Fast getaway cars for Regime royalty


Fast getaway cars for Regime royalty
by Ari Siletz

Despite the Iran sanctions, the auto industry in Iran is still showing positive growth partly because some foreign auto companies are still doing business with the country. Fiat, Isuzu, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota and Volvo together sell about 650,000 vehicles per year in the country. 10% of Iran's GDP comes from the auto industry making it the second-largest sector of Iran’s economy after oil. A new website has been set up by pro-sanction groups including United Against Nuclear Iran which lists each car company doing business with Iran along with some sales statistics.

What caught my eye was the Porche listing. In a five months period in 2011 Porche sold $17 million worth of luxury sports cars to Iranians. The purpose of the new website seems to be to discourage folks who will attend the 2012 New York auto show next week from doing business with these car companies. Meanwhile the stats UANI et al. have collected on the auto business in Iran makes a rare collection of interesting data which you can find here. Click on each cute car image to get info on how much business the company does with Iran.

I do wonder though how children of Regime royalty spending their pocket money on Porches could possibly help Iran's nuclear program. If anything good foreign currency that could be used for industrial infrastucture is wasted on soosool baazi. Of what possible use are Porches to keeping the Regime in power? Fast getaway cars in case of street riots? If I were UANI I would consider letting Porche off the hook. Sanctions are for bringing down honest governments; for corrupt governments let Porches flood the market!

Above image: Porche Center Tehran Opening.


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Ari Siletz

Thanks folks.

by Ari Siletz on

The sanctions on Iranians has had the effect of frightening non-Western economic powers into a more defensive posture than usual. The more the Iran sanctions succeed, the more the non-Western world will be encouraged to form political alliances which sacrifice short term economic gain for long term security against U.S. financial bullying. 

As the Chinese Commerce Minister said, China will not allow domestic laws of a country
[U.S.] to get in the way of its trade ties with Iran. As in, how do we know that the  U.S. financial blackmailing of the world will stop with the Iran sanctions? Tomorrow the pressure could be about issues more critical to China.

DNSM, I like soosool baazi too, just not when the financial well being of ordinary Iranians is under attack. As Bavafa puts it, hambastegi is the main key. 


I had always wondered...

by Bavafa on

What kind of people could afford such cars and houses in Iran if they earned their $$$$$ in an honest way.  

  The sad part is that, these folks will be effected the lease by the “crippling sanction” while ordinary people will be under that much more pressure and as a result in the mercy of ‘az ma behtaron


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Do Not Shoot Me

What is wrong with soosool bazi ?

by Do Not Shoot Me on

I happen to like the idea!


Anti-Iran lobby hits


Anti-Iran lobby hits GM-Peugeot deal




Israel and their supporters and UANI want only one thing


the crippling of Iran.

 The same people call anyone who boycots Israelis because of settliements an anti-semite. They call it counter productive. When it comes ot Iran its so productive! When it comes to Israel its the opposite!


Hypocrites, the lot of them. 



Eye Opening Blog!

by Demo on



With the ever rampant poverty, high unemployment, skyrocketting inflation, along with many other ordinary people' alms, the rgime is paying hard cash to buy luxury Porches? What is there left to trust such a revolutionary! people' regime?

PS: Santions are to strenghten the corrupt governments in their holdings of power!