Photographs of baby elephants "training" for circus


Photographs of baby elephants "training" for circus
by Anonymouse

Torturing elephants to perform circus acts is an inhumane behavior that needs to be stopped.  We've all heard news about how they get the elephants to do these acts and now there is photographic proof.  I can't believe these practices are going on in America in this day and age but hopefully some day soon they will stop.

Here's what PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) would like us to know:


Dear Friend,

At Ringling Bros. circus, still-nursing 18- to 24-month-old baby elephants are captured rodeo-style, roped around all four legs, tethered neck-to-neck to an "anchor" elephant, and dragged away from their mothers. From this point forward in their lives, every movement, every instinct, and every natural form of behavior is subjected to suppression and discipline at the whim of the trainer.

The baby elephants are restrained with ropes or chains on a concrete floor in a barn for up to 23 hours a day in order to break their spirits. They are never allowed to play outdoors and are denied all that is natural and important to them.

Never-before-seen photographs given to PETA by a whistleblower reveal that
this is the real way that they teach baby elephants to learn circus "tricks"―through cruelty.

Bound with ropes in the practice area, baby elephants are wrestled by several adult men—some using sharp bullhooks and electric shock prods—slammed to the ground, and aggressively pushed and pulled into positions that will eventually be incorporated into a circus routine. The frightened baby elephants cry out, but according to the whistleblower, Ringling uses loud music to muffle their screams.

The whistleblower is former elephant handler Sam Haddock, who worked at Ringling's Center for Elephant Conservation, a breeding and training center, in Polk City, Florida, off and on between 1997 and 2005. His late wife had urged him to do the right thing and expose Ringling's torturous treatment of elephants at its so-called "conservation center." A short time after providing PETA with dozens of disturbing images and a statement detailing how baby elephants are tied up and their spirits are broken, Mr. Haddock, too, passed away following a sudden illness.

Please explore the photos that Mr. and Mrs. Haddock wanted the world to see and share them with everyone you know through e-mail or on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Please also sign the Facebook petition to help rescue Ringling's elephants from circus cruelty.

Please remember these images the next time the circus comes to town, and don't attend, as that is the best way to stop the abuse of these baby elephants. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk


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There was a holocaust "conference" that David Duke attended. So?

by Anonymouse on

//  (Note 951.07 in particular

951.07. Use of certain devices prohibited
No person may directly or indirectly, or by aiding, abetting or permitting the doing thereof, either put, place, fasten, use or fix upon or to any animal used or readied for use for a work purpose or for use in an exhibition, competition, rodeo, circus or other performance, any of the following devices: a bristle bur, tack bur or like device; or a poling device used to train a horse to jump which is charged with electricity or to which have been affixed nails, tacks or other sharp points.

Just because Ahmadi thought holocaust was a myth and "needed" more "research" and organized a "conference" to "conclusively" figure out if it happened and invited many rabbis and Americans such as David Duke, doesn't mean more evidence is needed to verify holocaust.  Right?

Just because "some people" don't believe Ringling Bros. wouldn't "allow" or "knowingly allow" their trainers to abuse elephants doen't meant jack!  Better yet, doesn't mean Jack Squat!

In that Washington Post article I linked below, the trainer who is still with Ringling said they did it in "last century" and meant 1990s.  So the Bros, admitedly "allowed it" less than 10 years ago and these photos show they use sharp objects.  They are conclusive enough.  If the chains are "padded" by cotton doesn't mean Jack Squat!  Let me put cotton paddings and ropes on you and pull you limb to limb and tell me how it feels!

Now I can agree that slaughter houses for poultry and beef wouldn't knowingly allow animal abuse while from time to time we see hidden cameras showing animal abuse which is unnecessary.  They slaughter poultry and beef for food consumption.  Some jobs in these industries are menial and minmium wage and I can understand some people getting carried away and abuse animals which should be punished and not blame the whole industry.

But this is different. We all know these animals (as indicated in these pictures) are "trained" while babies and put through abuse for entertainment and it isn't necessary like food.  Once people realize what these animals are put through for "entertainment" most ordinary people would not approve and the industry would implode.  These trainers don't make minimum wage.

Again this story is new and the photos are never seen before.  There are also eyewitness accounts.  The Washington Post article tells more and as it says these baby elephants are 2000 pounds of cuteness and public is not going to like see them getting pulled limb to limb and poked and shocked.  The PR campaign in the media is just the first step.

