Facebook "like" savaab daareh!

Facebook "like" savaab daareh!
by Ari Siletz

The IRI has changed its tune regarding Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani's apostasy conviction. Gilan's deputly governor, Gholamali Rezvani, now says, "No one is executed in Iran for their choice of religion...He is a Zionist and has committed security-related crimes.” He adds that Nadarkhani's execution is not imminent. This may be taken as a sign that the IRI is begining to respond to international pressure for the relase of Nadarkhani. But this pressure has to be kept up or the noose around the young man's neck may tighten again. Unfortunately Nadadkhani's Facebook page has only about 500 "likes" so far. Now that we have some evidence that the IRI responds to outside pressure regarding this case, a low level of support on a site that the IRI likely monitors can backfire. Please visit Nadarkhani's Facebook page and show him some support.  Savaab daareh!


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Ari Siletz

So they have, Yolanda

by Ari Siletz on

A modern day Perfectus. Though I very much hope Nadarkhani can achieve sainthood without becoming a martyr.



by yolanda on

Hi Ari,

     This is the biggest Nadarkhani support site on facebook with 12,700 members:


So apparently Christians have found their hero in an Islamic country!

Ari Siletz

Found them, Yolanda

by Ari Siletz on


Lots of Hispanic names. This Persian page has an interesting exchange. Someone says she spits on [Islam] for doing this, and someone else says to please keep the language so that the page can be recommended to other friends.



by yolanda on



by yolanda on

Hi Ari,

      Please search "Nadarkhani" on facebook, you will see 59 Nadarkhani websites......most of the sites post his photo....I don't see any Farsi websites.......If I see it, I don't understand anyway.......:O)......the foreign languages are probably German, French, Spanish, etc....they spell his name "Nadarkhani"....it is easy to figure out! I agree with you that most of his supporters are Christians.....some of the sites ask people to pray for him!

Ari Siletz

Thanks Yolanda for your effort

by Ari Siletz on

I see three pages, two in English and one in Farsi, totaling about a thousand. How can I fix my Facebook settings see the pages in other languages? Which language has the most supporters?



by yolanda on

I just visited facebook and I counted there are 59 Nadarkhani support websites. Some of the sites are constructed in foreign languages. I counted the "likes" and members of Nadarkhani websites totaling 17000 people! This guy does have a lot of support on facebook beyond Iranian borders. I believe he is still alive! Thank God! I hope he will be released soon!


Ari Siletz

Many thanks folks,

by Ari Siletz on

We're doing our part. In just a couple of days, the page has gone from about 500 to about 700. Interestingly, still not that many Iranian names under the discussion "likes" and comments--the protest voices are still overwhelmingly non-Iranian. I compared Pastor Nadarkhani's page with Nasrin Sotoudeh's Facebook support page (about 14000 "likes"). Sotoudeh's page has been up quite a while longer, so a straight comparison isn't reasonable. But the ratio of Iranian to non-Iranian supporters does not depend on the absolute number. Nasrin's facebook supporters are overwhelmingly Iranians.

Don't know what to make of these stats yet. One conclusion could be that it's still a Muslim vs. Christian thing even among non-religious Iranians. A rival conclusion could be that pro-democracy Iranians are sick of religion--any religion! 


We are at 524 now, liked

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

keep it up.

Jahanshah Javid

Life is sacred

by Jahanshah Javid on


Thanks Ari.

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I hope this little "action" would help his case.



by yolanda on

I just clicked "like" in his webpage! I am #511!

IRI is using her old tactic: lying!

When Sakineh's stoning sentence outraged the world, IRI and AN said she was never given the stoning sentence! blah, blah, blah.......

Now IRI is saying that the guy is not convicted for apostasy.......he is convicted for rape........Give me a break! IRI thinks we are retards!

It seems to me that IRI still wants to kill this guy, but IRI does not dare to use the word "apostasy" anymore!


Make that 506

by Tabarzin on


Mash Ghasem

به اسم آزادی

Mash Ghasem