The Results of the 8th Tehran Cartoon International Biennial

by Anonymouse

The winners of the 8th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial were announced at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday December 11th.  Here is the link.  Make sure you click on "Next" at the end of each page to see all the winners.  I think they are very cool and deserved winning.



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To Omid

by Anonymouse on

As far as Hajiagha and his reference to "I'll tell your mother" he was not making a bad comment.  It's that old saying in Farsi (vaghti mamaneto didam behesh migam che bacheye badi shodi).  Complaining to JJ's mother.  He is with you and liked your cartoon.  He sometimes talk quickly with a rush and thinks people can read his mind! Shemorde harf nemizaneh.  He is also upset about one time when JJ deleted one or two of his comments.  He can't seem to get over it and is hot and cold.  One day he supports JJ the next he is worse than Mullahs.  He is generally like that, hot and cold.  Ghahr karde and inserts his displeasure in every comment he makes.  gharo ghatea. You can see it in his cartoons about Bush, for example.


By the way, if you or Hajiagha wants to participate in the future contests, you can and below is the link from the same website with the deadlines to submit your cartoons.  I think your cartoon about "why only columbia" and the 2 gay guys would be a good candidate.  Although I think they give you subjects, like money, and you are supposed to draw based on them.  Mullahs are not in every cartoon contest and can't censor you.



Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on



beautiful and meaningful cartons

by Anonymous-she (not verified) on

Thanks for posting this link. It is a snowy day in the east coast; staying home and looking at these cartons is very entertaining. Most of the cartons are beautiful and meaningful.