I have already sent an email to Agriculture Secretary (as explained below and in the blog) and encourage all readers to do the same. Hopefully soon we'll see more reports and news and these circus acts will soon become a thing of the past like wearing fur. 

Everything is sacred.

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

The quantity of oxygen in one's cerbral cortex is not dispositive of whether these photos depict abuse.  :)  The photos might depict abuse but then again they might not.  The photos are inconclusive.  Nonetheless, the allegation has been made.  The appropriate response is to request an investigation to ascertain the truth of the allegations bearing in mind that in many states it is now a felony to commit acts of animal abuse as it is in Wisconsin where Ringling  Bros is headquartered and trains their animals.   //  (Note 951.07 in particular.)

I find it doubtful that Ringling Bros. knowingly allows its trainers to engage in acts of animal abuse with its potential consequences but they might.  If you seriously believe these photos depict animal abuse my recommendation is to contact Ringling Brothers and ask for an explanation of these photos and tell them what allegations have been made against them.  Include copies of eyewitness accounts.  Copy Sauk County Department of Animal Control and request an investigation.  If no investigation is forthcoming then let the Department know that your request for an investigation and their failure will be taken to the State Attorney General and the media then follow through.  That is much more effective than trying an institution in the media with inconclusive evidence.  Just a thought.  :) 


These photos are "nothing" to airheads

by Anonymouse on

If the photos are nothing how come they have never been seen before? Of all the "pride" Bailey takes in their work how come no pictures before?  Take the nursing baby elephants and pull their legs and hands so they can learn a trick? How would we like it if they pull our hands and legs? Or keep them shackled stationary like they show in some of the photos overnight and for long periods? Not to mention the electric shocks and hooks that trainers testified are not used for training? Or that previous century practice means mid 1990s?  Who are the more logical people and evidence to believe?

Besides there are eyewitness accounts in the Washington Post article but those who are going to dismiss these photos will dismiss the actual accounts too.  Like our own Iranian regime that dismisses everything.

Using real fur is now rare due to same education and awareness.  The audience is public in general not some dismissive clergy or airhead. 

Everything is sacred.

DW Duke

Possibly Much Ado About Nothing

by DW Duke on

If these photos are all the evidence Peta has about animal abuse by Ringling Brothers it could be much ado about nothing.  There is absolutely nothing in these photos that suggests that the elephant is suffering any form of physical pain.  At first glance the photos appear to show abuse but when one stops to think about all of the possible scenarios, the evidence becomes inconclusive and this appears to be training by rote memorization and nothing more.  If we allow our imaginations to run wild when seeing such photos we could easily be swept away by the sensationalism.  That is why it is important to step back and consider the whole picture whenever considering any form of evidence.  There is often a logical and reasonable explanation for what we are seeing. 

Animal abuse does occur but the evidence has to be much stronger than this if anyone is going to respond.  When Peta tries to make a case out of evidence as weak as this it only diminishes their credibility while clear cases of animal abuse occur.  It can be like the boy who cried wolf.  Peta will have to take major strides to convince me of their credibility after some of the things that I have seen them do and this display of photos is not one of the things that will convince me.  Quite the contrary.  But note that I am not saying that the pictures do not reflect animal abuse.  I am saying that without more information about what is taking place the evidence is inconclusive.  The following is a real example of animal abuse. 


If I could hear the live testimony of Sam Haddock with an opportunity to cross-examine him I might be convinced but what is presented is not convincing.  It may be nothing more than the ramblings of a disgruntled employee, or this:




I didn't know it was this systematic. Reminded me of Roots

by Anonymouse on

When I read the story it reminded me of Roots and how they captured and turned people into slavery.  While we had always heard about how they abused elephants there wasn't any photographic proof.

Hopefully these photos will be used to ban this inhumane practice.  A lot of times photos and youtube videos have been used as evidence to prosecute and convict people.  I hope this is one of those cases.

I used this format to send an email to Secretary of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack.

This story is relatively new.  Washington Post ran an article Dec 17th. Hopefully after the holidays we'll hear more about it in the news.  

Everything is sacred.


That is just horrible

by IRANdokht on

I remember going to see the circus back in Tehran. They were usually Russians who brought their circus to town...  I hated it. I didn't like the clowns, I was petrified watching the people on trapeze and tightropes, and most of all I hated the way they treated animals especially when I found out what it took to teach those animals each one of the tricks. 

The pictures were sad, I didn't see them all but I did sign up for the cause on FB.

Thanks for the post


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Poor little elephant :=( ... I saw many times those bad ppl torturing animals in India and China ...

Thank you for blog .