Authenticity of FBI photo in doubt

Authenticity of FBI photo in doubt
by Ari Siletz

A handful of Iran analysts have questioned the authenticity of FBI's famous "smoking guns"  photograph purportedly showing Mansour Arbabsiar and his cousin during a Quds training operation. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton however maintains, "You can't photoshop this stuff; just ask Kayhan managaing editor, Hossein Shariatmadari." Shariatmadari could not be reached for comment.


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Good one Ari

by divaneh on

Is it real or just another photoshop job?

persian westender

Excellent observations, Ari!

by persian westender on

No more comment...:-)


Multiple Personality Disorder

Laughing my ass off

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

He looks so mean,,,