Prophet Mani, President Obama and the ghost of Mosaddeg


Prophet Mani, President Obama and the ghost of Mosaddeg
by Arash Monzavi-Kia

Mani the Persian prophet of early Sassanian period teaches that contrary to the original Hindu beliefs, during the world-forming wars between Good and the Evil, it was the army of demons that prevailed! However, Mani surmises that the Evil conquerors ate the fallen corpses of the Good, and so came to “contain” or possess some of it!

If such a dark and cynical view of the universe can find any home in the known world, it must be in Iran! Not just because the demons have so often prevailed, but more so due to the fact that they have consistently devoured the fallen and claimed to contain it. Almost every conqueror, from Macedonians to Mongols, eventually became Iranisized and claimed to be the heir to true “eternal flame” of Persia.

Our latest episode of “good-devouring” evil surely fits the profile of the Islamists take over of the Iranian national aspirations. The nationalist parties of the past, from the National Front to the Freedom Movement, were all terrorized and demolished by the Hezbollah. Even their isolated figures like Dariush Froohar, were not tolerated and rather brutally murdered and dismembered. Therefore, it gives every true nationalist and independent minded Iranian, great pain to watch the IRI clowns like Ahmadinejad, whose party (Haiiat Mootalefeh) has been behind all the recent political murders and suppressions in Iran, to claim that they represent the legitimate nationalistic aspirations of the Iranian people, and that they are now the torch bearers for the flame that Mosaddeg started.

Ridiculously enough, some of the leftist neophytes in US, who are all ashamed and apprehensive of what their predecessors did to Iraq, are on hands and knees to excuse to the IRI fascists, for their sins towards the Iranian nationalists 56 years ago! Excusing to the same people who have killed the last great Iranian nationalists in cold blood! All despite the fact that the IRI spiritual leader (Khomeini) repeatedly said that nationalism had no place in his brand of Islamo-Fascism. In his own words: “Iran belongs to Islam and all of us are to be sacrificed for Islam, because without Islam, Iran has no value”. Replace Islam with IRI and you will know the true meaning!

To fool the new crowd in Washington, Ahmadinejad and his ilk are now hell bent to rekindle the memory of Mosaddeg and revitalize the nationalistic fervor, through the atomic-energy crisis! Currently, their only possible path to survival in Iran, lies through staging an atmosphere of war and fear; and the best enemy for that purpose would be the US and perhaps Israel. But as god is my witness, having seen the Islamo-Fascists in action in the streets of Tehran; those demons have no sympathy towards Persians, Palestinians or any other peoples. Their only goal is dominance, and they do not care how many angels are killed and devoured by their war machine!


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The demons

by Patriot on

I agree with you, they have no sympathy to anything but power. But IRI will also have to deal with a seriously weakened position both internationally and nationwide. They have shown in the past that they would relent only when forced. The international force has never been enough to force IRI to abide by rules and international conventions. The internal demands for reforms have also never been effective enough to cause any positive change. But is it possible that the combination of international pressure on Iran coupled with brewing demands and protests inside might make a difference?

Welcome back. It's good to see you here again. What happened? Where did you go? Where are the people who were your "friends"? The gang politics of this site never ceases to amaze me. I hope you don't see this as a reflection on you and your writing. 


errrm Mossadegh the only nationalist?

by fozolie on

Enough tom foolery and hero worship. If you want to know where MelliMazhabi started then look no further, Mr Mossadegh was IT. We have him and M.R. Shah as well as their egos to thank for the schism in the 'nationalists' ranks to thank for the mess today.

Obama, Clinton vs Albright ghalat kardand mazerat khastand. It is not their place to apologize. It is an insult to all Iranians (if they very thought about it, beyond their noses).

Mr. Fozolie