The predictions of Nostradamus regarding Egypt's rebellion


The predictions of Nostradamus regarding Egypt's rebellion
by Ari Siletz

The day after any big news event, it always turns out that Nostradamus had predicted it. If only we had bothered to decrypt his words last week, news of the recent Egyptian uprising would have rushed into our consciousness like a horde camel riders. But remorse is for losers who listen to political analysts on CNN, and BBC. Though we didn’t catch his hints in time, Nostradamus still has much to say about the history that is about to flow out of Egypt. Here are his exact words:

“The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.”

Byzantium is the place we now call Istanbul. Back in the 16th century people didn’t know what the city was going to be called in the future, so Nostradamus just called it by the name folks were used to. He is saying that the Egyptian protests will change the laws in Turkey. Forget Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, etc for the moment; the main reaction to the Egyptian events are going to happen in Turkey. The only law Turkey could change to that is relevant in this context is Sharia law. So Turkey will soon go Islamic big time, according to Nostradamus.  If you think this is far fetched, I remind you that many people didn’t believe him about 9-11 until after it happened.

The next point to bring in from the prophecy is that Egypt is waiting for a man to rise to prominence who will want to withdraw “the edict.” Only a simpleton would deny that this edict refers to the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. But this leader only wants to change the edict, the prophecy does not say if he will succeed.  The meaning is clear: his mere wanting to change the edict will cause serious upheavals. This clearly points to Israel's hawks, as they have a reputation for reacting to events that haven’t happened yet, relying instead on their own prophets of doom.

Following the decoded message so far, we see that Turkey is about to change to Sharia law as a result of something Israel does preventively. Substituting into the original wording of the prophecy, the West's right wing coaltion is seen to be the “false trumpet concealing madness.”  Trumpet is the standard prophetic reference to war or a call to arms. “Madness” means just that, and the word “False” is a definite indicator of something built on lies—in this case a fabricated war. Amazing how accurately Nostradamus describes the wars of our decade.

With me so far? This brings us to the matter of “changing money and standards.” Currently we have the European “metric” standard, which sane people use, and the “English” standard, which America is still afflicted with. Nostradamus does not say that Europe and the US will fall; he merely points out that their technology and financial system will no longer rule the world.

So here is the whole prophecy in summary:

1. A pissed off Turkey will go Sharia because Israel’s fear of what might happen will give an excuse to the West's right wing coalition to start another Iraq/Afghanistan style trumped up war.
2. This will happen because a leader will rise out of the Egypt revolt who will want to withdraw from the Israel-Egypt peace treaty.
3. When the dust settles, US and Europe will have lost their prominence in world affairs.

So says Nostradamus. As for my own opinion, I put my faith in FOX News.


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The Five

by Rea on

My dog, my cat, our two mice, and myself. My take is the cat will get them on Monday. The mice, I mean. 

Outta here, loved the blog. ;o)

PS. am very good with Turkish coffee cups, lol.


Wit or anxiety?

by incognito on

Are these really Nostradamus’s predictions or Ari’s nightmares? “Turkey will go Sharia”? Ari knows very well that Turkey’s eastward turn – a tactical move - has much more to do with its failure in joining EU, than with Islamism. However, he doesn’t mind making such a claim, particularly in the aftermath of the deadly raid on the Turkish aid flotilla.

“[T]he edict”? Since when the pact between two regimes, and not two peoples – as Fareed Zakaria put it recently – has become an “edict”? Edict by whom? And BTW, what is the likelihood of Egyptians replacing their current dictatorship with a government with the mandate to revoke the Camp David Accords? A snowfall’s chance in hell is my answer.

The Western “technology and financial system will no longer rule the world.” Whose “technology and financial system” will replace them, Ari? He is right though when he writes, “But remorse is for losers who listen to political analysts on CNN, and BBC.”



Ari, you all are much better than me in the funnies, but

by MM on

Ari, you all are much better than me in the funnies, but here is a site with a bunch of Chinese cookies jokes that you may be able to transpose


For example, from the site:

"I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame it on you."

