Test your "artithmetic" skills

Test your "artithmetic" skills
by Ari Siletz

How many Iranian terrorist victims can you count in this picture?. 


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Logic and more logic

by Siavash300 on

"You guys label your opposition and just use rhetoric. This is what happens when you are confronted with logic." YMJ

The logic is that those retarded unshaven, stinky people who occupied Iran for 3 decades do NOT know about the military power of U.S.  Some one should explain this simple fact to them. Some one who lived in western world for a while, for example in Canada, and he/ she is familiar with westerner way of thinking and U.S military capbalities, it's power.  What part of this statement is illogical? please enlighten me if I am wrong. This is the same miscalculation that Saddam Hossain and Gaddafi did when they choosed to fight with U.S. They both miscalculate power of U.S and they both were killed. Not only that they were the cause massacre of many innocent people as well. What part of this is illogical? I am surprise one can't see this. It is very simple. No complication. It happened not long ago in Iraq and Lybia. I don't want my country men and women innocently get killed. What is illogical about this? I don't have connection with those idiots, but I just found out someone on this site who traveled to Iran recently. That makes me think he/she can relate easily to them and is able to speak their language, so I am humbly asking to inform them to avoid war with American. What is illogical about this? NO WAR. I don't want my people get killed by U.S forces. That is it.  


Iranian khuzistan contains arabs..

by YMJ on

but you clearly don't know this because your a racist bigot! 


more sensationalism and rhetoric...

by YMJ on

You guys label your opposition and just use rhetoric. This is what happens when you are confronted with logic.  

Failing to see Iranian social demographics and what people adhere to, has resulted in 30 years of "regime is falling" and nothing has happened. You can continue to repeat yourselves like a broken record for the next 30 years ! 

 'Terror cell' oh please! Terrorists are those who are advocating the killing of 'islamist', which is a vague term and actually has no value. 

 I also find it amusing that people think they are somehow brave by allying themselves with the worlds largest empire, the worlds largest spender on military and the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism. 

The same 'islamists' that IR is against, the US funds, like wahabis in saudi arabia and the taliban in afghanistan.

Some people are pure dictators and can not stand to hear an opposing voice, they want to drown it and even advocate their killing. Some how these people think they are "democratic".


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, 

you will succumb in every battle”  


After 30 years, you people don't know the enemy nor yourselves, that is why 30 years and you haven't been able to do anything... except use rhetoric and propaganda to justify your short commings when confronted with someone who thinks differently then yourself.



The child in the picture looks like ARAB

by Siavash300 on

The child looks like Arab than Iranian kid.


Siavash: Great advice to a

by vildemose on

Siavash: Great advice to a possible terror cell in the US. I would also add that this agent tell his brethern that when you play with big dogs expect to be bitten hard and take responsibility for the consequences of your actions instead playing the victims card time and again.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Good advise, please do something about it.

by Siavash300 on

"....For once, just put hate aside and look at things from a completely neutral perspective, go to a different buble, step outside of the box you put yourself into and talk to 'basiji's and 'hezbollahi's, that you have painted the brush of every IRI supporter with." YMJ

That is great advise. So please inform those idiots who occupied Iran to avoid war. Since you have better connection with those retarded peole, you can explain for them the power of U.S marin, seal and army. The idiots are so wrapped in their grandiose delusion and hate, as you are saying,  that they are not aware of U.S technology and it's capabilities. They miscalculate and under estimate U.S  capabilities the same as Saddam or Ghaddafi did. They're putting lives of million Iranians in danger. They should step outside of their box and wake up to the real world.  




شرط مصطفی برای ازدواج با همسرش



This is an interesting article and an insight into the life of the Basiji nuclear guy. Here is how his friend describes his marriage proposal

یکی از دوستان نقل می‌کرد که شرط ازدواج مصطفی با همسرش این بوده که اگر یک روز ازدواج کردیم و من خواستم به لبنان بروم و شهید شوم حق نداری جلوی من را بگیری.

