of who knows whos!

Maybe if JJ talks about Fariba who paid good money to go on a date with him, we'll see a rise.  They hid the news in between 400 pictures!  When they mentioned her I commented on that page and thought this would be more important than our nan-e shab, but no one cared! When is this date, do you know?


Thank God

by Mazloom on

...it's over for this season :O)


Kam kam dareh inja kheily

by n.zanincanadai on

Kam kam dareh inja kheily boring mishe ha...notice nakardi?

baba blog ha chi shodan...vaghean ke sucks to canada.


Season finale

by Anonymouse on

This episode should do it for this season :-)