Test your "artithmetic" skills

Test your "artithmetic" skills
by Ari Siletz

How many Iranian terrorist victims can you count in this picture?. 


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the rhetoric is comedic, but empty..

by YMJ on

As usual... 


For actual grown ups who don't live in movies and understand how intelligence services of countries like America and Israel operate, it was obvious from the beginning that this was a targeted killing in order to create an 'image' of a revolt and a marketting tool for anti-IR propaganda.

The fact that the person video taping it didn't even flinch, is one indicator, The fact that the person video taping didnt even turn around to try and video tape the shooter, which any vigilant person would, is an indicator. The fact that it was a beutiful young westernized women, is another indicator. The fact that it was immediatly sent out of Iran in less than 24 hours, (which normal people couldn't, since all interenet and communication lines were shut down) is another indicator. The fact that the person above Neda, flew into Iran and the next day flew out of Iran, is another indicator.


But let's put away our logics here; it seems the media and it's psychological manipulative techniques have turned you and the rest of you into zombies who can't for once think rationaly and logically. 

 Keeping yourself in a bubble surrounded by like minded people, will only make you ignorant. But if you burst the bubble and talk to others who are not in the same sociademographic group as yours, you'd see how far of the mark you are. 


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

HTG  got it right.

I think the ones behind it are trying to push Iran into a more gharashmeesh as possible so the RR(Rapist Republic) can prolong its existence.

p.s the trees are for hanging; how many I dunno.



Post Modern Moral Ambiguity, and Pakistanization of Iran

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

As others have mentioned, the juxtaposition of Neda's picture with a high ranking Basiji creats its own interpretive difficulties and distorions. Of course in the Post Modern universe we are led to belive that all values are held equal, all deaths equal, a basic leveling of almost all moral distinctions.

As far as Basiji crowd; suffice it to say that the  cohorts of the 'victime' (in here) were the ones responsible for the case of Taraneh Musavi, and perhaps a hunderd others we yet don't know about.

One point we probably all could agree upon is how a process of Pakistanization of Iran might have begun. Prevalence of unsolved terrorist acts augment such a process. 

P.S. Almost forgot, the correct number is actually 75,000,000.

Terrorism is defined as acts of organized violence, in that regard IR's history is well known, hence the number above.



Molla is that you?

by Faramarz on

Molla Nasredin is back as YMCA!

Yeah, Neda was a Black Chador Operation, killed in broad daylight and in front of the whole world.


Neda was a black ops operation, but your blinded by hate!

by YMJ on


You people still think that the US/Israel wouldn't murder someone and get someone to video tape it, just so they could play with your minds? They have done it before and they will do it again! 

 US doesn't have a problem with murdering people. It's naive to think the US is some sort of savior and doesn't video tape a killing in order to frame a regime which they find a threat to their global dominance. 

 For their global dominance, they have assasinated numerous people in order to meet their political agenda. They have even used nuclear bombs, depleted uranium, sold chemical weapons to saddam, forced sterilizations..etc the list is endless, but what's the point? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.. unless its the evil IRI. 


It's funny how some people go in the corner of the worlds strongest superpower and somehow think they are 'brave', or fighting a good cause, when that same superpower is hated by its own people and the people of the world.  

 I'm waiting for the rhetoric and the sensationalism of some members here, who clearly are brainwashed beyond belief.  



New Math, Old Math

by Faramarz on

Based on the “New Math”, one might say that the right answer to your puzzle is 3. But based on the “Old Math” the right answer is actually 70 million.

In the face of Neda, one can see how the hopes and aspirations of an entire generation have been terrorized and the youth of today’s Iran have been forced to take their fears and ambitions to the relative safety of their basements.

In the face of the little kid, you see a new generation of Iranians who will become the victims of the Regime’s terror and if allowed they will be robbed of their future.

And in the face of the Basiji man, you see how the Regime can turn a group of Iranians into the instrument of its terror and at the end make them the victims of such terror.


There are three in this picture…

by Bavafa on

But I can see many more, hundreds of thousands perhaps if this dangerous game continues.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by jirandoust on

Oh pleeeeeease....give me a break!!!


Shame and disgrace....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

On the munsters who have the impudence to put the picture of Neda agha soltan, next to the one belonging to a comrade of her murderer....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Oon Yaroo

"...by whose standard!?..." By IAEA's!

by Oon Yaroo on

IRR has no credibility!


Illegal and Clandestine?

by jirandoust on

Illegal and clandestine operation by whose standard? U.S., Britain, France or Israel? There are enough nuclear warheads between these countries to blow up planet earth a few hundred times. They are not qualified to set such standards.


Only One

by jmyt17 on

Neda the only one here,

he was working for them, let is know or share who are them??


Oon Yaroo

Three! And IRR is responsible for all of their demise!

by Oon Yaroo on

1) Neda, for killing her!

2) The Basiji guy, for luring him in to carry out illegal and clandestine operations!

3) And the little boy, for luring in his father to carry out illegal and clandestine operations!


Anonymous Bugger

The only victim I see here is me

by Anonymous Bugger on

having suffered reading DiSandisChanted's hezbo drivel babble waffle rabble.



Ari Siletz

One, two, three

by Ari Siletz on

Agree with Souri, Disenchanted on the count. Agree with yolanda on the sadness. Agree with Pendar on adjective ambiguity in English grammar: try, "nude art museum director."



Of literamatics

by پندارنیک on

Does "Iranian" refer to the terrorist or to the victims?



by yolanda on

Very sad that the little boy is fatherless!


I see 3...

by Disenchanted on


      That little kid is also a victim.

Of course technically speaking Neda was not a victim of terrorism as she was killed by an ignorant thug who was identified but released.



I see three...........

by Souri on

One is yet not  dead, though!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.