Like many IR-friendly people on this site, these guys' purpose in life is not Iran and Iranians and the future and well-being of our motherland. To them Iran is an ATM that you draw money to pursue your passion in Lebanon, Israel or Palestine



hasn't the term 'dying regime' been used since the 80's?

by YMJ on

 just to let you guys know i am not iranmilitaryforum.net who posted here. I have the same username, YMJ, there as well. 

 The level of rhetoric and sensationalism doesn't seem to cease. It seems like there is no rationality amongst some people. This government, even during the war and civil war of the 80's couldn't be taken down. It's here to stay. Everyone has realized this, that is why many have now gone under the banner of "reformists". 

  i find it amusing that people think anyone who supports the Islamic Republic is an agent. Oh and i also support hezbollah, they are a democratic government in Lebanon and were able garner 51 percent of the popular votes there.... anyway, anyone who actually knows me, understands i'm anything BUT an agent of the Islamic Republic. I'm way too open and out there. I just believe if others are advocating democracy, they should at least listen to others, instead of label them as agents. By that definiton anyone who opposes the IR is a zionist, KKK, American, engilisi vatan foroosh.. see how it works? It goes both ways! 

Under today's circumstances where Iran is under imminent threat from all around its borders, (just take look at US military bases), i beleive there should be unity. Considering we have a leader, we should gather around him, even if we don't like it, because this is not a video game, once the bombs go flying, it'll be your family members who end up dead in tehran/shiraz/esfahan/yazd, etc..


The warmongerers who brought you death and destruciton in Iraq and afghanistan won't dare bomb Iran if they see unity, especially under Khamenei.  This would scare the daylights out of them. Just imagine? 

 But ofcourse, we are misguided by hate, bigotry, and demagogy and some even by islamophobia. Even though most of our country are muslims who believe in and practice islam. 

 From my perspective of things and the conclusions i have reached after traveling to Iran and back for the last 10 years, is that this is the best governing system possible in Iran.

 You might wonder why? If anyone bothered to read my posts, it's because it creates unity under Islam, while unity under nationalism would seem to be good, it only create divisions due to the many ethnic groups. Nationalism tends to be racist or leads to racism. Just look at Germany, America, UK etc 

 The US/UK want to break up Iran and partition it, they are not even hiding this. However, the only way they can succede is if they install a nationalist government there who looks down upon the other ethnic groups and neighbours. 

 I really hope some people here have a bit more common sense. Hate only blinds you. For once, just put hate aside and look at things from a completely neutral perspective, go to a different buble, step outside of the box you put yourself into and talk to 'basiji's and 'hezbollahi's, that you have painted the brush of every IRI supporter with. 



I take it back - IMF (now YMJ) has been posting in the News

by Onlyiran on

section.  It looks like I have been instinctively ignoring him, as I often do with all other IRI rif raf.  That being said, barring him being an actual IRI government spambot, which could raise legal issues and Vildemose said, I don't have a problem with him posting whatever he wants.  I'm all for free speech.  Plus, his devotion to a dying regime is quite entertaining.  It's like watching a train wreck over and over and over...  It has that dark comical quality to it. 


Does anyone know how to

by vildemose on

Does anyone know how to check whether Iraninamilitaryforum is funded and supported by IRGC??

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

where is the proof that a poster-user is an IRI official?

Even I've been called a Basijiwhatnot on this site, which is how people shoot themselves very seriously in the foot on this site: imagine me being hired by an agency, ROFLM! ;)


One of my other main reasons for appreciating "dissenting" voices on this site, is that I really am in favour of "democratic", "liberal" Freedom of Expression (as long as adheres to stipulations, which protect minorities etc. )  and especially those who post news items with IRI stamps on them, just to know what's cooking: afterall it's a bit difficult to combat something without knowing what it's brewing...


Doesn't the new sanction

by vildemose on

Doesn't the new sanction state that any contact with Iranian officials, which I assume involves Iranianmilitaryforum.com, is against the law?? Where is Homland Security???

