Hajiagha's Dictionary

by Anonymouse

Raw innocence is the best comedy. Professional comedy is the ability to create raw innocence.

I am one of the thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of those who read and follows Hajiagha's cartoons. Since the format change we're all following his comments too. I wish him well. I hope he doesn't get offended by this posting and just sees the good humor in it.

We've all had our moments and smiles when dealing with coworkers, friends and our own families, heck even ourselves at one point or another, stumbling on English words by either pronouncing it wrong or spelling it wrong. I guess when we hear some words we register it in our minds as similar to something else, or something that we know of. Those words often mean something else. This is not just Hajiagha, it includes Hispanics and all other nationalities that we happily live, work or go to school with. So I thought to post this blog and some of you know what I'm talking about. Please post misspellings, mispronunciations AND phrases or sentences you've heard over the years or hear every day.

We all need a special dictionary to be able to communicate with coworkers, friends and family. Webster's dictionary won't work. In honor of Hajiagha, lets call this Hajiagha's Dictionary.

Viva Hajiagha!

Left Truck = Lift Truck
Master Baiting = Masturbating
Rung = Wrong
Seating on your ass = sitting on your ass
expainsive = expensive
reality world = real world
mined your own business = mind your own business
if you don't liked be shot f**k off and don't looked = if you don't like it shut the f**k up and don't look
shalter = shelter
rocket since = rocket science
marride = married
is so expensive = it is so expensive
you right = you are right
great 12 = 12th grade

add more .... ;-)


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Fox = Folks

by Anonymouse on

mullahs are like blond = Mullahs like blondes

I forget  all... = I forgot

do not go after crime if you did waite for punishmen = Do not go after crime and if you do, prepare for your punishment

fox = folks

I lose 11 years of my life in Canada because I did mistake and move from los angeles = I lost 11 years of my life in Canada because I made a mistake and moved from Los Angeles

Mullahs in Iran having much better respect to human right as British = Mullahs in Iran have a much better respect for human rights than British


car raising = car racing

by Anonymouse on

every single Iranian in Iran should became gay or lesbian like we are have almost every where to they respect to human right and democracy = Human rights and democracy means that every single Iranian in Iran should become gay or lesbian like everywhere else in the world

are life is more dirty as they are = our lives is as dirty as their's

sucide = suicide

popilation = population

car raising = car racing

count = account

sencore = censor

china going to became supper power country = China is going to become a superpower

look what Bush did to the Iraq why no one here to look after him = look at what Bush did to Iraq and why isn't anyone going after him?

why I don't like any more draw cartoons about Iran = The reason I don't like to draw anymore cartoons about Iran,

I don't like to sale my art work low or free to Bush liked = I don't like to sell my art work cheap or free to the kinds of Bush [so they use it against Iran].

look here your next president of Iran here  = Loot at your next President of Iran. 


it's about enough = enough is enough

by Anonymouse on

keep your ideas behind close door = keep your ideas behind closed doors

every time I have add on internet = everytime I have an ad on internet

if they educated may need to have talent? = If they are educated they may also need talent

talent guy don't need to be educated as others because he or she have talent = a talented guy don't need to be educated because he or she has talent

good luck mat artist had bad life = a materialistic artist has a bad life because he didn't have any luck

most of the artist out there they thinks they are artist may never had any talent or  any education in art = Most of the artists out there think they are artists but they may not have any talent or even any education in art

they are stolen what you discovered = They have stolen what you have discovered

Please, it's about enough. = Please.  Enough is enough!

