Two-state the only solution, but not much of it!


Two-state the only solution, but not much of it!
by Arash Monzavi-Kia

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The two-state solution which is being slowly and painfully implemented is the only viable solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict, but not much of a solution either. 

 Integration of the occupied territories (OT) Palestinians into Israel is impossible. Holding on to those territories and maintaining the Palestinians in a state of apartheid is a failed policy. Therefore, for Israel to survive as an Open Society, it has to sever its ties to the OT. 

 Neither Egypt nor Jordan are willing to take over the most challenging task of governing the OT, therefore, the only viable remaining solution is an independent Palestinian state (IPS). 

 Unfortunately, the formation of IPS has been and will be mired by unreasonable demands, paranoid suspicions and militaristic fundamentalism, from both the Arab and the Israeli side. 

 The Jewish population will try to keep the best parts of OT and draw a wall around the scarce resources and water available. The Palestinians will keep demanding right-of-return to their ancestral lands and confiscated properties. The two sides will clash for years and years to come, until a bloody border is established, most probably on a de facto basis. 

 Consequently, the new IPS which will be starved of most of the choice land and water resources in the West Bank, will remain poor, bitter and militant. The general populace, when faced with the dire outcome of making a meager living out of the arid lands, will blame its secular and moderate leaders for cutting a 'humiliating' deal with the devil. 

 The Islamist fervor will continue to grow, with the promise of getting revenge for the atrocities past and conspiracies present. The radicalized IPS will maintain a hostile posture against Israel, will harbor terrorist groups and will facilitate raids on what they believe is the rest of the occupied territories. There is still enough fuel to get this unholy fire going, for another 60 years!



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Mehdi Mazloom

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

stop insulting me, be a professional and get your fact straight.

First of all if yu can't read then don't accuse. I have never accused Israel as an occupier but I have condemned certain action by them as I did with the Palestinians.

Second, I am not an Iranian apologist, I am 100% Iranian and I will not apologize for it.

I use my real name unlike you who is hiding under some other name.

Third, Iranian people have done nothing to the people of Israel or as a matter of fact to their neighbors.

Finally, Iran has all the rights to those islands as well as the name Persian gulf.

Now be professional and don't call names and try to stick with the argument.

I have always defended Iranian Jews and Iranian minorities against the tyrant. At he same I have been outspken against the apartheid regime of Israel and the terrorist governmnet of Palestine under Arafat and now Hamas.

To be hones that is not my problem or even the Iranian problem.

We in Iran have our own issues and I hope our damn governmnet will vanish so that we the Iranian people can take over.

Zendeh bad Iran and we never apologize for Iran

Mehdi Mazloom

amir - Abu Musal Islands

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Notwithstanding  what you  or Iranian apologist may claim ownership to these 3 Island. My point was that, there is always some one, somewhere whom consider Iran as an OCCUPIER" of a land belongs to some one else.. Exactly as you and others accuse Israel for "occupying" the  Palestinian land.

I for one, do not think we (the Israelis) should keep our hold onto the entire WB. Except few large settlements there, we should give the rest, along with some part of the Arab quarters in E. Jerusalem to Fatah, Help with financial aid to those Pals in the  refugee camps in Lebanon & Syria to settle, either in the new state of Palestine, or other Arab (and Iran) who will agree to absorb them.

This agreement is predicated upon, a) the new state will be a state ruled by laws and deocracy. b) that will mark the end of all hostilities. andmore more claims and counterclaim from either sides.


Mehdi Mazloom

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

their previous prime minister (now in comma) was charged with illegal land
confication and the list goes on.

Ah, speaking of "illegal confiscation of land". Shouldn't we also talk about the Iran confiscation of the 3 Abu Musa Islands from Abu Dahbi?

I had to make a comment on that. What are you talking about? Iran confiscated the Islands? where do yo get your facts from Aljazeera or your Arab connections.

Sorry but everything else you said I agree but don't sell Iran out.

Dubai, Bahrain and all the other Arab islands used to at one point belong to Iran.

Please get your facts straight.

Mehdi Mazloom

shafa - speaking of REAL cancer in ME

by Mehdi Mazloom on

you write:

Their current prime minister is charged with corruption, their
ex-president is charged with rape of more than 4 women employees,

Mister, this is the way a law and order society tell everyone - NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. When was it last time we have seen similar acts have been done throughout the Arab & Islamic state.

their previous prime minister (now in comma) was charged with illegal land
confication and the list goes on.

