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by Anonymouse

I suggest limiting the blogs to something like 1 blog a week.  With all the time zones across the globe some of these blogs are not even featured.  Many are posting blogs one right after another, as if they don't even agree with themselves!  Why not give them a week to think about so they can write something fresh and meaningful? What do you all think? 


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by Anonymouse on

I have zero influence on JJ.  I don't even know him.  I just think he's the kind of person many of us have known as a friend, so we all talk to him like we know him.  This new format is like a tree which you've just planted it's seed.  It's going to take a while to slow down and people stop leaving "just thought to say hi" blogs.  The good stuff is still here.  I'd give it another year before we see any system to this current chaos.



by Rosie T. (not verified) on

Blogs should definitely be by author, there is no question about it really. That is the definiton of what a blog is. It is a space on cyberspace dedicated to repeated publishing of one's own views. It is YOUR blog and you add to it as you choose. The current blog situation is not a blog situation, it is absolutely chaotic and it is almost impossible to maintain a serious discussion. It gets buried quickly and people get distracted by the new ones, and it just goes nowhere, it dies.
It seems to me the problem is a combination of the website owner being on the one hand legitimately overextended and on the other a bit flippant. I think JJ really enjoys chaos a bit. When he says nothing is sacred he also has a bit of a determination to ensure that this be so. And then there is a bit of....well...lack of prioritizing financially, shall we say. If you check out his current photo essay on his invitation to a paid conference in Israel, you will find that he wound up not going at the last minute because he was overextended and couldn't get his friend to write the paper he needed to present, a paper about this website. I wrote to him and told him he should've offered a student a hundred bucks to write it for him and he would have gotten the result.
When you think about it, it's really kind of ridiculous. He knows so many people and he wields so much power and yet he gave up the trip he so wanted to go on for such a trivial reason, and he really doesn't seem to see the blatant irony in this. He knows it was a silly reason but he doesn't grasp the bitter irony. So many writers...he could have asked some good ones right here to do it for the same hundred bucks and I am sure someone would have.
Of course I wouldn't expect him to bother to reply to me in a million years. But if you have some influence with him I wish you could convince him that the new format of this website really needs to be reorganized to encourage serious discussion.It requires a little work, like watering and pruning a garden. Essentially Jahanshah needs to hire someone to manage the new format properly. Period.
Thank you,
Rosie PS The blogs can be featured on a rotating basis, with preference given to new ones that are of some kind of substance as opposed to hi, it's me, just shooting my unsacred wad.


Blogs under Bloggers

by Anonymouse on

Blogs under Bloggers profile sounds good.  However, how would you "feature" them?  My point is about featuring.  This blog isn't featured, yet those who are interested are discussing it.  Looking at the featured blogs as I write this, there are total of 20 comments since yesterday.  Also, incidentally this set of blogs have been there longer.  In the last 3 or 4 days, the featured blogs were being changed rapidly and some didn't get any comments. I think if you give bloggers a week to think about and write something good, editor picks the good ones and leave it featured for 2 or 3 days at least, then there will be more meaningfull discussions.

Perhaps eventually bloggers will get tired themselves and leave one blog a week anyway, the problem is by that time everyone else may loose interest too.  Whatever JJ does I think this website is doing the right things and it has progressed a lot since the format change. 

I didn't like the format change in the beginning but now understand it and think it's good and getting better every day.


I'll go one per day

by Not so Anonymous (not verified) on

One per week is too limiting! Bloggers should use good judgement and avoid loading craps few per day!
Ofcourse one can let the readers rate the blogs and assign priority based on that. Lets choose a Darwinian approach here..


I would settle for unlimited

by Anonymous3433434334 (not verified) on

I would settle for unlimited blogs under bloggers' profiles that interested parties could look at. Then some would be features based on some sort of editorial policy.


Or how about one blog

by A (not verified) on

Or how about one blog "featured" per week, per blogger? When features come and go with no one seeing it featured (other time zones) and no one responds, then it looks like SPAM being featured. It'd be better if some blogs were featured longer to attract good discussions and fresh points of view. It's hard to find fresh ideas but one can try.


Bloggers are Greedy!

by bahmani on

I agree with you that something more equitable needs to happen, that the sheer volume is not allowing people to read the blogs in an organized fashion, and a lot of folks are posting several blogs an hour. This is a bit chaotic, but any system might be unfair too. Maybe we should put blogs by author, so you can read one blogger at a time, based on views or hits or popularity. I don't know how a blog currently gets into the "Featured" column. I think it may be happening by the editor.