Shol kon seft kon.

by Anonymouse

I know many of us voted to change to an all registered forum but have you noticed the drastic reduction in comments? It used to be an average of about one comment every minute. Now it is about 2 or 3 comments every hour. Sometimes one comment every 2 or 3 hours or more.

We are not even in an all regsiter forum. You can still be unregistered and comment but it'll go through moderation before being posted and with JJ being busy and all who knows.

Anyway, not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing :-) How about shol kon seft kon again?! this isn't easy either way. Some had advocated for giving the authority to delete comments in your own blogs or articles. That may be good. I don't think we are any worse than JJ's deleters. He is ok but I'm not so sure of the deleters.


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Nazanin, JJ is full of it.

by Anonymouse on

Don't you know?  He used to post half-persian porn clip, sarvenaz's diaries, Hajiagha's cartoons, berimfazza blog to name a few.  Now all of a sudden we are to watch what we say.  YES SIR!

Yesterday he was being a mobser.  I hope you weren't taking those comments seriously.  His rules can change at any time.  Besides as I said I did not want to keep that blog so it could be a platform to bash someone or keep a record of it.  You delete your blogs and they are sponge worthy, why are you complaining?!

ANYONE can get blocked at any moment for any reason.  That's the simple rule we should all live by in this website.  Anything more is just rhetoric.  I appreciate JJ for what he has done with this website and what he continues to do.  However, he is lowering his ideals and is not leading everyone  to find a better place here. 

This is not about vulgarity or dehumazing women or stuff he claims.  People write blogs about burning Koran and that is ok.  Har taraf bawd miyad bawdesh mide. Not that there is anything wrong with it :-)


You made an enormous mistake

by n.zanincanadai on

You made an enormous mistake in deleting the words of JJ in response to my question about sexuality and the F word. The posting of muscle man and the anar anar dance are in complete contrast to the environment he said he wants to create here. I am not offended by either one. But they don't belong here if long time contributors can get banned for raw material.


I deleted it.

by Anonymouse on

Because I didn't want a blog about singling out someone when he is down.


You should've kept it on

by n.zanincanadai on

You should've kept it on becauseit was the only warning and rule book we have of JJ.


What happened

by Fake N. C. (not verified) on

What happened to your blog about Hajiagha's cartoons not being published? Did you delete it, JJ, or his people?


To be fair

by Anonymouse on

As far as I can remember Nazanin never wanted to change the anonymous and non moderated commenting policy, her position has always been knowing the rules of the moderation policy.  And she'd like to be able to question why her comment was deleted.  On this point I agree with Niki Tehranchi.  Who has the patience to haggle with the deleters?

Kheili azashoon khoshemoon miyad? The deleted comments koofteshoon beshe.  Be jahanam.  Aslan nakhasteem.  Maybe there should be a separate page for deleted comments.  Like the deleted items in Windows.  We can go in there and look at the trash! no commenting there just for viewing.

Like a cemetery of deleted comments.  That sounds good.  A haj paj of out of context comments!

I have changed my mind.  Now I'm asking for shol kon.  It's ok to try different things and evolve into something better.  It's not flip flopping, it's evolution.

A lot of people had advocated for having the ability to moderate our own blogs and articles.  I think alimostofi, Ben Madadi, DavidET and some others were talking about that.  I'm in favor of that now.  JJ and his deleters can still have the final say and start deleting if something gets out of hand.

Maybe when the comments get down to 10 comments per day deleters will get to loose their jobs.


I had to log in to enter a

by n.zanincanadai on

I had to log in to enter a comment on my shoe blog becaues it was never posted. I cna't believe this. It was nothing bad, disrespectful or anything. If it was, I don't remember because it went out this morning. And of course, no one will provide an be it. I am getting paranoid. Maybe I talked too much today. Hmmm, tone it down a bit girl, some people don't want you here...


I followed up in other

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

I followed up in other occasions and was given an answer that the moderator misunderstood the enlgish, or made a mistake. For calling myself a douchebag...LOLLLLLLLLLL No explanations. i guess the modertor can't stand to see a self directed personal attack.

It's hard to accept its not my site and that JJ makes up the rules...why oh why.

Niki Tehranchi

What's all the hubbub, Bob?

by Niki Tehranchi on

What a controversy over the term "douchebag" LoL

Just for the record, I want to confirm that yes, when I make comments as a regsitered user, it doesn't go in the queue.  I am not sure if that is true of all registered users or just a fluke?  That being said, I think registered users' comments are also subject to deletion by the powers that be, after they get published.  I agree with you there should be some reason given for deletion or some process by which you can question (and reverse) the deletion or non-publication of your comment.  Especially when, as you mention in your situation, it is obviously nonsensical.  You just have to have the hosseleh to follow up with it, I guess.  But since even logging in is too much of a chore...


To good to be anonymous

by n.zanincanadai on

Listen dear/pal, I have never given myself too much credit for writing. I routinely refer to my blogs as be dard nakhor and mention how Mr. Nafisi and other real writers' skills far surpass my own. I've discussed grammer and English classes on other blogs too. If you have something to say, especially about respect on the site, maybe you should start with your own tone.