"I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder."

transform to, e.g.:

I couldn't fix the country, so I made Mullah's horns louder.

Ye, I know; LAME


Ari Siletz

Thanks Rea

by Ari Siletz on

Didn't know the 9-11 prophecy wasn't an original Nostradamus. As as "Nosti" fan however, I welcome any franchise and look forward to his collectible action figures. Have been thinking about contributing to the franchise with a software that makes up custom Nostradamus predictions for any occasion. Shouldn't be too hard; in fact the less sense it makes the more mysterious.

Here's the Nostradamus prediction for Monday (he gets Sundays off): "The forest around the Five will shrink before the roaring beast." My take is that the Pentagon is having its lawn mowed on Monday.





Ari, with due respect

by Rea on

It is a well known internet hoax, N. Marshall. It's not even a quatrain.

Nostradamus never wrote anything of the sort, in either of the languages he'd used in his so-called prophecies: medieval French, Provençal, Latin, and Greek to a lesser extent.


It's all superstition

by Rostam on

or khorafat. But a level or two better than believing in healing miracles from some emamzadeh in some obscure place in Iran. Note that I said just a level or two better.

Ari Siletz

Some replies

by Ari Siletz on

MPD, Divaneh, Raoul1955, Monda, Anahid, IG, alimostofi, and All-Iranians: glad you dropped by the blog. Remember to always read Nostradamus before bedtime; this way you don't have to read the morning paper.


Some specifics:


Rea: Nostradamus did predict 9-11. "In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb." It can't be any clearer. The fortress is the Statue of Libery which was not hit, and the great leader who succumbed was Saddam. And they say Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11!


HG: Hafez's best prophecy for Iran. Resid mozhdeh ke ayyaam gham...


DM: JJ moves around too much in the world and even Nostradamus couldn't get a fix on him.


Souri: Happy Birthday! I will always love you too.


MM: Fortune cookies, is a great blog idea. Do you have some in mind for Ahmadinejad, Obama...?


SamSamIIII: Nostradamus is always best when served fresh and hot. Would never serve his guests chaii brewed in 1919?



Nostradamus , my interpretation of his hokus pocus

by SamSamIIII on

 From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards

 If anything to interpret this hocus pocus why not consider Egypt 1919 great popular revolution which led to Egypt total independence, via the British Edict granting sovereignty to Egypt, changing of the money & standards ?. Brilliant haa ;)? or better yet how about Egypt's revolution of 1952... :)Yet if one might want to inject Israel or neocons into everything then all be it, different folks, different strokes. cheers!!!


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Prediction is easy

by divaneh on

I normally suck my finger and then keep it above my head to predict the future, and it does wonder. Thanks for your intelligent analysis Ari, I just wish and hope that you and Nostradamus are wrong and we have seen the last of the resurgence of medieval religions.



by Rea on

I wonder if Nostradamus knew where the Adriatic sea was, let alone made any prophecy.

In case you can't locate it:


Cheers. ;o) 


Why not look at this one as

by alimostofi on

Why not look at this one as well. Scroll down to number 86:


Wreck for the fleet near the Adriatic Sea:
The land trembles stirred up upon the air placed on land:
Egypt trembles Mahometan increase,

The Herald surrendering himself is appointed to cry out. 

Ali Mostofi




Ari, I'm with you so far, But

by Monda on

I see Dem Now and underground sources in your future, rather than Fox (even though I got the pun:). Very Enjoyable blog, Thank you.

Immortal Guard

Let's Rock This Joint!

by Immortal Guard on


Seriously, Chinese fortune cookies r much better predictors!

by MM on



Monday morning quarterbacking is very easy

by MM on

It would have given Nostradamus a lot more credibility if his followers actually came out and predict the events beforehand!  Or any other even, for that matter.