I need 100 million dolors = I need 100 million dollars

where I can have this money ? = where can I get this kind of money?

we are luck we have such good women in Iran = we are lucky to have such good women in Iran

problems in canada all women here are having = The kind of problems women in Canada are having

drugs or smoking or drinking or totally mentaly???? = doing drugs or alchoholism or mental problems

is risky to date women here is get worst and I don't like to make risk = the risk to date women here is to get my situation worse and I don't like to take the risk

If this guy can not find any wall's what they can do? = What will these guys do if they can't find a wall?


barbering = barbarian

by Anonymouse on

you guys are mistaking between a women day and fashion day or hooker day = you are mistaking women's day with fashion day or hookers' day

women is not toy's = women are not toys

women is not for sale, or buy = women are not for sale

women is not human just cooking = women are not made for just cooking

in stupid Iran women is second hand = in Iran some are so stupid to consider women as second class citizens

with no respect in west and in a place I live stupid Canada women like toys and TAX payer to hard working pay TAX live lonely = women are not given any respect in west, especially in stupid Canada where they are treated like toys and tax payers work hard only to have Govt spend their taxes on lonely women

man ignore women women ignore a man, is stupid capitalism and Akhaondeism = man ignore women and women ignore men and this is capitalism and akhondism for you (dog eat dog world)

I remmbers = I remember

distroy = destroy

whos know better as I am = who knows better than me

turture = torture

I read the koran just advice give by human to human = Human to human, take my advice

Iwas be members = I was a member

barbering ideas = barbarian ideas


perestij = prestige = classly or being nice

by Anonymouse on

she is talent = she has talent

I am pride about this people = I am proud of these people

so sad I can not travel in Iran = so sad I can not travel to Iran

I like to not change and repairer luck door for her also do renovation on her home = I would not only change and repair the lock on her door but would also renovate her house.

so sad , Iranian in Iran need help from us we can be there = It is sad that Iranians can use our help but we can't be there to help

not bad as you thinks = not as bad as you think

I wish I can back and help my people  = I wish I can go back and help people

200.000 = 200,000

what you talking about = what are you talking about

people here are looks to me mentaly having problems = people look at me like I have mental problems

sucks to Mullahs = Mullahs suck

this stupid mullahs never learn any things = these stupid mullahs never learn anything

If every one reject and do not believe such this sucks , mullahs never get in power to brainwashed us = If every one had rejected and did not believe in junk like this, mullahs would have never been able to get in power and brainwash us


Someone in Dubai put a personal ad with a comment like below.  

i hope i can find gentel man and i countiniue whit him the face not important for me only perestij and good man


Supper woman = Super woman

by Anonymouse on

so much money get waste by women = much money gets wasted by women

lips color's = lip sticks

my father where I born home 2 miter wide wall = Walls in my father's home where I was born were only 2 meters wide

I like to know largest money ever get out by mullahs from Iran? = I'd like to know the largest sum of money a mullah ever took out of Iran

you professional = you are professional

sucks British and BBC = British and BBC suck

Mullahs in Iran having much better respect to human right as British = Mullahs in Iran have more respect for human rights than British

I don't know why women should have supper power in Canada ? = I don't know why women should have super power in Canada.

Supper woman = (possibly means why women shouldn't spend their power making supper)

hard to date women , because they think they are special = Note to Hajiagha, Women everywhere think they are special.  Are you special?



dill's = bills

by Anonymouse on

are life = our life

every things = every thing

painfully job = painful job

they will be give up = they will give up

can not pay my dill's = can not pay my bills

look ate = look at

where are money go from oil? = where did our oil money go?



I lunch my Youtube = I launched my Youtube

by Anonymouse on

as will = as well

shalt er = shelter

happing = happening

do not lies = do not lie

move = movie

I lunch my Youtube = I launched my Youtube 

for Bush get fuck off from his power = for Bush to get the fuck out of power

he like to sale more gun = he like to sell more guns

no one trust anothers = no one trust one another

we hade nice world after Bush and his terrorist show up = We had a nice world before Bush and his Terrorist showed up

I was asking American in los angeles are you know where is a canada? = I was asking an American do you know where is Canada?

hoolywood = hollywood

be pride to be Iranian = be proud to be an Iranian


mu stash = mustache

by Anonymouse on

mu stash = mustache


your kids now more and better as you = your kids are more or less like you


compaline = complaint

Some of the above are not Hajiagha's. 