Ah, speaking of "illegal confiscation of land". Shouldn't we also talk about the Iran confiscation of the 3 Abu Musa Islands from Abu Dahbi?

The solution will come with the awakening
of the people in the West. Without their support Israel will have to
face the reality and change.

Also, the solution for the oppressive Mullahs over innocent Iranians  will come with the awakening
of the people in Iran. Without their support these despotic and corrupt Mullahs will have to face the reality and leave.

The rest of your post, is not worthy of further comment.


Israel has grown like a cancer in Middle East backed by a re-

by Shafa (not verified) on

actionary-racist ideology of zionism and billions of dollars of donated money plus the full backing of all the old and new colonial powers of the west. This cancerous entity destroys anything on its way even if it is her own prime minister (Rabin) who was assassinated in front of thousands in a public square.

Their current prime minister is charged with corruption, their ex-president is charged with rape of more than 4 women employees, their previous prime minister (now in comma) was charged with illegal land confication and the list goes on.

This is a sick sociey and is getting sicker every day. Look at the wall the have errected, the Gaza strip they have blockaded, the atomic bombs they have constructed. The solution will come with the awakening of the people in the West. Without their support Israel will have to face the reality and change.


agression, hate, domination and military are not solutions

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on


At the end of the day how did IRA the most notorious terrorist or freedom fighters depending who you ask but eventually decided to lay out arms and talk peace and then economy.


Both parties agreed without any condition. That is diplomacy and solution delivered negotiations.

Until both Palestinian leaders or Israelis do not think that way there will be no peace. It is like a marriage relationship both must agree and one must consent.

The concept is very simple but the delivery is difficult, since there are many variables until those variables are not identified and confronted peace will not happen.

Israelis are obligate since they are more powerful and the dominant nation to respect the dignity of their citizens at the same time Palestinians must recognize that the only way they will succeed is by negotiating with their neighbor Israel.



by Ajam (not verified) on

As Obama once said about the rural pensylvanians that "they cling to their guns nd religion out of despair," same goes for Palistinians for the majority of whom all that matters is to have prosperity and the right to determine their own destiny. Yet, this legitimate desire is turned to despaire and humiliation inflicted by imperialist powers and their opportunist proxies who have also supressed numerous peace initiatives by the secular, progressive portion of Israeli populace.

Dispite attempts by the reactionary minorities on both sides to try to make it about outdated religious claims on the "holy land" and "the chosen people," the struggle remains a remnant of the greater regional strife against colonialism. Indeed in absence of a fair solution to the Palestinian issue, there would be no end in sight for the "war on terror" charade that keeps on draining blood and terasure out of the parties involved!


That wall is histpry reapeating itself

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Dear Readers;

In late 30's as well as early 40's greatest crime was carried out by the Nazi'z against the great Jewish people.

Similar walls were built in order to separate the Jewish people from the rest of the town.

Walls existed in Dresden (former east German city), Nurenberg, Muenchen (munich) and other European cities. The walls were very high, made up from concrete with barb wires to prevent fleeing and interaction between jews and non-jews.

In 1960's Hoenecker the east German leader ordered Stasi to built a wall around Berlin dividing est Berlin from the west Berlin. many east German got killed by fleeing. The wall actually was built sometimes through houses, dividing houses. This is true and weird.

Apartheid of South Africa did built very similar protections from separating blacks and whites.

This wall built by Israelis is nothing but hate and many bad memories.

Israel is turning to an apartheid state that is discriminating its Arab citizens.

I know for fact there are many hard working, law abiding Arabs that their lives has een shatter by this ugly wall.

Jewish people have been for centuries discriminated and unfairly treated, so why are they doing =it to others? Shouldn't they have had learned what hate, torture, division does?

I do understand the Israeli's concern about Arab militants and Arab terrorist who hate so much that they kill anything.

However, the wall is not the solution.

Walls, hatred, division and injustice are not the answer.

if Israeli governmnet really wants peace they can make it happen. Jewish people are great people and they can bring peace if hey really want to.

I hope they do.

Amir Nasiri

Mehdi Mazloom

Q - Get your facts straight.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

1. The name "Palestine" was given to the region by the Roman Empire, following their destruction of Jews holy Temple in Jerusalem in 73 ACE, and subsequent exile of its inhabitants from the country. Rome's objective was to make it impossible for Jews to return to their ancient land.

