I saw Kite Runner. WOW!!!

by Anonymouse

I saw Kite Runner. WOW!!!

The story time of Kite Runner runs parallel to our own Persepolis movie (1978 – 2000s). I think the story line is also almost the same.

The main difference with Persepolis is that there is room for humor, a luxury. There is no room for humor in Kite Runner and after seeing the movie and reflecting on what I saw and know about Afghanistan, I understand the reason. There was just so much cruelty in Afghanistan.

This movie is done in an impressive and respectful way to tell a story. I asked myself; does the story have to be told this way? Could there have been any other way? In the end upon reflection I concluded that it couldn’t and this is the only way.

So I tip my hat to the creators of Kite Runner. This movie will leave a profound impression on you. It takes you through a journey and makes you think about the feelings that you have not ever felt. It makes you realize the reality of it all.

Kite Runner is an excellent movie and I recommend it. You can rent it on DVD and remember it is rated PG-13, although I’d categorize it as R for parts of the movie.


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great book I speak farsi the

by sarairanicute (not verified) on

great book I speak farsi the movie was in english/dari but I understood it. Dari and farsi is almost the same. great movie


Thank You Anonymouse

by Aref (not verified) on

Ordered the movie on Net Flicks and plan on watching it over the weekend.


Reading the book

by Anonymouse on

It is going to have to wait since there are many books in my "waiting list". I can imagine it being much better than the movie.

Usually the books are much more detailed because of no restriction on time or space, but a good movie is one that captures the essence of the book.  Many movies don't do a good job and sometimes the writer even says the movie was terrible!

Souri 4/5 is pretty good, thanks! I can even live with 3/5!



Great film, better book

by javaneh29 on

I saw the film a few weeks ago just after I finished reading the book. The film is a great adaptation but misses much of the details of the details of the written story and the emotion behind the triangle of Amir, Hassan and his father and some of the other characters.

I really loved the fact that I could understand the language of the film.... it made a nice change and the music was perfect, particularly the contributions by Sami Yusuf (iranian). It was a colourful, well prestened film, you could almost smell and taste it as if you were there yourself. Some scenes were trully sad and shocking.. but this is the reality and stoning stills goes on in Iran too.    

I really recommend the book for the full story.



Thank you !

by Souri on

Anonymouse, most of the time (4/5) you have a good judgment.

So, I took your advice today and run to rent the DVD. It was amazing !!!

Very good and realistic movie on Afghanistan and the Taliban.

It had also some shocking scene and I decided not to show it to my teen.

All in all, thank you so much. You made my day .

Azarin Sadegh

A good movie, but an amazing book

by Azarin Sadegh on

Kite Runner is an amazing book. One of those books that would haunt you for a good amount of time. The movie was OK but it never told the story the same way it was told in the book..I mean moving and unforgettable. But I know people who first loved the movie and then decided to read the book (like my own husband!)

I have also read Hosseini's second book: A thousand Splendid suns...I think I started to cry at the end of the first chapter and then didn't stop crying to the end. Horrifying story of women of Afghanistan. It had scenes that gave me nightmares for life. Great book, amazing writing. I just love him! 

BTW, you can send Khaled Hosseini any question through his site and he is going to respond back to his readers:




Read the book(s)

by Blue-eyed Canadian Sheik (not verified) on

Apparently the movie quite closely follows Khaled Hosseini's book, and I can heartily recommend the book. The story is amazing, and a book can almost always portray emotions better than a movie.

I will also wholeheartedly recommend Hosseini's follow-up book A Thousand Splendid Suns. It is probably better than The Kite Runner. It too is being made into a movie.


I have seen half of it and ......

by Tahirih on

I can not wait to see the rest. I saw it on a short flight that I had last week and I was so into it that I did not sense the time passing. It is so powerfull,I can not wait to see the rest of it.

I recommend it to everyone.




by Anonymouse on

Are you talking about when he meets Sohrab and the stuff surrounding it? It seems a little hollywoodian but how else would you enter and present life under Taliban?

I don't like Tarantino because of his gore tendecies, like Kill Bills. I don't like films like Kill Bill or Saw where gore and violence is presented just for the sake of violence or special effects at best.

Many of the Afghan movies don't directly go to the heart of the violence itself, but rather it's effect on humans and their daily lives.  Many of Iranian movie makers have made few good movies about Afghanistan in this format. 

I thought Kite Runner was better than our Iranian made movies about Afghanistan, even though they have won many awards.  I thought Kite Runner made it feel more real and understandable.

I also liked the Kite Runnings themselves, didn't know it was/is big in Afghanistan.  The whole contests and showing them was a big part of the movie for me.


good story

by Troneg on

I loved story and actors and I recommend it too.

The film director is a little bit "regular halywoodian". This story deserves a better film director someone like Quentin Tarantino or Coen brothers.

PS : I was amazed when children go to movie "The Magnificent Seven" and actors speak persian with Iranian accent :-)