I agree to an extend = I agree to an extent


Rest a sure = Rest assured


prolunging = prolonging


welstablished = well established


hollydays = holidays


hollidays = holidays


meat = meet

by Anonymouse on

deferent = different

coraption = corruption

tust = trust

myslfe = myself

embessy = embassy

waite = wait

hart = heart

althout = although

enugh = enough

we need to shoe the ugly faces of them = we need to show their ugly faces

eat lots of the chicken and meet = eat lots of chicken and meat

posh us = push us


ten net = tenant

by Anonymouse on

dangeres = dangerous

untiles = unless

untile = until

are stupid people ever I meet = They are the most stupid people I have ever met

my car was need to change break = my car needed to have it's brake changed

they keep my car as law safty = they kept my car for safety inspection violation

how much money I made here to pay $100 an hours to mechanics = How much money do I make here to be able to pay $100 an hour to a Mechanic?

why I am so anger some times because I land in stupid fucking country like that = this is why I am so angry sometimes for landing in such a fucking stupid country

as = than

more difficult as Iran = more difficult than Iran

long as take = as long as it takes

I am not guy with educated in political's = I am not a guy with education in politics (or I am not educated in politics)

Do not threat me = Do not threaten me

acoont number = account number

I became ten net to one of this women = I became tenant to one of these women

cat playing with muse = cat playing with mouse


What is your educated? = What is your education?

by Anonymouse on

Verbs.  I remember learing English when I was in school in Iran.  I'd get the lowest marks in proper usage of verbs.  In Farsi we have mostly simple present, past and future tense.  In English you have hypothetical verbs, like should have, could have, should have been, could have been, etc.  It is hard for us to imagine the hypothetical verbs in Farsi.  It took me a while after watching TV and talking to my American friends that I learned how to use them.  I just use them now without knowing the details.  So my recommendation to those who are trying to make sense of the verbs and stumble on them, is not to use them as much as they can, until they learn it.  Unless you want to say something like "meetoonest" (could have) or "meebayast' (should have), use the simple verbs like was, is or will be.  That may help.  




inlation = inflation


straggling = struggling

inverter to Canada = convert them to become Canadian

what is your educated ? = what is your education?

U.N nation = United Nation (UN)


TAX a years = tax payers


the system in Canada full of the corruption, they create homeless to spend money on homeless $50,000 a years a homeless man and guy on drugs cost by me and you and are TAX a years man = The system in Canada is full of corruption.  They create [a new class of] homeless to spend $50,000 a year on a homeless man on [the homeless guy] who is on drugs whose cost is being paid by you and me the tax payers.


 I can not make $20.000m a years and $50,000 go on homeless and why he is homeless after all and he not live like rich man? = While I'm having a hard time making $20,000 a year, $50,000 goes to homeless who shouldn't be homeless since he is more rich than me and shouldn't live like a rich man.


they faire a journalist in ottawa = They fired a journalist in Ottawa



candom = condom


untie they boob on you = until they poop on you


go head this is best times = go ahead this is the best time


they are so dangers = they are so dangerous


go head before is to late = go ahead before it is too late



Super Friday (portending = pretending)

by Anonymouse on

If JJ add a full report about Canada and how Canada is more sucks as Iran = If JJ adds a full report about how Canada is in a worse shape than Iran


I will back with new cartoons = I will be back with new cartoons


we need to tell to the world Canada is sucks = we need to tell the world that Canada sucks


we have mass of the homeless and children on are street = we have masses being homeless

no matter where you live or change your country stupid regime is every where canada or Iran = Sky is blue where ever


you live, in Canada or Iran, you still have to deal with a stupid regime




I thinks some people land on this page are... = I think some people who find their way to this website (landing reference to immigrants seeking asylum or immigrant status in Canada)


this is one of the kind page we had in Iranian history of freedom of speech = this is one of a kind website for Iranians and the first freedom of speech we have ever had



some of you guys looks to me members of the gangs organization = Some of you sound like gang members


how my cartoons drawing are going to make you are anger or insult you are way? = how come my cartoons are insulting or making you angry?


what you thinks if this gay man one day became free to came in your home naked in front of your wife and your children and..... = What would you think if this gay man is free to go naked and come to your home in front of your wife or kids?