Can someone verify with DHS?? IC might get into a lot of trouble if that is true.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Tiger Lily

I see ONE terrorist!

by Tiger Lily on

Tiger Lily

YMJ, if you are back as the former Iranmilitaryforum, welcome

by Tiger Lily on


Whilst I may not agree with your views, very often, I appreciate and value your input, and if it is you, your news contributions were totally invaluable.


don't let yourself be provoked into being deleted again. 




Return of iranmilitaryforum.net as YMJ!

by Onlyiran on

Aside from the content of the comment, here's the dead give away:

"Are you the same Shirazi that posted on iranmilitaryforum.net?"

see the comment below.

Welcome back IMF.  Why aren't you posting in the News section? 



by YMJ on

Indeed. This is my signature there :

 "''melate ma neshan dade'ast ke be hadaf haye khod momen, va dar rahe on, ta nesar'e jaan eestade'ast.. chenin melati, az america va az hiiich ghodrati nemitars'ad, va be yaari'e khoda neshan khahad daad ke pirooz az on' e hagh, va momenan be hagh ast!"

- Rahbar'e moazzam'e Enghlab'e Islami Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei 


Most people find it odd, considering i grew up half of my life in canada. My own family finds it odd. But i have my reasoning. They might be valid they might be invalid, but i still have a right to support who i like, even if others don't like him. 

 Most people rather engage in some sort of demogogical, emotional, sensationalist rhetoric, rather then see why there are people who support him. Instead of just labeling everyone as 'paid agents'. They should try and find things out. If the point is to win hearts and minds, i find it really fasinating that the people who are in opposition tend to outcast a huge fragment of Iranian society and pretend they dont exist. 

 They call them murders and thieves, but have no clue who the real muderers and thieves in this world are. I mean you can beleive any form of propaganda you want, but at the end of the day if you don't realize everything around you is propaganda, your lost. 

 I came to that conclusion when i left canada and went back to Iran to play soccer. I was almost completely against the regime and people tried to scare me saying some ridiculous things, like they'll do this to you and they'll do that to you.. but non of it was factual and this made me think to myself, what is propaganda? 

The same 'hezbollahi's that i was brought up to hate and dislike, turned out to be some of the most rational and respectful people i have ever met. Even when i would be disrespectful to what they liked, they would show me respect. They understood i've been made that way through years of propaganda in canada. 

I have many friends who are not even religious who support him in Canada and i was surprised when i first started expressing my view point, to see they thought the same. Most people are afraid to express their vew due to the same sensationalism and rhetoric that is apparant on this board and some just don't think outside of the box. 

 Normally people who support him, do so because they undersand the corruption in the west and understand that no government in the world is immune to corruption.   This doesn't condone the corruption that is apparant in Iran, but if you actually start traveling there and make contacts, you'll realize who is responsible for it and i'm almost certain now its not Khamenei. 

To me he is the only one standing up for truth and justice, everyone else has ran in the corner of the west, and their record is brutal. Much more brutal than 

 Anyway, most people here will scold me for what i support and call me a basiji/hezbollahi/ bla bla, but i'm used to it and realize this is just emoitional sensationalist rhetoric due to the massive amount of propaganda they are exposed to .  

 Are you the same Shirazi that posted on iranmilitaryforum.net ?   



by BacheShirazi on

I don't want to get into your little debate with whoever, but dont I know you from Iran military forum? I'm sure I do.



You are the guy who was like" Whenever I see Khamenei stand up for truth and justice I stand up, shake my fists at the air and shout YA HUSSEIN" 


Was that you, YMJ? 


Your opposition is brainwashed.. but your not.. LMAO

by YMJ on

excellent logic there...more rhetoric and sensationalism, will only feed your ignorance. You should at least consider yourself brainwashed if you consider others brainwashed. 

 Basiji is more then just a paramilitary force, this is what exiled Iranians won't understand, because their hatered has blinded them.