Dear Ari

by Souri on

I don't have much time now, but very fast and hastily:

Nostradamus was not even known worldly before the 90's. Those who had previous plan (political ones) made him known and built some interpretation of his predictions, to make people (the more naive ones :)) believing that things will happen due to the faith and destiny.

In fact, the same people (CIA) are continuously creating propaganda and rumours about some other predictions of Nostradamus, but I don't believe a word of that. Because the ones who have the most predictable truth, are the ones who have plans for the future of the world.

I believe more in "Angles and Demons" than in Nostradamus predictions which are mostly ambiguous and not clearly detailed. I had read a book about Nostradamus predictions in the 80's when I was in France. Nothing really objectively significant.

I may be back to this trend later. Have fun :)

BTW: You didn't greet me for my BD, why? LOL

Doesn't matter. I will always love you :)



by Doctor mohandes on

I hate to get off track here and derail this blog...

First : Propose a Good size mehrieh for the Magasak and rest-assured he will put his tail on his kool and leave you alone for good. Problem solved!

Dovomandesh.. Arz shava ke.

Given Mr. Comrade's Knack for such professionally confusing comments. I think you are right on the money on this one.

But. Think about setting Up a huge, I mean Megasize Dowery when gets down on one knee for you.



by Doctor mohandes on

So therefore...

I am inductively reasoning and deductively and logically conclude that You are wrong pal. :)

Just you wait and see...

Anahid Hojjati

Ok Rea, I will promise that...

by Anahid Hojjati on

That even if I will elope, I will not empty my husband's account. Actually, presently there is no husband. Albateh dar shahr peeshnehadatee boodeh such as one from Marhoum Kharmagas. However, I am afraid if I accept his proposal, he will comment that my acceptance of his proposal has been the first smart decision that I have made in my life. The relation between my comment and Ari's blog is that many events in life happen when you least expect them and sometimes events don't even happen. If this comment is confusing, blame it on the fact that I have read too many comments written by comrade.

hamsade ghadimi

i don't know about you ari

by hamsade ghadimi on

i don't know about you ari but i get all my prophecy needs from hafez.


Doctor mohandes:

by Raoul1955 on

Postdiction is when some folks begin deciphering the so-called 'predictions' after the fact.  LOL

Well, [it is] not possible to see into the future although one can use deductive logic based on inductive reasoning to 'predict' that if a muslim majority nation adopts 'democracy' that it [the muslim nation] becomes a repressive and oppressive society...


Anahid n Dr Mohandes

by Rea on

In French they call it: "après-coup".

Whenever one of our neighbours eloped with another neighbour empting her husband's account, my late grandma used to say she'd known it all along. 


Ari Jan

by Doctor mohandes on

Any predictions on the fate of JJ and IC and what all of these events' impact will be on them?:)


I am sure The admin is eager to know.

Anahita khanoom

Maan.. I can not relate to that scenario more. Absolutely agreed. Seen it sooo many times.


Post-diction? LOL .



by Rea on

Except that Nostradamus never predicted anything, least of all Sep 11.

PS. Lot of things circulate on the net. But the number of adherents doesn't make it true though.


Great read Ari

by All-Iranians on

And what about the British & Freemasonry Connections? //



Wonderful piece!

by Raoul1955 on

I enjoyed reading it.
The guy seems to have post-dicted lots of events.  LOL  Otherwise one has to believe in a steady state universe where all events have been predetermined by some dude up in the sky.  :-)

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Ari, very interesting blog.

by Anahid Hojjati on

This reminds me of one of my relatives. After some events would happen, she would say that she had had a dream about that and would go on and detail the dream which was related to the event. However, it never occured that she told us a about a dream that she has had and based on it, she will think certain events would happen. It was always after the fact. In any case, predictions are only good if you can use them to clearly say what will happen in future. I predict couple Arab countrie will have their government changed in the next year and in Iran, Ahmadinejad will lie about how great economy is.

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

The most highly intelegent piece of wirting I have read here in the last..., well, in a long time.  You are a clever man!  Your wit is exceeded only by your intelligence.