Qazvin solar car just ahead of MIT


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by Ari Siletz


 At the end of day 3 of the 3000-kilometer Darwin to Adelaide solar car race, Qazvin Islamic Azad University is in 17th place just ahead of MIT.  There are currently 22 teams out of 37 that are still in the race. Tehran University trailered its promising Persian Gazelle on day 2 after 373 kilometers. UC Berkeley’s CalSol also trailered its entry on day 2 after 763 kilometers. UK's Cambridge entry was trailered after 615 kilometers. Canada still has University of Calgary's solar car in the race in 20th place, after losing their University of Toronto and Eclipse 7 vehicles.

At the end of day 3 the leading 5 teams are:

1    Tokai Solar Car Team       Japan               1766 km                          
2    Nuon Solar Car Team        Netherlands      1766 km                   
3    University of Michigan        USA                 1766 km        
4    Ashiya University              Japan               1492 km          
5    Aurora                             Australia           1492 km            

Turkey’s Istanbul University and Skaraya University have vehicles in 9th and 14th place respectively. Stanford Solar Project is in 11th place. Team Solar Philippines had a fire during a battery charging. Fortunately the driver was not in the car at the time and no one was injured. They are hoping to fix the car and continue.

The cars drive during daylight between 8 AM to 5 PM and are limited to 110 kilometers per hour, even though some can exceed 130 kilometers per hour. Above is a video from the first day of the race.

Go Qazvin!


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We Need a Solar Paykan

by HHH on

A solar Paykan would beat all teams, just imagine mixing sun with kan. It'll be a Ferrari of solar vehicles.


It's generally a good idea to let Ghazvini be ahead :-)

by Disenchanted on



Ari Siletz

Update at end of day 4

by Ari Siletz on

1. Tokai University        Japan

2. Nuon Solar Car Team  Netherlands

3. University of Michigan  USA

4. Solar Team Twente     Netherlands

5. Ashiya University   Japan 




17 Qazvin Azad University  Iran

Philippines is back in the race after yesterday's battery fire and is in 22nd place. Good job!

Good sun, but some wind.


This is rather impressive...

by Bavafa on

Congrats to all them but specially to the Iranian team.

 And thanks to Dear Ari for always bringing us news and info of positive and interest.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Fatollah on

what comments  >:-D

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Ari khan thanks for the clip and

2 thumbs up for our Irani friends;hope they just don't try to ask for asylum there.

Australia don't have a good report on that .


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Maybe that's why Tehran dropped out early. They must know something the others don't. Best of luck to the Qazvin team, however way you want to look at it.


not bad

by MM on

but I think the ghazvin team, for some unknown reasons, intentionally tries to stay behind.