 They have many branches, which span through medicine, education, construction, research, security and paramilitary. They are a volunteer force who ideologically beleive it's their duty to serve Islam and the Islamic Umma (Islamic Republic)

 Ofcourse members here will quickly use more sensationalism and rhetoric, but it's far from the truth.


IF truth is what your after; 

 Here is the truth, since i travel to Iran frequently and have grown up half my life in Iran and other half in Canada, i have a certain understanding that most people dont;

the Islamic Republic enjoys a wide range of support. It has its problems, but everyone involved has come to the conclusion that its a unifying force and give's us strategical advantage in the region because of the ideological linking with other shiites in the region.

 Even the tudeh members are now part of the IR political sphere. 

Those who oppose this government; are actually doing the work of Irans enemies who want to see it weak and not have any form of influence within the region.

Being detached from the region, especially culturally and ideologically is the biggest threat Iran could ever face and some are purposfully or ignorantly are trying to force this to happen. But they are dreaming.  

 The Islamic Republic single handedly, through its support of hezbollah in Iraq/Lebanon and Reistence forces in Afghanistan has brought sorrow to America and driven them into 15 trillion dollars of debt.

 Now they enjoy full politlcal leverage in Iraq and Lebanon and the region. 

But this comes with the Islamic Republican ideology and not a monarchist ideology since no one (at least sane person) excepts a monarachy anywhere in the world. The IR system, is completely different if you ACTUALLY look into it intellectually, not with bias and ignroant hate. 

 This site and many sites like this have created a platform which has created a bubble for many on this board and they think just because everyone else they see is thinking like them, that everyone is like them and who ever opposes their view points is a hezbollahi, or a basiji, or a paid agent. 

 By the same token, they are zionist agents, cia agents and are paid by them and brainwashed by them. 

 Sensationalism and rhetoric, ONLY keeps you ignorant. It's no wonder why after 30+ years the opposition couldn't make a dent in the Islamic Republic, they have no idea how the average people in Iran think and what their sociodemographical backgrounds are...

Iran consists of more than just rich northern tehranis or those who culturally were altered after the 'white revoloution' under the shah...

Iran consist of baluch, kurds, lur, azeris, arabs, mazandarnis, turkemen, fars, etc..  and all these would not unite under a monarchy, this is why they overthrew it the second they go their orders from their imam jomeh's and imam khomeini. They however, due to their islamic upbringing and culture, would unite under an islamic cause. 

Furthermore, making personal attacks or using demagogical arguments and rhetoric, not only keeps a certain people in a bubble when they shouldn't be, but it also keeps yourself ignorant. 

Esfand Aashena

اری جان ایدئولوژی "چریکی" چپ‌ها حالا در دست راستی‌‌ها ظاهر شده!

Esfand Aashena

Everything is sacred

Dr. Mohandes

Dr. Disenchanted

by Dr. Mohandes on


 And Likewise i was not in any way suggesting that someone from outside should come in with a gun and start firing bullets. All i said was we should accept the medicine that anyone might be offering us, so as to help us getting rid of the sickness, Because this immune system does not seem to be willing to boost itself up.


And please Let's just stick to the medical aspect of the problem and not jumping in with both feet asking me my position on who should attack whom! ok? can you do that for me?



Mohandes...every analogy has a limit in conveying the point

by Disenchanted on


   beyond that it breaks! Lets say someone says Love is like a river. It wouldn't reflect well on someone intelligence to inquire so life must be wet! ;-)

     The point in my analogy is clear. There is a patient. Either its own immune system or other medicine needed to save him. Shooting the patient although rids the patient from the disease, is only a cure a nemesis would suggest!

     You are not advocating an Israeli invasion or else as a solution for iran ills, or are you?


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Oh really? I see now how proper comparisons are made and logical conclusions are drawned!

So let us just dismiss the severity of the illness or whether the poor patients's immune system is even capable of handling the siuation, would it or would it not require some outside "booster shots" in order to make the process of recovery happening a bit faster . I guess all of that should escape our attention, and instead we should sit, fingers crossed that by some hocus pocus and magic, this immune system start firing back again. 