the street and out side also are second private home but in larger = streets and other places [reference to gay festivals] are extensions of your home in a larger sense


this gay people are should be free in own place behind the close door not in publics = gay people should be free in their homes behind closed doors, but not in public


thinks if others minority groups also like to be free like gay = if you are comparing gays to other minority groups


like those American are going to married with own child and having sex with them young as 15 years old and having so many wife = like those Americans [in Utah] who marry away their own children or take multiple sives, some as young as 15

,,,,this is not jungle? or may USA became like jungle and this man is Tarzan = you don't call this jungle?  or maybe it is jungle.  USA has become a jungle and this man is it's Tarzan.


CBC is sucks TV read all this about Canada = CBC TV sucks.  Read all about it here, Canada.


are is the mullahs responsible for all mass drugs = are Mullahs responsible for the massive use of drugs?


Vancouver have only some things close 2 million population and Tehran 15 million = Vancouver is good about some things, but it's population is nearly 2 Million while Tehran's population is 15 Million


Canada is modern and rich country and Iran not, Canada have nice government ??????and Iran not.but question is why all this keep secret by CBC = Admitedly Canada is a modern and rich country with a nice government, while Iran isn't.  Question is why is CBC keeping everything else a secret?




I live here over 11 years = I have lived here for more than 11 years


I can tell you Iran have much much better democracy and freedom and safe as Canada = I can tell you Iran has a much better democracy than Canada and it is much safer


Is a shamed to united nation and amnesty inter nation never they are looking in Canada  = It is a shame that United Nation and Amnesty International never look in Canada for violations


because in north and in corner of world no one know = Because Canada is in the middle of nowhere


just look to this report Canada is second largest country in with oil or gas or fresh water = Just look at this report that says Canada is the second largest country in the world with reserves in oil, natural gas and fresh water


this is corruption by the government of Canada British people to rub the Canadian much as they can = this is corruption by the Canadian government that allows the British people to rub it in the face of ordinary Canadians as much as they can


mostly immigrant a numbers of 6 immigrant family living in a place like 600 SQT and pay rent high as $1000 a month = most immigrants have to live in a 600 Square Foot apartment with 6 other people and pay $1000 each for rent


at same times a family of the 2 Canadian are living in mass land = at the same time Canadians live in massive houses




I live in small bachelor in Victoria = I live in a small bachelor (efficieny or studio apartment) in Victoria

out of the city all my neighborhood owning mass large land, with horse in and fancy farm = outside the city and in the framland where most neighbors own large fancy farms with horses


i talk to some of them how they are run large this land and pay TAX to government = sometimes I talk to them about how they can afford to pay the taxes on such a large farm


they inform me we don't pay TAX we just portending we do some farm work = they inform me we don't pay any taxes because we pretend to do be a farmer


this is law pass by the same white Canadian  = this is the same law passed by the same white Canadians


if you have large land and if you do some farming or fancy job in this land they are going to cut your TAX = that says if you have a large land and do farming you'll get a tax break


at same times I pay more TAX to government as my rich neighborhood = at the same time, I pay more taxes than my rich neighbors


gay people are much more educated as Canadian women = gays are much more education than Canadian women


why those photo and naked man don't make you mad and my cartoons drawing? = how come my cartoons make you mad but the pictures of the naked man doesn't?


rest = arrest

by Anonymouse on

police should rest guy = police should arrest this guy


prof = proof


go heat and look = go ahead and look


to stay life = to stay alive


what you things = what do you think?

whos you are in others side of this page? = who are you on the other side of this page? (hiding behind a computer)


others have right to know who's this guy = others shold have the right to know who is this guy


where they can rich them? = where you can reach them?


boob Iran = bomb Iran (possibly means pooh on Iran)

in Vancouver East side where mass of the drugs dealers = in East Vancouver where most of the drug dealers are


we have mass of the young Canadian = we have many young Canadians (possibly means young Canadian masses)


when I was be homeless in east side of the Vancouver = when I was homeless in east Vancouver


what the government do give free drugs and tools to the young Canadian = what is the Canadian government doing to stop giving young Canadians free drugs and [paraphernalia]


