A Thousand Years of Good Prayers - movie review 3.5 stars

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers - movie review 3.5 stars
by Anonymouse

As I was watching this film I noticed the name Vida Ghahremani as an actress in this movie.  The named sounded familiar and I got interested for the rest of the movie.  I then remembered her in a photo essay by Nazy Kaviani recently.  She is the one in left in this picture.

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007) is a very good independent film and I gave it an extra 0.5 points just for the role of Vida Ghahremani.  Go Vida!

Many of us can actually relate to this movie when an old father from the old China comes to visit his daughter in America and ends up being alone in the morning and taking walks in a park where he meets Vida.

It is hard being an old person living in America with your youngish child where they’re used to life and working like a machine!  Everything is so far away and nothing like life back home.  Children often don’t know how to deal with their parents either, although not everyone but many, perhaps another stereotype.

This is a very good heartfelt movie and I recommend it.  You can watch it online via video streaming or get the DVD.  It is in Chinese with English subtitles and of course you’ll understand Vida’s Farsi ;-)


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