Lets say we have a patient that is ill by some infection...

by Disenchanted on


        instead of letting his own immune system take care of it, Israelis show up (read Bibi & Maryam in a Tango embrace!), offer a medicine: Bullet to the head of the patient!

       There is a desease, medicine badly is needed but the solution is not the butchery by Tel Aviv who never wished anyone any good since its inception!

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Vildmose

by Artificial Intelligence on

You State:

 "Basiji are the same as Nazi brown shirts. The basij
members are domestic arm of IRGC terror inside. They  are not civilian
volunteers; they are a paramilitary group trained by IRGC. They are the
regime death squads.


This individual chemist was not a victim of terror. He
was a  victim of brainwashing 24/7 by IRI or his belief  in perverse and
militaristic version of Islam...Not victim of terrorism."

Could not agree with you more! 





I do second Souri's praise about your comment & words...

by Bavafa on

Only if!!!!

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Where is that "Like" button when we need it the most?

by Souri on

I asked it many times before.

Ari, I congrats you for the very wise comment you just made, here below. Thank you!

If only people were listening to your words, instead of only letting their pure emotions blow all  over these pages  :)

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

You are right in that the IRI is the only force keeping Iran in one piece, just as in the past the monarchy was the only force keeping us whole. Often both forces were at work; monarchy and Shiism are the only two institutions we have for unifying us.  But the monarchy failed to evolve the new democratic institutions needed for national unity in the modern world, and the IRI has failed just as miserably. It is unreasonable to blame the West for our troubles, in the same way that it is unreasonable to blame a chess opponent for winning. It's a bad move for the nation vis-a-vis the West to let the IRI get away with snuffing out the democratic institutions that keep popping up in our country. The frustration created by IRI repression accounts for most of the maddening attitudes on IC that cheers killing our own in order to save ourselves!


Please Ignore, the troll.

by vildemose on

Please Ignore, the troll. Don't feed his hatred and bigotted being. He sure sounds like Q or No Fear or Jaleho. The mass murder-loving Islamists....


If Khamenie had been

by vildemose on

If Khamenie had been assassinated in a such a fashion, I wonder if his picture would have been placed side by side with Neda? Is this the Post-modern moral equivlancey?

Basiji are the same as Nazi brown shirts. The basij members are domestic arm of IRGC terror inside. They  are not civilian volunteers; they are a paramilitary group trained by IRGC. They are the regime death squads.

This individual chemist was not a victim of terror. He was a  victim of brainwashing 24/7 by IRI or his belief  in perverse and militaristic version of Islam...Not victim of terrorism.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Pakistanization of Iran.. not factual, but racist non the less.

by YMJ on

Pakistanization of Iran is not only false, but its racist. It deems pakistanis as inferior to Iranians, which reeks of racism. Besides that, I guess you don't know about the different cultures and ethnic groups which live in Iran.

 One of these ethnic groups are baluchi's, whom' are different from other cultural groups within Iran, but non the less, are Iranian. 

The people who want to isolate Iran, are those who think we are "europeans'' and should look down upon our neighboring countries. This puts us in a cage and will create difficulty in trade, travel and mutual partnership with countries who have very similiar cultures and ethnicites as Iranians.


For those who don't know, Iran is not a homogenous nation. It consists of Arabs in khuzestan, Azeris, Lurs, Kurds, Gilaks, Turkemens, Fars, Baluchis.. each of these have different, but similar cultures and the IR has been able to maintain calm and peace, because everyone of them beleives in Islam (except armani')  and are unified under the Islamic Republic.  


Thos who want to get rid of the Islamic Republic, want to actually help the west be able to partition Iran and allow for sepratism. Even as we speak, the west is supporting sepratist groups in baluchistan, khuzistan , kurdistan and azerbaijan. The only way they will be successful in seperating Iran, is by removing the Islamic Republic. 

 Islamic nationalism, can keep these groups united, but nationalism alone will only lead to racism and seperatism and sepration from the region.