Khomeini die and he never spend a a dolor's of are Iranian are own or for own life or never bring out of Iran  = Khomeini died never spending a dollar of Iranian's money for himself or his own life and never took any money out of Iran [and hid it in foreign banks]



others responding ..


smak = smack


Iraqies = Iraqis


strait jacket = straight jacket


reletive = relative

by Anonymouse on

poblish = publish


reletive = relative (family relative)



The only way to end this nasty regime one and for ever = The only way to end this nasty regime once and for all

to we asking for help from others country = is to ask for help from other countries

land mind = land mine

haven = heaven


corruption regime = corrupt regime


is take just week = it takes just a week


they are also so anger about this regime = they are also angry about this regime


Anonymouse: Thanks

by Sasha on

I thought your interpretation of Haji's writings was what he meant but I was not sure. Thank you, I really wanted to be accurate about my understanding of his words.

Best wishes,



tested = tasted

by Anonymouse on

only rich women apply please blond hair blue eyes = only rich women with blonde hair and blue eyes need to apply

20 years and older , if so old she must be rich and have home and close to hart attack = 20 years and older.  If you are too old you must be rich with home of your own and close to having a heart attack

hajiagha looking for girl frined from any nationality welcome = Hajiagha is looking for a girlfriend from any background or nationality


I forget to draw write about sex is more important thinks do by the man =  I forgot to draw and write about sex being one of the most important things for a man


Frenchaise = franchise


I am not haji my family is hajiagha stupid  = I am not a Haji.  My last name is Hajiagha, you stupid fuck.


i just discovery the place I live is my problems Victoria = I just discovered my problems are caused by where I live, Victoria.

because most of the are white Canadian women = because many of them are lesbian or white


and many of them lesbian or single no connection with man = many of them are lesbian or single with no desire for men


I read last night news some others man like me having problems here to negative thinking about women = Last night I read in the news that other men are starting to have negative thoughts about women too


how ever I like Spanish women lot more then Iranian = however, I like Spanish women a lot more than Iranian women


when I was living in Spanish and Mexican community in LA = When I was living in a Hispanic community in LA

I ask a girls Spanish to married me but she all ready engage = I asked a Spanish girl to marry me but she was already engaged

Spanish women and from Philippines one of the best and friendly women I ever meet = Spanish and Filipinos are one of the best and friendliest women I have ever met


my last girl friends she from Mexico student she also had boy friends in Mexico = my last girlfriend was a student from Mexico and had a boyfriend back home


if you know any spanish girl like to date and married me let me know = Let me know if you know of any Spanish girl who would like to date and marry me


when I was living in Iran under Islamic regime I had hard times to date girl  = When I was in Iran I had a hard time dating girls under the Islamic regime


because stupid punishment by Islamic law = because of the punishements under the stupid Islamic laws


then i move in Canada where women are in power , British system  = then I moved to Canada where women are in power under the British system


I saw so many divorced, and so many single rich women and ass of the homeless man = I saw many divorced or single rich women making fun of homeless men

I get out and i try to date one of them but I never be luck = I tried to get out and date some of them with no luck

also I saw here is so difficult for young Canadian boy also to date girl = It is also difficult for young Canadians to date girls


here they are not normal women  = women are not normal here


they are thinking they are espical = they think they are special

and they should date rich guy or famous actors or singer or ....dreaming = they dream of dating rich guys or famous celebrities

and why most of the are single and never get married in Canada = this is why most of them are single and never get married


I never had chance to date female ? = I never had a chance to date a woman

how I know we have good female show me ?  = Can you show me any good women?

How i know Kebab is delishis food if I never had to tested? = How do I know if Kebab is delicious if I have never tasted it?

are you understand me and my cartoons about women = do you now understand my cartoons about women?


Trying to find a short cut about 4 things you're thinking about

by Anonymouse on

One of the things I've noticed when our friends, coworkers and family do when they stumble on English is their tendency to think about 2 or more thoughts and try to say it in one sentence, thinking people are able to read their mind.


