Playing with Star Wars action figures

Playing with Star Wars action figures
by Ari Siletz

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How are we supposed to live?

by Escape on

  I just wonder,how we are supposed to live? Handout's from the Govt who takes it from your hand in the first place?Capitalism and Democracy to me is so natural I just think the criticism of Capitalism and Democracy is redundent.It's like complaining about the way the leaves fall.


funny and well portrayed

by mahmoudg on

good job

hamsade ghadimi

half the story

by hamsade ghadimi on

ari, you forgot the mother in the picture: socialism.  a couple of points: capitalism in the traditional sense refers to physical capital (a la marx).  in today's world, human capital and innovation also play great roles in success of individuals.  in a sense, one can argue in closed economies such as cuba or north korea who trumpet their anti-capitalist propagandas, physical capital is owned by a few at the top and they are as much as capitalists as the ones in the west.  kim il jung and his generals never miss a steak dinner and expensive after-dinner apertifs.  in islamic republic, human capital and innovation does not go a long way because the opportunity for those who are not connected to the top is asymptotically close to zero.  lack of patent and copyright laws does not give incentive for people to innovate as some other countries. therefore, in closed (or near-closed) economies, one operates more in the traditional sense of capitalism.

all countries operate in a spectrum of mixed economy.  some favor the capitalists more than others, and some favor social equity more.  unfortunatley, in the u.s., the capitalists have much more influence than i would like. the best models of mixed economy, in my opinion, are in some of the european countries. i don't subscribe to the view of pointing capitalism as evil but just as a well-developed idea that illustrates human desires: to be more well-off, to be happier by getting the means to such end. 

just remember counties who tout their anti-capitalist ideologies are not much different than reaganites who believe in the "trickle down" theory.

David ET


by David ET on

Funny :-)


Our youth is so much more creative today

by Escape on

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Good read!   


If there is going to be a salvation for corrupted capitalism it lies with its estranged offspring, democracy. Just as Luke eventually saved his father's soul from the Dark Side.  The scene in Star Wars where the emperor fails to turn Luke to the Dark Side says that in the long run the Dark Side deception won't work. Freedom will prevail. Whether it succeeds in saving the soul of capitalism...who knows. 


Good Job, Ari

by Tavana on

But the "Shining" Democracy is not a SOB! It is rather a deceptive tool used by the "Dark" Capitalism to commit all its Capital Crimes with! Is not it?