I complained and so do you. I never threatened, I informed. I deleted and I will continue to do so because deletion is a feature available to me in the blogging section.

I left but returned since I missed a few people. I have already apologized to JJ for that. He knows me way better than you do and if he has any issues, he can call me.

My position has always been against registration and I don't recall complaining about foul language. My problem is with some of the content on the site. I won't go into things that have been discussed before.

Logging in is a waste of my time. I log in when I have to or when I feel like it.

The same rules should apply to everyone. If you are telling me that Niki Tehranchi (or another registered user) can say douche bag and not get moderated while an unregistered comment will be deleted (for the same word ..IN REFERENCE TO MYSELF) then what the heck is the point? Registered users can say things unregistered users can't? "Some pigs are more equal than others" (don't delete this moderator, this is a quote)

The difference between you and me is that the people you are delighted to have shut, are the ones I want to hear from. I want to hear what "hyperactive, pessimistic, and lost" users have to say. That was what this site was about. Even in the old days. I hear from Ms. goody and Mr. Proper every day. Some curse words are too much but there could be very clear rules about those without shutting people up.

I can't give credit to site moderators when I don't know what they moderate? How can I credit them for work that is unrateale? I don't know what rules they follow. For all I know (and experienced), there is random deletions without reason. Just because someone devotes time (voluntarily) to something, doesn't mean we should automatically be dast boos. Of course, we love everyone who makes this site happen. But I doubt they do it for dast boos or appreciation.

"If it doesn't add anything to the dialogue and contains profanity or slander." is way toooo vague. What is slander? What is profanity? I've used the F word in my poems. I can't use it anymore? How can you be judge of what is being added to a dialogue?

"if we have lost the belligerent ones in the process, good riddance!" Well, this says it all then. Khoda be dademun bereseh. Anonymouse, start your own site please.

I have no problem with a set of standards. But I think most reasonable contributors would agree that the standards should be clear and some accountability (very little) would be nice. Otherwise, what the heck does "nothing is sacred" mean?

Over all, I have become very cynical about this and very very negative. This whole issue is one that will not even move toward the right direction let alone get solved. It is very depressing for me.


Group of "volunteers" my a&&!

by Anonymouse on

They are Deleters.  Why don't they come off of their high horses and say who they are?  they advocate using your own name and being teflon-e moslem and yet they delete aimlessly.  Besides as the subject of the blog suggests we are thinking in terms of shol kon seft kon.

Registering alone didn't work, that was in the beginning.  This "moderation" isn't working well either.  Maybe we should try something else.  Like trying to give the owners of articles and blogs the actual deleting (or not deleting) power.  Screw the "volunteers".  JJ or his deleters can still delete if something gets out of hand but they are no better in "moderating" than ourselves.  Many had suggested this and it has not been tried yet.

Lastly, some of us are actually lazy or don't want to bother to log in.  Halesh nist.  I'm reminded of that joke about a teriyaki which had on his answering machine the following greeting message: "Hashtam vali khashtam." We want to hear from them :-)


Make Up Your Mind!

by free-to-be-anonymous (not verified) on


You will need to make up your mind my dear! You complained, threatened, deleted, and left because you didn't like some comments. Do you want those comments back, so that you will leave again!?

And, why wouldn't you log on with your user ID anyway? The reason Niki Tehranchi and any other registered user's comments are posted is that they don't get moderated. Take the time to log on, leave your comment, and your comments will be left alone, too.

I am delighted anonymous users who would say "Khayam tu labet" and "She is a lesbian leftist," etc. are gone and deleted.

You also give yourself too much credit for your English, which you deserve, but not enough to the site moderators! They are a group of volunteers who give this site their time freely and selflessly, reading the rantings on of the hyperactive, pessimistic, and lost, side by side of intelligent, enlightened, and courageous, all of whom want to be anonymous. The way I understood it as it was explained in a post not too long ago, there is only one guideline for deletion: If it doesn't add anything to the dialogue and contains profanity or slander.

I think the system has improved drastically, the anonymous comments have toned down to a more civilized language and tone, and if we have lost the belligerent ones in the process, good riddance!


What is even worse than the

by nazanincanadying1 (not verified) on

What is even worse than the reduced number of comments is the people who comment! There was so much variety before. Now, it's like only a group of people that comment over and over. It is just terrible. I am still on the camp of either no censorship at all or if there is moderation, there should be clear rules. Registration should be left alone. But I am not going to nag JJ about because he knows what he is doing. Maybe it's business.
Last week, a comment of mine was not posted because I used the word douchebag in it (IN REFERENCE TO MYSELF). I'm sure the beloved censor didn't understand the comment because Niki Tehranchi used the same word and it wasn't censored. Dige...bikhialesh.


I think having the power to

by shayad (not verified) on

I think having the power to delete the comments on your own blogs is ok. Other sites do it. JJ can still be the editor and have the final say.


To do the comparison ..

by Anonymous (not verified) on

I think it is not a bad idea to have a no restriction on the comments for weekends, but keep it under control during weekdays. Then let’s see how many article or blogs will appear in weekends, and do the comparison for the two sets of regulations!