Iranian Of The Year


by Anonymouse


Final Result:

  Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis)

  Parvin Ardalan (One Million Signature)

Every year JJ would have a voting page and some candidates for Iranian of the year. Seems like this year he forgot or he was "busy" :-) So until he makes a page who is your Iranian Of the Year?

You can nominate as many people as you want but choose one and put him/her in the subject line of your comment. You don't need to give any reason for your selection. Just your candidates and your final ONE vote.

Here are my candidates in this order and my vote goes to Marjane Sartapi.

1. Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis)

2. Mansour Osanloo (Bus driver union leader)

3. Simin Behbahani (Women's movement in 1386)

4. Iranian Michelin baby

5. Jahanshah Javid (updating Iranian in 2007)

6. Hossein Hajiagha (raw material and being honest)

I also like to nominate Simin Behbahani's poem for the Poem of the year. Copy and paste below from an unregistered comment.

شنیــدم باز هم گوهر فشــاندی
که روشنـــفکر را بزغاله خواندی
ولی ایشــان ز خویشـانت نبـودند
در این خط جمله را بیــجا نشـاندی
سخـن گفـتــی ز عدل و داد و آنرا
به نان و آب مجــانی کشــاندی
از این نَقلت که همچون نٌقل تر بود
هیاهــو شد عجب توتــــی تکانــدی
سخن هایت ز حکمت دفــتری بود
چه کفتر ها از این دفتر پراندی
ولیــکن پول نفـت و سفره خلــــق
ز یادت رفت و زان پس لال ماندی
سخن از آسمان و ریسمان بود
دریـــغا حرفـی از جنـــگل نراندی
چو از بزغاله کردی یاد ای کاش
سلامـی هم به میــمون میرساندی
سیمین بهبهانی


Marjane Satrapi (5)

Parvin Ardalan (5) 

Mansour Osanloo (4)

Simin Behbahani (3)

Iranian Michelin baby (3)

Jahanshah Javid (2)

Hossein Hajiagha (1)

NIE Report (1)

Reza Pahlavi (1)

Haleh Esfandiari (1)

Anousheh Ansari (1)

Trita Parsi (1)

Nazanine Afshin Jam (1)

Rafsanjani (1)

Arash Sobhani (1)

Maz Jobrani (1)


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Most excellent.....

by Nadias on

oops! I seem to have mispelled Ms. Ardalan's first name.


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Polls closed.

by Anonymouse on

Satrapi and Ardalan it is.


Pure Irani

by pearcia (not verified) on

Michelin baby all the way. It doesn't get more real and honest than that!


My vote goes to Pardin Ardalan...........

by Nadias on


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Results so far

by Anonymouse on

I'm going to update the blog to add up the results so far.  Look at the blog again for the update.  If JJ had a voting page I'm sure we'd have at least few hundred votes, here we had about a dozen or so.  I'm also going to update Simin Behbahani's description to women's struggle in general not just ahnadi's poem.

I'll update this until 13-bedar so if you want you can vote and nominate until 13-bedar.


Monda remember Times Person Of the Year?

by Anonymouse on

Was supposed to be the person who was in the news the most.  For better or worse.  Time is no longer making sense with their selections in the past few years, but you get the picture.

Hajiagha made the most news in this website.  The choice to be "presented" in this website is JJ's and I believe Hajiahga should be, my selection was based on the amount of news he caused in Sep/Oct.  If you go back and see his cartoons in those days when went to the new format, you'll see the amount of news he generated.

By the way, he is not "frequented" that much anymore.  They have muzzeled him and those were the good old days :-)


Maz Jobrani

by Anonym (not verified) on

For proving how stupid a comment "Axis Of Evil" really is.


Marjan Satrapi

by Monda on

and Simin Behbahani have my vote any day. 

I did not get your humor by adding #6 to this list, nor have I ever understood why his offensive delusional material should even be so frequently presented on this site. 


Ashraf Pahlavi and Shaboon Khan Bimokh

by . (not verified) on

These are two great individuals that noone should forget.


Still researching...

by Nadias on

What is your opinion on Mehrangiz Kar? I am continuing to research other possibilities.


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



His Royal Hotness, Mr. Arash

by Jeegaresho (not verified) on

His Royal Hotness, Mr. Arash Sobhani is my Iranian of the year.



by Hojatoleslam (not verified) on

For beating that other dude, Ahmadinejad's mentor, in the Khebregan assembly.

Azarin Sadegh

Don't forget SCE and Nazanin Afshin Jam!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Please add also SCE and Nazanin Afshin Jam as another choice for the Iranian of the year.

But in the existing list, I would vote for Satrapi.



Dr Trita Parsi

by IRANdokht on

of course all the great Iranians mentioned have done so much for Iran and are much respected and appreciated.



Parvin Ardalan by far

by choghondar (not verified) on

Parvin Ardalan!


JJ this is the 2007/1386 list

by Anonymouse on

While you may not have been directly instrumental in the struggle for peace and freedom inside Iran, you certainly brought the Iranians outside Iran together.  You brought Iranians from 4 corners of the world together where we normally would not have been able to talk to each other in this fashion. I believe you indirectly contributed to the forces of peace and democracy inside Iran too.

Also this is a personal choice and we can nominate anyone except our own friends and families of course. So I put the Michelin baby to allow folks to choose whoever they like for whatever reason.

As for Hajiagha, come on, COME ON! BE FAIR.  BE REALLY FAIR.  In summer of 2007 when you brought all of us from 4 corners of the world together, who made the biggest noise?  Who was like kard-o paneer (knife and feta cheese) in this new format?  Who attracted the most discussions?  who provided the most entertainment?  who valiantly fought with the forces of censorship and "embarrasement" with his basic knowledge of english?  Now we forget but in Sep/Oct 2007 he was the man.  Give him the credit he deserves.  For last year he deserves to be on the list, in my opinion.

Now back to nominating and names, no more discussing and comments :-)

David ET

Mansour Osanloo Mansour Osanloo

by David ET on

Mansour Osanloo Mansour Osanloo Mansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour OsanlooMansour Osanloo Mansour Osanloo


Anoushe Ansari. She was

by azadi 5 (not verified) on

Anoushe Ansari. She was perhaps the only Iranian mentioned in mass media last year for doing something good and exceptional.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Marjane Satrapi's international contribution to art, culture and Iranian women's struggle has been wonderful. She has my vote.

My name on the list makes me feel embarrassed. It's not even funny, like Haji Agha's nomination :o)


Of course Nadias.

by Anonymouse on

Just names.


Haleh Esfandiari

by anony (not verified) on

For going in Evin prison for the first time in her life at the age of 60 and coming out with her dignity in tact.


Are non-Iranians......

by Nadias on

able to participate too on nominating an Iranian and voting.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Hard to pick

by Majid on

I would nominate all 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in no particular order,

Happy Now Rooz Haji


And for the poem,

If he had just one "boz ghaale" for each person who hates him, he would be world's biggest "Boz Cheroon"

Ali P.

Parvin Ardalan

by Ali P. on



Reza Pahlavi

by Abbas Fakhravar (not verified) on

he is the one and only.


Parvin Ardalan

by Mahtab (not verified) on

Parvin Ardalan for me too.


Marjane Satrapi

by Troneg on

For Sure



Parvin Ardalan

by Saied K. (not verified) on

...I would like to nominate.


Joint nomination of Mansour Osanloo and Simin Behbahani

by ramintork on

Joint nomination of Mansour Osanloo and  Simin Behbahani to give them support for internal change in Iran.


NIE report

by Anonymously (not verified) on

I vote for NIE report which stopped the drums of war with Iran.