2. Palestine was name of a REGION, (just as much as "Middle East", or "Gulf" regions). It included part of  today's Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Not a particular state or a country.

If the Muslims were "Palestinains", so were the Jews and Christian whom have had much longer and deeper roots in this region, then the Muslim population.

If one used your logic, then many Lebanese and Syrians (non refugees) today should also call themselves "Palestinians". They don't.

3. Back in 1940's, and before the British mandate had divided the region into those state as  we know them today, Palestine did not belong to any one particular group. No Jews, or Muslims, or Christians.

As I stressed it before, the land in today's Israel was owned by 3 different groups - none of which were the Arabs who now call themselves "Palestinians".

a) Ottoman Empire (which in 1918 was disintegrated by the British and French)

b) Wealthy Arab absently landowners. They bought the land from the Turks, and were leasing them to the local Arab farmers. The same people whom now  call themselves "Palestinians"

c) 7% was purchased by Jews, through the Rothschild family fund.

4. Here is another  important revelation. Prior to 1967, and while under the Jordanian and Egyptian rules, those Arabs living throughout the WB, E. Jerusalem and Gaza, they never identified, nor called themselves as "Palestinians". Rather "Arab refugees". 

It was only after they came under Israeli rule, during which they called themselves Palestinians" with insidious purpose to lend credibility to their claim of ancestral link to the region.

I invite you to read the  history book from unbiased sources to see it for yourself.

You give way too  much credit to the Pals then they deserve.



by behmanchea on



Those who have had no roots in 2000 years

why would they be able to spring roots by using force, injustice and deceit.

Why should Palestinians reward those (Zionist Israelis) who use force and kill Palestinians only to steal Palestinian land?

While the world over, people have to work a life time to be able to afford a roof over their head if they are lucky.

Why the Palestinians have to give up their land and rights.

We all make choices in life and we have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

Zionist who chose to take Palestinian lands by force, they have chosen to give a legacy of war to their children.  So let, their children live in fear.

Justice is the solution.

Other wise, those who choose force, must be met with force of a multi-generational war; A billion man war. let it burn for generations all the way from Russia and Morocco to Syria and Lebanon.

Let them pay the price for choosing to kill the innocent and the weak.

Today, if we do not stop the injustice, Tomorrow, we all have to pay a far worst price as in  Iraq.


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One state solution

by Q on

That's the human option. Look at South Africa. Berlin proved that walls can't last.

Mehdi: Arafat was a Palestinian. Gaza and West Bank are part of Palestine which used to be joined according to the 1948 partition. The majority of all Palestinians elected HAMAS, in internationally recognized fair elections, this includes the West Bank.

Your attempt to deny Palestinian nationality (by saying they Are "Egyptians" and "Jordanians") is particularly laughable since 100% of the founding Israeli leadership was born in Europe, it took decades to have even one single Middle East born Prime Minister (Rabin). Even now over 95% of the Jewish MKs are second and third generation immigrants.

Mehdi Mazloom

3 State solution.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

it looks that PLO and Hamas have gone their separate way. Hamastan in Gaza and Fatahland in WB.

To be frank, the people of WB had very little in common with those in Gaza. The truth is, the people in Gaza are Egyptians (remember that the late Arafat himself was an Egyptian (Born and raised in Egypt), not a Palestinian.

The Arabs in West Bank are Jordanians. They consider themselves more urban and cosmopolitans, better educated and contemporary. They loath those Arabs in Gaza whom the WB considered a getto and backwards. Therefore, the separation between Hamas and PLO  was not manifested by geography alone, rather, cultural and political ideology differentiating these two "Palestinian groups.

Israel decision to withdraw from Gaza back in August 2005, was well calculated, designed to implement the already fragmented Palestinian entity, and box in the fundamentalist Hamas into a corner. Separate the bad apple from the good one. After which the Israel and the West can handle Hamas much more effective then before.

It looks we are heading towards 3 state solution, instead of 2. West Bank will prosper as an independent and secular Arab state with its capital set in parts of E. Jerusalem. 

As for Hamas, since it got 100% of its land back. It has no tangible claim on more land from Israel then it already has. Therefore dealing with it with iron fist (and Israel will do just that), will be far more palatible and justifiable then before.