Natalie Portman bio, in two different styles

Natalie Portman bio, in two different styles
by Ari Siletz

American style: 

2011 Best Actress Oscar winner for her leading role in "Black Swan," the 29 year old American-Israeli actress first gained worldwide recognition for her role in the Star Wars movie "The Phantom Menace." Though she was pushed towards the modelling profession at age 10, she insisted on a career in acting, and at age 12 made her powerful film debut in the movie "The professional." Portman began dance study when she was four...

Iranian stlye

Natalie Portman graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a B.A. degree in psychology. She also took graduate courses at Hebrew University in 2004 and has lectured at Columbia University. She graduated from High School in Long Island with a 4.0 GPA. Her father is a doctor and novelist... (some pargraphs later)...Portman has done important work as an actress, most notably winning an Oscar in 2011.


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بت شکن

It is Arabic Mr Kadivar

by بت شکن on

کوس امک  

(Kosse Ommak)

Darius Kadivar

Added credentials: French Report Card But Swears in Persian ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Nevermind the fact that she was discovered by French director Luc Besson in "Léon" aka "the professional".

"Koseh Nanat" in "arabic" and "Hebrew" ? ... 



Great Blog as usual Ari Jaan ;0)

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I would only believe Portman was a baseej if I heard it from Shariatmadari himself.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I love to meet her; sounds exciting heh. Better take a couple of blood pressure pills first :-)


According to the Islamic Republic of Iran style

by Mehrban on

MPD, I thought you are going to say that she is a Basiji.

Ari Siletz

Big LOL, MPD!!

by Ari Siletz on

Your IRI bio version is still cracking me up.


Hollywood vs. Iranian cinema

by comments on

In contrast to many people I totally support talented actors and actresses in the US.  It dares more than intelligence to become one.  They are all attractive and beautiful, and many of them are from prosperous families.  They even didn’t have to work to contribute at such a stressful job.

They lead the American culture and economy.  They entertain and make people become motivated, joyful and in high spirit. 

Can we even compare Hollywood with Iranian cinema?  Iranian movies are made for 5 years-old kids to increase their imagination power.  Iranians’ culture is far from clarity and brevity.  We have to learn how to communicate effectively, then, perhaps, we will be able to decide about our ruling government.  

Multiple Personality Disorder

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran style

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


"Natalie Portman is a Zionist bisexual lesbian, pregnant out of wedlock, who has been hard at work corrupting the minds of the youths.  Ever since childhood, with full support from her Zionist supportive parents, she has acted in films made in Hollywood, the center of Jewish entertainment industry, specifically design to prevent the impoverished people of the world from understand their true enemies, which are the great Satan America and the Zionist occupiers of Quds.  She even got an Oscar for her total sell out.  The Zionist regime that is occupying Quds must vanished from page of time, and Natalie Portman's Oscar must be melted down and be given to the oppressed people of Palestine."   

Esfand Aashena

Ari jaan very funny! Add some "fashion delusions" & it's done!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

بت شکن

Morale of the story?

by بت شکن on

American view:

Hollywood is well served by Harvard

Iranian view:

The way to Hollywood begins at Harvard



by Mehrban on

As they say; judge us by our degrees and our pedigree not by our accomplishments!  Good one Ari!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

One of my favorite .

She talks here about her love for Israel...


Love it .