You can think about 1) not being with a woman since you left Iran and 2) women not liking you because you're not spending money 3) women don't like you because you are not rich 4) women don't think you're kind because you're not rich


You think about 4 thoughts and use one sentence to describe it using bits and pieces of the 4 thoughts.  I understand this could be many things, but I try to translate it to the most important or most likely outcome.  I'm trying to say you don't need to try too hard and then think English is too hard.


Apology to Haji

by Sasha on

Haji I want to take this opportunity to apologize, if I have in any way insulted you. It was not my intention to offend you but when you start saying that all Western women are without any intelligence or morals, I kinda lose it. I will do my best to be more objective when posting any comments. I have enjoyed viewing the cartoons that did not have any derogatory comments or images of women.

Best wishes,



You our rung, Anymoose, about is whats means thse

by Rosie T. (not verified) on

why when I get out I can not date any one = why I can not get a date with anyone? means:

Why is it that since I left Iran I haven't been able to get anyone to go out with me? (could mean: Why haven't I been able to get laid since I got out of jail?)

because i am not kind man spending money on women = I am not kind because I am not spending money on women. means:

because I am not the kind of guy who spends a lot of money on women. (could mean: because I'm cheap).

You just don't understand him!
fan of Haji (a great artist who maaaaay be playing us all like a violin...)


True, practice makes one better

by Sasha on

True,  practicing a language makes one better at it. However, lately Haji wants to write in his native tongue. I guess it is easier to insult everyone. :o) I have no idea what he is writing in Farsi but by other people's comments it must be really offensive. I guess in Haji's case it is a blessing I do not know Farsi at the moment. Ha! Ha!


Haji's English is improving

by Anonymouse on

Haji's English is improving.  Perhaps using this dictionary is helping him.  He'll learn while we (including him) have some fun along the way.  If he wants to learn English he needs to write more in English so he doesn't forget.


To Anonymouse: Hobby?

by Sasha on

I see Haji has become your hobby. Ha! Ha! Good for you. It gives you something to look forward to every day. I know the readers sure do look forward to your findings. If only Haji wrote more in English, we would have more amusement. :o)


tiff = thief

by Anonymouse on

Finally figures this one out!


tiff = thief


For a long time I wasn't sure what he was talking about when he says tiff. Tiff like gif in pictures online, or tough or short for tiffany or to fun, or to if and so on!


what a heck? = what the heck?

by Anonymouse on

what a heck? = what the heck?

Hafner's "play boy club" = Heffner's playboy club

lebracy = library

univrsy = university

how ever = however

on others hand = on the other hand

take one steps = take one step

to respect to the equality = to respect the equality

freedom democracy = freedom and democracy

mack us happy = make us happy

they are build = they are building



  what you talking about

by Anonymouse on


what you talking about man = what are you talking about man?


i like to she read my comment as Iranian cartoonist =  I would like her to read my comments as an Iranian cartoonist


you should know in Canada over %50 of land are belong to Queen = you should know 50% of land in Canada belong to the Queen


native land, and in others hand cost of the living land in Canada is so expensive = in both Indian reservations and other parts of Canada cost of living is very high

after all Canada have only 30 million population = Canada's population is only 30 million


question is where this queen bring all this power to keep all this land and money = question is where did this Queen get the power to keep all the land and money for herself?

why we should have so many homeless on are street = why should we have so many homeless on our streets?

what kind justice is in Canada = where is the justice in Canada?

we don't have a single TV or news paper to speak out about this nasty British system and law =  we don't have a single TV station or newspaper that speaks out against this nasty British law


all of the are working for government = they are all working for government


and run buy the white Canadian  =  and run by the white Canadian


and receiving large pay easy money grant land because they are white and British = and they receive large sums of easy money from grants only because they are white and British

what about us, me you skin color = what about us, you and me who are colored?


you should know Moslem's are going to kidnap buy the government of Canada = you should know many Muslims were kidnapped by the Canadian government


because of Sep 11 many of them right know in jail  = because of Sep 11 many of them are in jail now


and they don't have right to have lawyer or speak out or absolutely not single right = no right to speak to a lawayer, or represent yourself, nothing, not a single right

much better government of Iran was give some right to own prisoner = Iranian government is much better at least they give some rights to their prisoners

yes all is happining under british system and name of queen = Yes.  All of these are happening under the British law and in the name of the Queen.




