Tongue Twisting Words Dictionary

by Anonymouse

Tongue Twisting Words Dictionary.

As many of you know and read throughout this website you come across tongue twisting words (gholombeh solombe) in articles, blogs and numerous other comments. So I thought to start another dictionary and update it when we come up with new variations of these words.

I'm going to be equal opportunity employer and hire words from all readers. It just so happens that for now most of these words are used to devour "IRI". It is as if you use a more tongue twisting words you get more kudos in heavan. Like we say in farsi after each meal, khoda ro shokr (praise the lord) or savab dare (you'll get rewarded -- in heaven).

There are many but I'm just putting down a few for now and may come back and add more as they present themselves. If you see something, copy and paste them here.

I am not going to translate these words and comments. They are self explanatory!

If you want to have more fun, imgagine you are in a mehmoonee (party) and are socializing, listening and chating with someone who is using these words. Imagine. How does it come out in oral conversations? Do you like to sip your wine or beer and carry on a conversation with such a person?!

Here's my top 10 list of just a few for just the past couple of days.

1. The Islamist and their lefty lap poodles are salivating

2. IRI and its gang of parasitic supporters

3. parasitic survival

4. Institutional psychopaths

5. psychopathological traits

6. closet supporters of IRI

7. un-defendable records of these genocidal morons

8. grotesquely naïve

9. rabid internationalist Islamist detractors

10. And the number one for this week is .... drum roll ... If I am the president, the United States could "totally obliterate" Iran!

What more you can add to this list?


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by Anonymouse on

The efficacy of this logic is as valid as the quintessentially Islamist sexual analysis of the not agreeable politics which is given in the post script to the post.



by Anonymouse on


11. Arabo-islamisation

12. Westernized Islamist like the Sadries

13. hypothesizing about its reformability

14. Islamic ideological terror groups

15. barbarian fascists (weren't they in different centuried?!)

16. Islamic Imperialism

17. Islamic de-colonization of mind and souls and identify

18. the devastating Pathological affect of this totalitarian ideology.

19. Shia Victim-producing

20. demagogic character of "pious" Ahamdinejad

And some run of the mill stuff for today, Islamists, Jihadists, Islamo facist and Islamo terrorist.


IRI has the monopoly, BUT

by Anonymouse on

IRI has the monopoly on tongue twisting words.  They invented it.  But those words are in Farsi.  I am interested in English words or translations of Farsi words.  If I had Farsi font I may have written a separate blog for it. 

I'll put up some more examples later. English translations of IRI words are acceptable.  Great Satan is kinda old.


What more can you add to

by jamshid on

What more can you add to the list?

What about grabbing some phrases from IRI's media? You know the "Great Satan" sort of things. There are so many.

You hypocrite.