Ebadi Nobel medal confiscation settles Cyrus Cylinder debate

Ebadi Nobel medal confiscation settles Cyrus Cylinder debate
by Ari Siletz

It is now clear that Iran’s first Nobel Prize medal would have been safer if it had stayed in Norway. Iranians now have to raise $410,000 to ransom this historic symbol from the IRI, and move it someplace where it can’t be thrown in the fire of politics. By the way, the Cyrus Cylinder better stay in the British Musem. Four hundred grand for the medal we can probably cough up; what it would cost to rescue the Cyrus Cylinder, who knows?


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Some people, especially

by Javadagha on

Some people, especially Eye-ranians are confused.  Who gave this news to the media (hint: the US media)?  How do you know this is true?  Because Yahoo news and few other sources said so?  

 If you wish to criticize IRI there are plenty of issues to talk about, but please do not use a statement from a person who is ambitious and wants to be Nelson Mandela or Gandhi without having their credentials.  

What will IRI gain by seizing the prize?  Now, what will Mrs. Ebadi gain from saying that they took her award(s)?  Hear both sides talk, then discuss who is telling the truth.   On a similar issue, Mrs. Ebadi mentioned that when she returned to Iran (with her award about six years ago) millions of people came to airport to welcome her (this is her own statement). Okay, let's accept her statement.  I am surprised why these millions of people are not defending her?  

 Where was Mrs. Ebadi before or on June 12 election? (hint: not Iran) Duh!!   The countries that broadcasted her statement about the awards missing are those that are spreading other lies (hint: VOA)   Many Eye-ranians lied to remain in the Western countries.  There should be checks and balances for freedom of speech. 

Artificial Intelligence

Excellent Analysis!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Mr. Ari,

Your conclusion that the IRR can not be trusted is right on point. Thank you for bringing up this issue.

Ari Siletz

Good idea Pedro

by Ari Siletz on

The cash value of the Nobel medal is about $8000 with today's high gold prices. It can be easily replaced.

Here's some history of Nobel medal theft:

1. Before 1980 Nobel medals were made of 23 carat gold. This was downgraded to 18 carats to reduce medal theft.

2. In 2004 India lost Rabindranath Tagore's 1913 literature Nobel to theft. Bangladshi guy questioned.

3. In 1985 England lost (and recovered) Kay Miller's Nobel Peace Prize.

4. In 2007 USA lost (and recovered) Ernst Lawrence's Physics Nobel.

5. During WWII, the physics Nobels of Germany's Max Laue and James Frank were smuggled out of Germany to Copenhagen for safekeeping. When Germany invaded Denmark, the medals were disolved in acid and later reconstituted to be recast.


It's not her medal

by divaneh on

It's customary for medal winners to present it to the people and say that it is not only given to me, it is given to all people of Iran, or I presnt it to the whole nation. That means it belongs to the country and government was right to confiscate the nation's property that she had nicked and deposited in a safe.  If she did not follow the customs to share it with the rest of us, then she has been very rude and deserved to lose it. What's all the hoo-ha for?


Void the old medal,

by pedro on

Why was the medal sent to Iran in the first place? Is Shirin badi in Iran? I do not get it?

Why not just void the medal sent to Iran, consider it lost, and produce a new one and invite shirin Ebadi to Norway and hand it to her.

Am I missing something?



by Princess on

Couldn't agree with you more.


Darius Kadivar

Absolument !

by Darius Kadivar on

Good Points Monsieur Ari ...

Loved your Art Work too ;0)



Multiple Personality Disorder

You're a genius

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Well said and well done.  IRI regime has proven once again that they can not be trustworthy.  No one has ever held a Nobel Prize hostage before; come to think of it, did anyone ever hold an embassy hostage before Khomeini did it?