Iran have plane = Iran has a plan

right to complaine = right to complain

only cost $1000 to this worker have uniform = it only costs $1,000 for a worker to have a proper uniform

and basics of the technology = and basic tools

to delivery this break buy machine not buy hand =  to be able to use proper tools in delivery (lift truck) instead of breaking your back

because this is cost pain in back = because you get back pain but it costs less 


when they became older most of them are going to die young as 40 = as a result they will die as young as 40

because of the dust and damages to organ and body hard working = because of damage to their bodies caused by dust and back breaking work

I know because I born in this kind society = I know because I was born into this kind of life


ashamed on mother fucker mullahs in Iran =  I'm ashamed of mother fucking mullahs


spending 4 billion dolor on nuclear boob programs = who are spending 4 billion dollars on nuclear bomb programs, instead of spending it on healthcare and other needs


Feminists v.s. Haji lol:o)

by Sasha on

I just think the section on the feminists v.s. Haji is hilarious. I must have missed it the first time it was published. Thanks for saving some of it.


Some of these are by different people commenting

by Anonymouse on

srat helping the Canadian = start helping the Canadians


save the married = save the marriage


news paper = newspaper


System is sucks in Canada = the Canadian system sucks


we need to speak to bring love and respect to man and women in equal = we need to speak up and bring love, respect and equality for both men and women


Well fair = welfare


so menay cartoons = so many cartoons


under attach = under attack


I can not draw some things to every body became happy =  I can not drawings to keep everybody happy


fuck this city stupid = fuck this stupid city (possibly means fuck this city you stupid fuck)


I live in Canada over 11 years = I have been living in Canada for more than 11 years


want bring more labors here to pay TAX to run the Canada and live in most expensive country ever = Canadians bring laborers to Canada and tax them to keep Canada going so Canadians can continue to live in the most expensive country in the world


with mass of the poor and homeless drugs gangs and crime = most people are poor or homeless or caught up in gangs and crime


I be homeless in Vancouver = I was homeless in Canada


stupid like you bran wash buy the Canadian = stupid people like you who are brainwashed, buy into the Canadian lies


stolen native land free = They stole this land that belonged to native Indians and got it for free


and sale this land so expensive to the new comers? = newcomers can't afford to buy any homes


you stupid pay but government of Canada or immigration office for this stupid report = pay the Government of Canada, you stupid, but they are just feeding you a stupid report


is stupid man = this is stupid man


women in west and respect and love? = women in the west don't know anything about respect or love


you should move in Canada, to see how they are living like queen with better job and respect = you should move to Canada to see how they are living like queens with better jobs and more respect


after all they don't know any things about love = after all they don't know anything about love


mostly Canadian women......money or sex, nice car, expensive fancy jewelry... = most Canadian women want just money, sex, nice car and fancy expensive jewlery


why when I get out I can not date any one = why I can not get a date with anyone?


because i am not kind man spending money on women = I am not kind because I am not spending money on women


because If I want to do.....better to get and pay to hockers = it's better to spend money on Hookers


women should came after man just for one things love and respect = women should look for love and respect in men


money nice car or.....they came after they learn how to respect each others and love  =  money and a nice car will happen in time, if you have love and respect for each other


Nuclear boob program =

by khodemun on

Nuclear boob program = nuclear bomb program

 az bass khandida nazdik bud beshaasham

 Anonymouse, please continue. DO NOT STOP. I check this post every day. I hope you can add it in some sort of book. I will buy it.


Comet = Commit

by Anonymouse on

openinon = opinion


comet suicide = commit suicide


because of my politicians = because of my politics


you have immigrant office = you work for an immigration law office